GPS locator for a child W2 hidden in a watch
GPS locator for a child W2 hidden in a watch

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GPS locator for a child W2 hidden in a watch

  • Big SOS button
  • Quick set-up of alarm connection
  • Location accuracy 5-15 m
  • Operation time up to 3 days
  • Durable construction

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GPS locator for a child hidden in a watch W2 with quick SOS connection

GPS locator W2 in a smartwatch stworzony was designed for parents, who are worried about safety of their child. Small size, colourful designand simple operation make it a great product dedicated to children.

GPS for a child in a smartwatch

GPS locator in a smartwatch is adressed especially for the youngest dedykowany due to its small size, colourful design, as well as simple operation. Big SOS button ensures quick connection with a parent in the most stressful and dangerous situations.

Location accuracy and operation time depend on the power of GPS signal. The maximum parameters values in a good weather are illustrated in specification.

The most important features of a GPS locator for a child in a watch W2

  • Precise localization

    Precise location

    GPS for a child uses ANT GPS receiver, which allows for child location with accuracy up to 10 meters in case of favorable atmospheric conditions.

  • Built-in antennas

    Integrated antennas

    Built-in antennas ANT GPS and ANT GSM provide satisfying and stable work.

  • Built-in antennas

    GSM Connection

    In the side part of the GPS for a child has been installed a SIM card slot . After inserting a prepaid card or subscription of English operator a child is able to quickly send SMS message or alarm connection to a parent.

  • Software


    The device configuration might be done through free software, which allows to determine the alarm numbers as well as date and time.

  • Energy source of the GPS locator for a child

    Power supply

    Smartwatch W2 is powered with a built-in accumulator. The charging is achieved through USB wire which must be plugged to a computer or any other energy source.

  • SOS button

    SOS button

    In the side part of the GPS in a watch has been located big SOS button, which allows for quick call with a aparent in case of dangerous situation.

  • Durable construction of the GPS

    Solid construction

    The construction of the GPS locator for a child is shock resistant and impact resistant, what is really important in case of different movements and plays of the children.

  • Funkcja geofence

    Geofence - safety zone

    The device is equipped with a useful function, which allows to monitor the distance from your child to your which allows to determine a safety zone for your child, considering a safe distance to your house. If the child is out of the safety zone, the parent is immediately informed.


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Specification of GPS locator for a child in a watch W2
1 Please contact us in case of using SIM cards of a foreign operator 2 if there is no GPS, the device locates through LBTS system (gsm network transmitter) with accuracy up to +/- 1000m 3 full visibility of the sky 4 operation time depends on the location frequency
SIM card of a British operator 1
  • prepaid
  • subscription
Antenna 2
Device classGPRS multislot class 12
Chipset GPS22 channels
  • standard -148dBm
  • location -165dBm
Launch timeCold Start 26s 3
Accuracy5-15 m
GSM ModuleBD2, 1561,098MHz/ L1, 1575,42MHz C/A code
Power supplyaccumulator Li-Poly
Electricity consumption in location mode< 45μA
Electricity consumption in a sleep mode< 3μA
CertificatesCTA, CE, 3C
Humidity resistance5%-95%
Operation time2-3 days 4
Operation temperature-20°C up to +70°C
Size3,1 × 5,2 × 11,2 cm


  • W2 GPS Locator for a child in a smartwatch available in different colours
  • USB wire
  • User manual

Reviews (8)

By Nicholas B.

Comment : Easy to use - the SOS button is cleraly visible, so even younger kids can operate it with no problems
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By John C.

Comment : children-friendly design in nice colours, not dull black or grey. Checked every function of this locator and all works fine.
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By Joey P.

Comment : localises allright but remember that in dense urban areas it may be less precise … nevertheless, definitely worth buying!
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By Jesse L.

Comment : Great that it does not need any batteries, just plug it to a computer to charge. Seems solid, my kid is a little devil and he hasn't manage to destroy this smartwacth so far ;)
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By Imogen J.

Comment : NICE and colourful
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By Jade K.

Comment : love the geofencing feature!!
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By Joshua M.

Comment : available also in pink so mt little princess has nothing against wearing it and we can have an eye on her, , asLondon is a big and dangerous city :/
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By Katie M.

Comment : such low price is truly a bargain compared to its functions and and design. No need to think twice,as they say,better safe than sorry .
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