Goscam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor Movie
Goscam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor

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Goscam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor

  • Remote monitoring of a child
  • Safe and reliable
  • Night vision function
  • Alarm system activated by voice
  • Real time preview on the LCD screen

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Goscam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor

Wireless Goscam 8209JA is a perfect device for remote baby monitoring. It is very well designed, looks nice and at the same time fully delivers its main function.

Transmission of sound and image is provided by remote communication between the camera and the receiver. Channel selection is adapted to other devices at home, e.g. ones using Wi-Fi, in order to avoid interference. The device is intuitive and very simple to use. The remote camera can be placed in the bedroom, above the child's bed, or in the hall. The camera can be rotated, which allows you to precisely specify recorded image. Additionally, the module is equipped with a built – in microphone, which ensures audio-video reception and enables monitoring of the whole situation from remote places. Preview of camera image is available thanks to the second module, equipped with a clear LCD screen, which shows real time image from the camera. You can use built-in speakers or headphones to listen to sounds.

  • sbu

    Display resolution

    480 x 234

  • Video resolution

    Sensor resolution

    640 × 480

  • Windows

    Battery life

    up to 5 h

  • Power supply

    Power supply


    4 x AA battery

Maximum signal transmission range is 300 m, but it can be shorter depending on the construction of your house/flat and interference in the surrounding. Up to 4 cameras can be connected, which increases the safety of your child and enables supervision of a larger area once the child starts to move around the house on their own. The transmitter – receiver communication is synchronized, so that no unauthorized person will be able to receive the signal from the camera. An additional alarm function is also worth mentioning. It is activated if sound is detected in the supervised room, for example: a baby's cry. The IR illumination allows you to see even at night – a brilliant solution to monitor an infant.

Goscam 8209JA unit enables protection of small children and discrete monitoring of their safety, guaranteeing you calmness and the sense of providing your child with full care.

  • Pre-recording

    Wireless CCTV transmission without interfering with other equipment

    Images and sound are transmitted wirelessly between the camera and the CCTV receiver. The transmission channel works well alongside other devices in the home and doesn’t interfere with, for example, Wifi networks.

  • Recording activation

    Built-in sensitive microphone

    The module has a built-in microphone, allowing the camera to provide complete audio-visual reception and monitoring of remote areas.

  • Recording schedule

    Clear LCD images

    Previews are possible thanks to an additional module that is equipped with a bright and clear LCD, that plays real-time CCTV from the camera.

  • Recording schedule

    Crying baby alarm

    Alarm function, which can alert the user if sounds are detected, such as a crying baby.

  • Recording schedule

    Listening through headphones or speakers

    You can listen to the audio output through the built-in speakers with adjustable volume, or with headphones connected to the headphone jack.

  • Recording schedule

    Preview in the dark

    A built-in IR lamp allows nighttime video viewing. It is a the perfect solution for monitoring infants!

  • Recording schedule

    Reception up to 300 metres!

    The transmission range is up to 300 meters, but it could be affected by obstacles such as buildings or apartment walls, or from interference in the surroundings.

  • Recording schedule

    Ability to connect up to 4 cameras

    You can connect up to 4 cameras, thus increasing child safety, and you can observe larger areas at a time when children move around the premises. The communication between the transmitter and receiver is encrypted for security, so that no unauthorised third-party can receive a signal from the camera.

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GosCam (Shenzen Gospell Smarthome Electronic Co. Ltd. ) is a leading brand in wireless audio and video transmission devices sector . The company deals with designing, production and delivery to customers all over the world security cameras , child monitoring cameras or...


Specification of Goscam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor
1 depends on GSM network signal quality
Transmission frequency2.4 – 2.483 GHz (ISM band)
Maximal transmission power10 mW
Modulation modeGFSK
Imaging sensor typeCMOS
View angle60º
View angle60º
Lens rotation30º
Minimum illumination0 lx
IR LEDs rangeup to 5 m
Alarm activation sensitivity< -38 dB
Displaycolour LCD 2.36”
Video resolution480 x 234
Receiver sensitivity< 80 dBm
Power supply
  • mains adapter: 5V DC
  • 4 x AA battery (battery life up to 5 hours)
Consumption current< 300 mA
Operating temperature-10ºC to +45C
Operating humidityup to 85%
Dimensions and weight
  • camera: 55 x 85 x 220 mm
  • receiver: 55 x 85 x 220 mm
  • camera: 142 g
  • receiver: 142 g


  • Goscam 8209JA wireless baby monitor
  • Receiver with LCD screen
  • 2 x mains adapter
  • User manual


Reviews (8)

By Liam H.

Comment : recommneded to every parent - doesn't cost arm and leg and gives you peace of mind
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By Aaron C.

Comment : Whenever my tiny daugther starts crying this baby monitor turns itself on and alarms me, brilliant.
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By Charles R.

Comment : professional yet simple in use and effective. Dedicated for remotely monitoring of your child.
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By Jason C.

Comment : Before we got this baby monitor I was afraid to even go to the other room as then I couldnt see my newborn baby. This product made my life so much less stresfull! I can, for example, prepare dinner in the kitchen and observe my baby on the monitor. Equipment Totally worth buiyng!
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By Abigail W.

Comment : cute design, looks ok in my babys room, works great
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By Mourice W.

Comment : use this cam to monitor my little baby and now I know whether she is safe
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By Callum T.

Comment : My Sister got it from me and she is very content, there’s even alarm when her child starts to cry!
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By Alexandra A.

Comment : Got it from our parents a few monts ago and we are amazed how great it is! Big yes for simplicity of use and quality, only the battery life could be longer. generally it’s OK .
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