Gnome Nano – miniature spy sound recorder
Gnome Nano – miniature spy sound recorder

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Gnome Nano – miniature spy sound recorder

  • Miniature digital spy sound recorder
  • Very high quality sound
  • Password and digital signature
  • Difficult to detect and jam
  • A long recording time - up to 9h

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Gnome Nano – miniature digital sound recorder providing maximum discretion

The Gnome Nano miniature digital sound recorder is a technologically advanced miniature recorder designed for specialist applications for national security agencies, security guards, emergency services and journalists.

The miniature sound recorder can record in very difficult and various acoustic environments: indoors, outdoors or in vehicles. It uses a modern, built-in microphone, which guarantees a high quality and low sound distortion. To the recorder can also be connected one or two external microphones (stereo recording). It is also possible to plug the digital dictaphone to a telephone line and record phone calls (signal input line-in - additional cable is required). Depending on the needs, Gnome Nano operates in automatic gain control or you can set this parameter manually. Advanced digital audio filtering enables to minimize the level of noise in the recorded signal of the miniature recorder.

The sound is recorded in an uncompressed WAV format which guarantees the highest quality. Data is stored in the internal flash memory of 2GB. In professional applications, an important issue is the security of information. Therefore, the sound recorder has the ability to protect memory with an access code. In addition, recordings are marked with a digital signature to guarantee their safety and prevent use by unauthorized persons. An advanced construction makes the spy recorder difficult to detect or jam. The miniature recorder also does not cause interference with electromagnetic radiation from other sources.

  • Work time

    Operation time of the spy recorder

    unlimited - up to 8 h

    voice activated - up do 70 h

    standby - 300 h

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    battery Li-Poly

  • microphone

    Range the microphone

    up to 12 m

  • Frequency response

    Frequency response

    20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

  • WAV

    Recording format


  • memory 2GB


    memory 2GB

  • Recording

    Recording time

  • Recording

    Voice activated recording

  • Recording

    Settings configuration

  • signature recordings

    Digital signature recordings

  • Software update

    Software update

  • PIN protection

    PIN protection

  • Microphone


    built-in - 1 piece

    external - 2 optional

  • USB

    USB port

  • Earphones


  • Windows

    Compatible with Windows

The voice recorder can operate in three modes:

  • Manual recording
  • Voice activated recording
  • Schedule recording (5 time programs)

The unit of the spy recorder is supplied with an efficient, integrated Li-Ion battery that provides 9 hours of continuous recording. When the sound recorder is connected to an external power supply, it can operate without interruption.


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Specification of digital spy sound recorder
1 depending on the format and quality settings.
Built-in memory2 GB
Removable memorynone
Recording time 1
  • mono, 8kHz, double compression: 74 h
  • stereo, 16kHz, uncompressed: 8.5 h
Voice activated recording mode
  • yes
  • sensitivity adjustment range 0-60 dB
Schedule recording mode
  • yes
  • 5 time programs
Recording from external devices
  • telephone lines
  • adapter required
  • built-in
  • electret
  • sensitivity: -55 dB
External microphoneoptional (mono or stereo)
Frequency response of the miniature recorder20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Audio formatPMC 16 bit
Compression method
  • uncompressed
  • μ-Law
  • double compression
File formatWAV
Sampling rate8, 16 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio
  • microphone: > 78dB
  • line-in jack: > 89dB
Amplitude distortion:< 2 dB
Total harmonic distortion (1kHz, 16kHz sampling)
  • without compression: 0.1%
  • double Compression: 1%
    • line-in jack
  • without compression: 0.01%
  • double Compression: 1%
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)up 0 to 42 dB
Powerbuilt-in Li-Ion battery, 250 mAh
Working time
  • continuous recording: 8 h
  • voice activated recording mode: up to 70 h
  • scheduled timer mode: 300 h
Charging time2 hours
Power supply of the spy recorder5V (USB)
Power consumption
  • recording: up to 30 mA
  • voice activated recording mode: up to 3 mA
  • standby: up to 0.6 mA
PIN memory protectionyes
Digital signature of recordingsyes
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Supported operating systems of the miniature recorderWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Working temperature of the spy recorder:up -5°C to 40°C
Dimensions50 × 36 × 7.6 mm
Weight40 g


  • Gnome Nano miniature spy sound recorder
  • USB cable
  • Earphones adapter
  • Earphones with remote control module
  • Line-in cable (stereo)
  • Power supply (110-220V/50-60 Hz)
  • CD software
  • Carrying case
  • User manual

Reviews (6)

By Finlay H.

Comment : This is the smallest spy sound recorder that I have EVER seen! Very impressive
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By Rhys H.

Comment : super advanced gear, filled with various functions and simply flawless. Took me some time to save enough, let;s be honest - it is not cheap, but now I am as happy as a child .
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By kyle L.

Comment : the Gnome Nano records everything everywhere. No fiddly switching off/on all the time, no headphones needed, no countless buttons, etc.
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By Max L.

Comment : Most of the time I record from my trouser pocket walking and despite that the sound comes out very clearly, sound activation function makes it hands free operational pretty much. I would buy it again
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By Jasmine R.

Comment : I carry it attached to my backpack wherever I go. It is amazing how many things we do not notice in daily life…
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By Robert B.

Comment : the Gnome Nano records everything everywhere. No fiddly switching off/on all the time, no headphones needed, no countless buttons, etc.
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