GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire
GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire

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GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire

  • GosCam camera for borescopes with wire
  • Wire diameter – 4.5 mm
  • Elastic construction
  • Adjusts itself to the shape and places
  • Available lengths: 1m, 2m and 5m

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GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire

Elastic wire with a camera at the end, designed for use with GosCam borescopes.

It allows to penetrate places which are difficult to reach (ventilating holes, rifts) or to locate failures in various types of machines. Flexible wire adjusts to the surface and camera's objective of 4.5 mm diameter easily fits in every place. Available in three lengths (1, 2 and 5 meters) – allows to buy a wire which fits your needs.

  • GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire



GosCam (Shenzen Gospell Smarthome Electronic Co. Ltd. ) is a leading brand in wireless audio and video transmission devices sector . The company deals with designing, production and delivery to customers all over the world security cameras , child monitoring cameras or...


  • GosCam camera with 4.5mm wire

Reviews (6)

By Devon W.

Comment : contact with the store was superb, the expert was polite and knowledgeable. Prodyct matches my needs.
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By Wesley F.

Comment : Loove it!
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By Andres S.

Comment : There was a problem with my water pipies and instead of calling for a specialist I founf the clog myself with the help of this crafty goscam device. Every man should have it in his home .
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By Rhys L.

Comment : Use it everyday for checking ventilation, all's good
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By Leah M.

Comment : great that youc can choose between different lengths options: 1, 2 and 5 meters. I bought the 2 m one.
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By Edward M.

Comment : extremely elastic and tiny – squeezes everywhere
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