Inspection videoscope GosCam Explorer Standard 8803AJ
Inspection videoscope GosCam Explorer Standard 8803AJ

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Inspection videoscope GosCam Explorer Standard 8803AJ

  • Wireless display
  • Flexible cable 1 meter long
  • High quality CMOS sensor
  • LEDs lighting
  • Waterproof

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Inspection videoscope GosCam Explorer Standard 8803AJ

Videoscope GosCam 8803AJ is designed to invigilate hard-to-reach places, dark, narrow crevasses, ventilation grates and other places, where only a narrow cable can be inserted.

  • Work time

    Work time

    up to 2 h

  • full HD

    Power supply

    monitor - DC

    camera - 4 x AA batteries

  • charging time

    Charging time

    up to 3 h

  • Pendrive function

    Transmission range

    up to 10 m

  • Pendrive function



  • Camera preview

    Camera preview

  • usb


  • Bandwidth


    2468 MHz

The main module is equipped with a 1 m flexible cable  with a waterproof camera at its end, a LEDs lighting system, both powered by AA-type rechargeable batteries. It enables easy penetration not only of small spaces, but also of places with limited light access. Thanks to this, the operator can obtain the image from the camera, which allows to identify small objects, find a fault or check the correctness of the operation of inspection mechanism. The image of videoscope is displayed on a wireless 2.4” LCD screen, easy and very comfortable to use. Videoscope for inspection also has independent power supply a rechargeable battery specially adjusted to its parameters.

GosCam 8803AJ videoscope is a piece of equipment designed for all users who need hardware which will endure in conditions unavailable to other inspection cameras - darkened, hard to reach places, or those in which might be flooded with water.



GosCam (Shenzen Gospell Smarthome Electronic Co. Ltd. ) is a leading brand in wireless audio and video transmission devices sector . The company deals with designing, production and delivery to customers all over the world security cameras , child monitoring cameras or...


Specification of 8803AJ inspection videoscope - borescope
1 without the cable
Image sensorCMOS 640 x 480
Video signal formatPAL / NTSC
Inspection cable
  • flexible
  • φ 9 mm
  • 1 m
Angle of view45°
Minimal lighting0 lx
LEDswith lighting adjustment
Transmission frequency2468 MHz
Bandwidth18 MHz
Transmission range10 m
Resistance to water (probe)IP67
Power supply4 x AA battery
Dimensions 1
  • 186 × 145 × 41 mm
Weight450 g
  • LCD 2.36" TFT-LCD
  • 480 240
  • wireless
Video modePAL/NTSC
Transmission frequency2468 MHz
Features control
  • contrast
  • brightness
Audio input/outputmini jack
Power supply8V - 24V DC
Video recordingno
Video output0.9 - 1.3V @75 ohm
Operation temperature range-10°C to +50°C
Dimensions100 × 70 × 30 mm
Weight140 g


  • Camera
  • Monitor
  • Fibre-optic cable
  • Charger
  • Mirror, magnet and hook for the camera
  • Transport case
  • User manual
  • Warranty - 12 months


Reviews (7)

By Antonio B.

Comment : Camera for advanced tasks like inspecting pipes, crevices and other places that are difficult to reach, also dark ones as it's equipped with led lights. You can also get it wet as it's waterproof. In short - worth a plus from me
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By Jesus W.

Comment : one of the cheapest model but still way better than non branded stuff available at supermarkets.
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By Alex R.

Comment : Asked for it for my birthday and it's one of the most useful gifts I've received. Every man who likes the DYI shouold get one
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By Eric W.

Comment : Since I got it we are unseparable as this product is perfect for my everyday work. Technology does make your life easier sometimes!
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By Jake M.

Comment : Good price, fast delivery.
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By Morris H.

Comment : Additional lightning and waterproofness are great Only the cable could be longer…
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By Imogen J.

Comment : Bought it for my grandpa and he has no problems using it
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