GPS bicycle tracker - B-16
GPS bicycle tracker - B-16

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GPS bicycle tracker - B-16

  • Operation time in sleep mode of the GPS bicycle tracker up to 90 days
  • Functional bicycle lightning
  • Location in mobile networks up to 500 m
  • GeoFence function - safety zone
  • SMS commands

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GPS bicycle tracker B-16 in back lightning

GPS bicycle tracker B-16 hidden in back lightning is a good solution for protecting the bike from stealing. "Locating on demand" function allows to monitor the position of your bike in real time.

  • Video player

    GPS tracking

    accuracy up to 5 m

  • SMS commands

    Locating on command

    SMS commands

  • Antena GPS

    GPS antena


  • Czas pracy

    Operation time of the GPS bicycle tracker

    up to 90 days

GPS bike protection B-16 is an ideal sollution not only for bikers but also for parents who worry about the safety of their children. GPS was hidden in a back signalling bicycle light, which was mounted with a handle to the seatpost of the bike. GPS and GMS modules were installed in the housing enabling the communication with the device.

GPS bicycle tracker was equipped with GPS module GSTARGS-92U7, which allows for immediate location with accuracy up to 5 m. Therefore, in case of theft we are immediately informed by the device.

For GSM communication 850/900/1800/1900MHz standard SIM cards of any operator.


The SIM card must be active. It cannot be blocked with PIN code and it should have funds for SMS sending and data transmission.

The main features of GPS bicycle tracker B-16

  • Energy source

    Power supply

    The device is powered with a built-in Li-Ion accumulator with capacity 3800mAH, which provides long and effective operation time - up to 90 days in a sleep mode. Accumulator charging is achieved with a powerpack connected to USB port.

  • SMS commands

    SMS commands

    SMs commands are a tool which enable control of the GPS bicycle tracker. The commands are sent to a SIM card number located in the device.

  • Safety zone

    Locating on command

    In case of theft there is a possibility of an immediate bicycle location - then the exact geographical coordinates are obtained (it is enought to write these coordinates on maps such as Google Maps ).

  • Geofencing

    GeoFence - safety zone

    Thanks to Geofencing the user defines the "safety zone", in which the object with locator may move. After moving from the safety zone the user is informed by the alarm and provided with the time of the happening.

  • Sensor wstrząsów

    Shock sensor

    GPS transmitter B-16 is equipped with shock sensor with adjustable sensitivity. After the motion detection the message is sent both to the server and the mobile device.

  • Wielofunkcyjny przycisk

    Mulitfunctional button

    The use of the GPS bicycle tracker is achieved through multifunctional button, which makes it easy and convenient. The button is responsible for switching the device on and off as well as turning off the light.


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Specification of GPS bicycle tracker B-16
1 with the lightning turned off 2 with accumulator
FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
GPS antenaintegrated
Accuracy of the GPS bicycle tracker
  • location: < 5-25 m
  • supported SBAS: ~5 - 10 m
  • speed: 0,1 m/s
Start time (sky visibility):
  • Cold Start: 90 s (medium)
  • Warm Start: < 38 s
  • Hot Start: < 20 s
  • chipset GSTARGS-92U7
  • 50 channeled
GSM module
  • Quadranged
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Power supply of the GPS bicycle tracker
  • accumulator 3600mAh
  • 5 V DC
Operation time 1
  • in sleep mode: up to 90 days
  • 20 locations per day: up to 10 days
Charging timedo 5 h
Temperature range-10°C to 50°C
Admissible humidity5 - 95%
Size of the GPS bicycle tracker135,5 × 57,3 × 57,3 mm
Weight (with accumulator)225 g


  • GPS bicycle tracker B-16 in bicycle lightning
  • Mounting
  • USB wire
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Kevin W.

Comment : Works for up to 3 months and has a rechargeable battery, provides accurate location of the bike.
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By Kacper N.

Comment : What's important - it also works as a normal bike lightning so itis fully discreet and no one knows that it has double function
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By Ryan R.

Comment : it already helped my locate my stolen bike, worth EVERY PENNY.
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By Georgia S.

Comment : inventive product !
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By Hannah .

Comment : my son got an expensive bicycle for his birthday that he dreamed about, I equipped it with this discreet tracker and now I know he will enjoy this gift for long
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