Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp Movie
Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp

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Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp

  • Imperceptible items marking
  • Marking - UV powder layer
  • Shines green UV light
  • 502B Brynite flashlight for identyfication
  • Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp: powder, brush and UV flashlight

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Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp

Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp enabling mark detection thanks to UV flashlight

UV powder is hardly visible in normal lightning conditions after being applied. It has fluorescent properties -After being illuminated by UV flashlight it emits strong green light. The powder is deposited on the hands and clothes of the person who had contact with the marked subject, what allows to reliable identification. Under the influence of a chemical reaction with the skin it is hardly washable and remains on the surface for a long time.

Kit for forensic investigations may be applied on different surfaces:

  • paper - bills, envelopes, documents, books
  • wooden - raw wood, lacquered wood
  • Some types of surfaces made of metal, plastic and glass

Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp includes:

It is recommended to apply the powder inside building External factors such as wind or rain may negatively influance the effectiveness of the product use. After UV illumination it is easy to determine if the person had a contact with objects marked by the powder.

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Specification of Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp
Uv powder for object marking
Daylight colour
  • bright
  • light green
  • Invisible after being applied on the object!
Possibility of adding different dyestak
UV light colourintense, fluorescent green
Capacity60 ml
High power UV flashlight Brinyte 502B
1No battery
Light sourceUV LED diode
Light stream160 lm
Power supplyLi-Ion 18650-2400mAh battery, 3,7V
Caseanodized aluminum
  • yes
  • IPX-6
Sizeφ32 × 134 mm
Weight 1108 g
Brush for powder application
  • wooden
  • 6 cm


Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder Kit with UV lamp
  • Fluorescent powder
  • UV flashlight Brinyte 502B
    • suitcase
    • Li-Ion 18650
    • Battery charger
  • Brush for applying UV powder
  • User manual

Reviews (6)

By Brody G.

Comment : kit of good quality and the store is also fine
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By Edgar P.

Comment : you can choose this one with a uv flashilght or the other one with a lamp instead. I chose the flashiglht as it seemed more handy. - no regrets
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By Andres S.

Comment : bought it when it was discounted by 10 pounds :) marked items look normal
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By Mohammed R.

Comment : It helped me prove my friend's dishonesty
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By Rebecca T.

Comment : somebody was stealing from me at the office and thanks to this set I quickly and efficiently found the thief!
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By Ryan W.

Comment : all you need in one - - uv powder & uv flashilght & brush
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