Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector with 3 operation modes
Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector with 3 operation modes

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Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector with 3 operation modes

  • Three modes of operation
  • Waterproof
  • Strengthened construction
  • Digital identification of the finding
  • American production

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Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector with 3 operation modes

High-class Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector is an enhanced version of the 150 model. Advanced performance, ease of use and ergonomic design are just some of the features that no treasure hunter can do without.

Metal detectors of the American producer Garrett are characterized by a high quality of workmanship and effectiveness that far exceeds the models of competition. The Garret Ace 200i is a next step in the development of an excellent line of detectors from this renowned producer. This model has all the advantages of the Garrett Ace 150 and a completely new function in the form of a digital identification of the findings on a scale of 0-99. The whole stability of the construction is also improved in this model.

  • Cyfrowa identyfikacja znaleziska

    Digital identification of the finding

    Digital identification function enables a more precise selection of various objects with similar properties. All types of metals are placed on a scale of 0-99.

  • Casinig

    Strengthened construction

    The rugged design known from the 150 model, has been refined with additional "Camlocks" extension arm joints and clamping rings for greater rod stability.

  • Waterproof

    Water resistance

    AGarrett Ace 200i is completely waterproof, so working in extremely adverse weather conditions will not cause you any problems.

  • Ready to work

    Immediate readiness for operation

    The Garrett Ace 200i detector does not require programming. Just switch on the device and you can start your search!

  • High standard

    High ergonomics

    Lightweight, 3-piece construction makes a convenient use and easy, quick assembly and disassembly. Disassembled device fits easily into a small bag.

  • High work frequency

    Large LCD display

    Clear LCD screen displays information about the current sensitivity level, operating mode, depth level of the finding, discrimination mode and battery consumption.

  • RHINO TOUGH PROformance

    RHINO TOUGH PROformance Coil

    Advanced coil ensures a much better coverage and greater reach than the standard solutions used by competition.

  • Operation modes

    Various modes of operation

    The Garret Ace 200i model allows you to select a specific type of the finding. Modes to select from are all-metal, jewelry, and coins.

  • Advanced system

    Advanced discrimination system

    The A200i detector has a Visual Target ID and Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) discrimination systems. Graphic representation of the properties of the findings allows to efficiently distinguish worthless trash from valuable items.

  • New modulation

    New, improved tone modulation

    The 200i model has sharper tones and greater sensitivity to signals than its predecessor.

  • Total identification

    3-level tonal identification

    The Garrett Ace 200i has three levels of tonal identification: iron-gold/aluminium/alloy- bronze, silver. Thanks to this you can easily identify a specific finding.

  • High frequency

    High frequency

    Operating frequency of 6.5 Khz allows efficient finding of low and medium conductive metals.

  • 4 sensitivity levels

    Four levels of sensitivity

    The Garrett A200i has a four-level sensitivity adjustment, allowing an effective search even in extremely littered areas.

Garrett ACE 150



The American company Garrett was founded in 1964 by fiends oriented at creating equipment for metal detecting which would be very universal as far as clients' expectations are concerned. The main idea which was always very important for the company was clients' satisfaction ....


­Specification of the Garrett Ace 200i - professional metal detector
Detection rangeup to 180 cm
Digital identification0-99
Number of iron segments5
Number of operation modes3
Operation frequency6,5 Khz
Headphones inputjack 6,3 mm
Detection coil diameter165×230 mm
Adjustable detector height106-130 cm
Removable coilyes
Objects differentiatingyes
Water resistanceyes
PinPoint mode
Power supply of the Garrett ACE 200i4x AA battery
Opetration timeup to 25 h
Operation temperaturefrom -30°C up to +60°C
Weight1250 g


  • Garrett Ace 200i professional metal detector
  • 4 x AA battery


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