GPS tracker for a car MVT600 - with a fuel cut-off - anti-theft protection for vehicles
GPS tracker for a car MVT600 - with a fuel cut-off - anti-theft protection for vehicles

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GPS tracker for a car MVT600 - with a fuel cut-off - anti-theft protection for vehicles

  • External antennas GSM/GPS
  • Accuracy: 5 m
  • Power supply from the vehicle installation
  • GPS tracker for a car MVT600 locates on request
  • Device management via: www server, SMS commands

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MVT600 - GPS tracker for a car with a fuel cut-off - anti-theft protection for vehicles

MVT600 is a professional GPS tracker for a car GPS and GSM networks to enable 24h observation of a vehicle both on the road and at the parking area. The fuel cut-off option further protects the vehicle in the event of theft.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    accurate to 5 m

  • Fuel cut-off

    Fuel cut-off


  • External antennas

    External antennas


  • Operation time

    Operation time


MVT600 - GPS tracker for a car is a device that protects a vehicle against theft. It also enables real-time monitoring via the www platform and observation using optional external cameras.

The most common applications of the MVT600 GPS tracker for a car the fuel cut-off function

  • transport and forwarding companies,
  • taxis,
  • employees monitoring,
  • security of antique vehicles,
  • construction vehicles monitoring,
  • security of yachts, motorboats and etc.

SIM card inside the locator should be active and cannot be PIN-protected. It should also have enough funds topped-up for sending SMS messages and data transmission.

Key feature of GPS tracker for a car MVT600

  • Power supply

    Power supply of the GPS tracker for a car

    The GPS locator is powered by the vehicle's electrical system to provide 24-hour power supply. In the case of longer stops the 850 mA supporting rechargeable battery allows to keep the fuel cut-off pump running.

  • GPS locator management

    GPS locator management

    There are two ways to manage the device. One way is via the GPSTrace platform, which provides access to the remote server, which in turn enables review of activities in the last 180 days. Another possibility is managing the device via the SMS commands.

  • SMS commands

    SMS commands

    Using the SMS commands for remote control of the device enables the user to manage it from anywhere on the earth. SMS commands apply the strictly defined character string which upon sending enable e.g. immediate tracking of the vehicle, which is crucial especially in case of theft.

  • External antennas

    External antennas

    The use of external GPS and GSM antennas makes it possible to hide the locator inside the vehicle this way limiting access to the device and opportunity of disassembling it. Antennas should be spread outside the vehicle.

  • Geofencing

    GEOFENCING – safe zone

    The www platform enables the user to set the so called Geofencingzone, which allows to define the ‘safe zone’, within which the vehicle can safely move. When the safe zone is crossed, the operator gets the notification.

  • Schedule


    MVT600 allows to set the frequency of sending the vehicle position reports, however not more often than every 30 sec. Position is displayed on the server.

  • Odcięcie paliwa

    Fuel cut-off

    In case of theft the user can immediately cut-off the fuel using the SMS command or the www platform.

  • External cameras

    External cameras

    Apart from connecting the fuel pump it is also possible to connect external cameras to the locator in order to record the route and to monitor the vehicle when the driver is away.

  • GPS monitoring platform - services price list
  • Price list of services and access to the professional GPS Tracking platform
  • The first year of using the basic version of the GPS tracking service on our platform is free!


Specification of the GPS tracker for a car MVT600 - with a fuel cut-off - anti-theft protection for vehicles
1 full visibility of the sky 2 hold the fuel pump lock
GPSu-Blox 7 GNSS
Antennas of the GPS tracker for a car
  • external GPS
  • external GSM
Quad band GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
sensitivitytypical: -161 dB
Accuracytypical < 5 m
Protection of the GPS tracker for a carcut off fuel pump or ignition
  • on demand: SMS commands
  • schedule: no more than every 30 seconds
Startup time 1
  • Cold Start: 30 s (average)
  • Warm Start: < 25 s
  • Hot Start: < 1 s
Power supplyLi-Poly 850 mAh 3.7 V battery 2
Work time
  • unlimited - constant power
  • built-in rechargeable battery - up to 4 h
Operating temperature-20°C - 70°C
Permissible humidity5 - 95%
Dimensions of the GPS tracker for a car105 × 65 × 26 mm
Weight190 g


  • GPS tracker for a car MVT600
  • External antennas
  • Wires
  • User manual

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