GPS tracking system for human location - MT90 with a one-year subscription Movie
GPS tracking system for human location - MT90 with a one-year subscription

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GPS tracking system for human location - MT90 with a one-year subscription

  • GPS tracking system for human location MT90
  • Waterproof and lightweight construction
  • Work time up to 10 days in standby mode
  • Operation over the Internet or via SMS messages
  • Utilises mobile phone network

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GPS tracking system for human location - MT90

Meitrack's MT90 GPS tracking system is a hi-tech, reliable instrument designed for tracking vehicles (humans, cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction machines, boats), valuable parcels, as well as people or animals.

A noteworthy asset of the MT90 Server, especially concerning protection of children or elderly people, is its telephone function – the GPS tracker comes with a built-in microphone and a speaker, allowing the user to call for help with a single press of  SOS button. The device calls 3 previously defined telephone numbers until answered.

Additionally, it allows to eavesdrop on the sounds in the tracker's vicinity – simply call it from a privileged number. It greatly augments the capability to maintain safety and to monitor whatever is occurring near the person carrying the tracker, or in a tracked car equipped with MT90 Server device.

Mobile phones constitute an additional means of communication – if necessary, it allows to obtain the device's exact location, along with a link to a map with the position marked, or to issue control commands manually.

This Internet-accessible tracking system is resistant to adverse weather conditions, which allows it to operate in virtually any environment. A perfect solution for ensuring the safety of those in need of supervision, allowing to locate a stolen car, determine the location of a company vehicle, or to track a valuable parcel.

GPS tracking system for human location - MT90
  • Precise localisation module

    Precise localisation module

    The MT90 Server GPS tracking system utilises a very precise SiRFStar IV GPS module, together with four-band GSM transmission system (850/900/1800/1900MHz), which allow for precise and accurate tracking, swift position determination and efficient communication with the device.

  • Precise localisation module

    Precise tracking

    Precise tracking of vehicles with 5 meter accuracy - depending on GPS signal strength in a specific area.

  • Antennas

    Built-in antennas

    Integrated antenna system ensures efficient operation without the necessity to use external antennas.

  • Waterproof

    Waterproof housing

    The GPS tracking system's compact construction, small dimensions and low weight allow for unrestricted use of the device in any conditions. The MT90 Server model comes with a waterproof housing (IP65 norm), while its advanced technological solutions make it stand out among other devices.

  • Battyery life

    Long battery life

    The device is powered by a 1100 mAh Li-Ion battery, which allows for continuous operation for up to 24 hours. It is also possible to connect the MT90 Server GPS tracker to an external power source, thus greatly extending the work time.

  • SIM cards

    SIM cards from any provider

    GPS tracking system MT90 utilises GPS satellite navigation system to determine its location, while the data is sent through mobile phone network. It supports regular SIM cards from any mobile service provider (data transfer, SMS messages and phone calls charged according to the provider's price list).

  • Antennas

    1-year long access

    All data about the tracked vehicle's – or person's – location is uploaded to a server using packet data connection. Along with the device, the user is provided with one year of access to the system. The only additional cost is to provide necessary funds on the SIM card installed in the tracker for human location.

  • Antennas

    All information in one place!

    After logging into the account from a computer or a mobile device, the user is able to view recorded routes, remotely configure the device. The price includes 5 SMS commandsper day (control command package available for a fee). The administrator panel allows to quickly access:

    • tracker's last known location,
    • last 3 months' archve,
    • alerts about the tracker trespassing a previously defined area.
  • Geofencing


    The GeoFence service – the possibility to define areas, trespassing which is notified on a map with a red dot in the place of crossing the borders of the area. Provides the information about the date and time of the event (text message notifications about trespassing defined areas available for a fee).

  • Global range

    Global range

    Global range of operation – the GPS tracking system has near-worldwide coverage. The device utilises a mulitrange GSM module (allowing to operate on any continent). Pinpoint accuracy, small sizetelephone function and eavesdropping on ambient sounds constitute the main assets of MT90 Server GPS tracker for human location.

  • Remarkably simple operation

    Remarkably simple operation

    The device is simple and intuitive in handling. Data is presented in the form of routes marked on a map.

Main features of MT90 Server Internet-accessible GPS tracker for human location

  • very accurate localisation
  • waterproof housing, small size, low weight
  • efficient battery, allowing for prolonged operation
  • access via the Internet or GSM network
  • operation via the adminstrator's panel (computer, tablet, smartphone with Internet access) or with SMS commands

Demonstrational account of the GPS platform

By clicking the link below you can get familiar with the Internet website with the online access to the data from GPS locator.

Logging server panel GPS GV500 Server

GPS Server
  • Location accuracy and operation time depend on the strength of the GPS signal, maximum typical values provided.
  • License for the first year is free. Each subsequent 12 months costs 55 GBP (annual fee).

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Meitrack company seated in Shenzhen was established in 2002 and specializes in GPS locators and devices that rely on GPS technology and WiFi. Its products are supplied for the domestic market and the world, gaining hundreds of new, satisfied customers every year. The company develops...


Specification of MT90 - GPS tracking system for human location
1 full view of the sky
GPS chipsetSIRF-Star IV
GPS antennaintegrated
GSM antennaintegrated
Sensitivity of the GPS tracking systemtypical: - 163 dBm
Accuracyoptimal: < 8m
Start-up time 1
  • Cold Start : 60 s (average)
  • Warm Start: 30 s
  • Hot Start: 1 s
Quad band850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Power supply of the GPS system for human locationLi-Poly 1100mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery
Charging voltageDC 4.2 V–5.5 V/400 mA (miniUSB interface)
External battery voltage3.5–5 V
Power consumption in stand-by mode of the GPS tracking system< 65mA
Operation time
  • stand-by mode: up to 10 days
  • report every 10 min: up to 6 days
  • report every 5 min: up to 5 days
  • report every 1 min: up to 4 days
LED indicators
  • battery status
  • GPS
  • GSM
Button5 buttons
  • 8 MB
  • 130000 logs GPS
  • 8000 GPRS
  • 256 SMS
WaterproofnessIP65 norm
Operating Temperature of the waterproof GPS tracking system-20°C to +50°C
Humidity5% ~ 95%
Dimensions77 × 47 × 20 mm
Weight of the GPS for human location65g


  • GPS Tracking system for human location - MT90
  • I-Ion 1100mAh battery
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Neck strap
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Osian S.

Comment : highly versatile you can track people, vehicles, animals and parcels. In our household we have two and use them as needed, no need to have a separate device for everything
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By Leonardo B.

Comment : solid and resistant so we take it with us when we go skiing as an emergency measure, has never let us down, and makes us feel safer
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By Kyle C.

Comment : works very fast, only minus - operation time could be longer
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By connor B.

Comment : worth recommending even if you just wanna call someone quickly ;). I do it quite often while driving. Shame I had to wait for it longer than expected.
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By Liam R.

Comment : I bought MT90 GPS tracker a while ago and it’s been serving my son since as a super - duper keyring which he keeps on him at all times. What a peace of mind for me!
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