GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340 with an annual subscription
GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340 with an annual subscription

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GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340 with an annual subscription

  • Remote fuel pump cut-off
  • External GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340 with two anetnnas
  • Unlimited operation time
  • Operation through web platform and text messages
  • Tracking accuracy of the car tracker: 5m

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GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340 with fuel pump cut-off

GPS MVT-340 is a hi-tech, sturdy device supporting wireless communication through GSM network. High quality GPS module allows to track vehicles with accuracy up to 5 meters. The history of collected data is conveniently accessible through a web platform, which enhances the device's already impressive functionality.

  • GPS locating

    GPS tracking

    accuracy up to 5 m

  • Location


    on demand


  • Antennas


    external GPS

    external GSM

  • Work time

    Operation time of the GPS Tracker for a car


GPS Tracker for a car MVT-340 is a highly advanced locating device, featuring unlimited operation time, a fuel pump cut-off system, and an SOS function. The device is easy to operate, requiring nothing but a few simple steps described in detail in the user's manual. Due to application of external antennas, the device can be hidden more thoroughly. The GPS MVT-340 car tracker is an excellent instrument for protection of boats, construction vehicles, and many more.

Typical applications for GPS MVT-340 tracker

  • freight forwarding companies
  • shipping companies
  • taxi cabs
  • employee route control
  • protection of historical vehicles
  • tracking of construction vehicles
  • location of yachts, boats, etc

The SIM must be active, unprotected by PIN codes, and have sufficient funds assigned for sending text messages and data transfer.

Key features of GPS MVT-340 tracker

  • Energy source

    Power supply of the GPS Tracker for a car

    This GPS Vehicle Tracker is powered from a car's electrical system, which enables unlimited operation time. Allowed voltages range from 12V to 24V, though it is recommended to use 12 V. Built-in battery allows to sustain fuel pump cut-off function and device operation for 4 hours.

  • Tracker work

    GPS VehicleTracker operation

    There are two methods of operating the device. Upon signing in on the GPSTrace platform, the operator is granted access to a remote server. It allows to brows the archive from the last 180 days, track the device online, and configure its settings. The other way of managing the device is to use text message commands.

  • Text message

    Text message commands

    It is possible to manage the tracker by means of set text message commands that allow e.g. to immediately gather the location information. Such commands should be sent to the number of the SIM card installed in the device. It comes in especially handy in cases of vehicle theft..

  • External antennas

    External antennas of the GPS Tracker for a car

    Due to using external GPS and GSM antennas, the tracker can be placed deep within a vehicle, with external antennas left outside.

  • Geofencing

    GeoFence - safety zones

    Allows to set “safety zones”, within which the tracked person can move freely. Upon crossing its border, the administrator is being sent a notification.

  • Timetable


    The GPS Tracker for a car comes with a schedule function, which allows to define time frames for reporting (not more often than once every 30s). After the specified time perion, and information containing current location of the device is being diplayed in the web platform.

  • Fuel cut-off

    Fuel pump cut-off

    Very useful, e.g. in case of vehicle theft. Remote cutting off the fuel pump is possible either by sending a text message command, or an online platform.



Meitrack company seated in Shenzhen was established in 2002 and specializes in GPS locators and devices that rely on GPS technology and WiFi. Its products are supplied for the domestic market and the world, gaining hundreds of new, satisfied customers every year. The company develops...


Specification of the GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340
1 full sky visibility 2 fuel cut-off
Vehicle GPS Trackeru-Blox 7
  • GPS, GSM
  • external of 1m
quad GSM module850/900/1800/1900MHz
Sensitivity of the GPS tracker for a cartypical: -161 dB
Accuracy of the GPS Trackerlocation: up to 5 m
Securitycut-off of either fuel pump or ignition
  • on demand: SMS commands
  • timetable: not often than 30s
Launch time of the 1
  • Cold Start: 30s (medium)
  • Warm Start: < 25s
  • Hot Start: < 1s
Power supply of the GPS Tracker for a caraccumulator Li-Poly 850mAh 3,7V 2
Operation time
  • unlimited - constant power supply
  • built-in accumulator - up to 4 h
Operation temperature-20°C - 70°C
Admissible humidity5 - 95%
Size105 × 65 × 26mm
Weight of the GPS Tracker for a car190 g


  • GPS Tracker for a car - MVT340
  • 2 external antennas
  • Charging cable
  • Prepaid card
  • User manual

Reviews (7)

By Owen W.

Comment : I loove the geofencing option, when the safe zone is crossed I receive a notification straight away and know that the driver is not where he is supposed to be
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By Maximilian B.

Comment : you're even able to immobilize the vehicle using a text command!
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By Macsen P.

Comment : worth every penny and five starss
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By Levi F.

Comment : Really Great that it can be operated remotely, through web platform and text messages. So you just need to mount it to the car once and basically that's it! Easy to use, high accuracy, two anntennas - all you need and more!
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By Katie M.

Comment : high accuracy-5 metres
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By Thomas M.

Comment : recently bought a few for my shipping company and for now I am satisfied with quality and functionality
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By Michael W.

Comment : you won;t believe but my car got stolen !!!! thanks to the fuel pump cut-off option they didnt get far. This was the BEST DECISION EVER
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