Frame grabber for children monitoring - Videoghost
Frame grabber for children monitoring - Videoghost

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Frame grabber for children monitoring - Videoghost

  • Revolutionary frame-grabber for children monitoring
  • Enables taking screenshots
  • VGA, DVI or HDMI version
  • Resolution up to 1920 × 1200
  • Untraceable in the system!

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VideoGhost – Frame grabber for children monitoring

VideoGhost Frame Grabber was designed to capture the image displayed on a computer screen. It allows to take screenshots in JPG format which can be viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Screenshots


  • Energy source

    High Definition

  • Screenshots

    Power supply of the frame grabber for children monitoring

    USB port

  • Screenshots

    Data storage

    up to 2 GB

  • Compatible with windows

    Compatible with Windows

  • Undetectable antivirus

    Undetectable to antivirus software

  • Usb


  • Quick installation

    Quick installation

Very easy to install – all you need to do is plug it between the graphics card's output and a monitor cable. The frame grabber for children monitoring does not interfere with the work of the computer and does not generate any notifications about its activity. Data is saved to the built-in 2GB memory, commencing right after the video-grabber starts to work. After unplugging and switching to USB flash mode, VideoGhost allows to view all the saved files.


Important information!
The type of graphics card requires using the appropriate version of the frame grabber – VGA, DVI or HDMI.

Discreet outlook does not imply that the device for children monitoring is a piece of spy equipment, and enhances the safety of use. It allows to discreetly monitor child's activity on the Internet, monitoring viewed websites and conversations. Comfortable, reliable and fully safe.

VideoGhost's chief assets

  • Compatible with VGA, DVI and HDMI graphics cards
  • Resolution of the frame grabber - Full HD 1920 × 1080 and WUXGA 1920 × 1200
  • Dedicated for desktop computers and laptops with external display
  • Powered via USB port
  • 2GB built-in memory
  • Works independently – does not require any software.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOs operating system
  • Dedicated for parental control, Internet threats protection and monitoring employees' honesty



KeeLog is a company which deals with designing modern solutions for complete monitoring of all actions undertaken on the personal computer. The offer contains hardware KeyLoggers which intercept characters inputted by keyboard and save them as text files. The data is archived in...


Specification of Frame grabber - VideoGhost for children monitoring
Power supply of the frame grabber for children monitoring
  • 4.5V – 5.5V DC
  • from USB port
Electricity consumption250 mA (1,3 W)
Files durabilityup to 100 years with no power supply
Maximum refresh frequency160Hz
Maximum resolution of the frame grabber for children monitoring VGS/DVI/HDMI1920×1200


  • VideoGhost frame grabber for children monitoring
  • User manual

Reviews (6)

By Jakub B.

Comment : good
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By Hunter P.

Comment : definitely it is worth investing in this little device
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By Elis C.

Comment : One big PLUS, the videghost is great for monitoring my child's computer and I can always check what he is up to,so one worry less :) :)
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By Mike R.

Comment : Produces High quality jpgs and is very easy to use!
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By Jay T.

Comment : Finally something that can be used on Mac computer! I was in need of spying tool like this one but majority works only on Windows. Thank you detective store :D
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By Tom W.

Comment : Works very well – I sincerely recommend
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