GSM bug hidden in a surge protector with unlimited operation time and global range
GSM bug hidden in a surge protector with unlimited operation time and global range

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GSM bug hidden in a surge protector with unlimited operation time and global range

  • Unlimited work time
  • Very sensitive microphone
  • Amplifier with auto-regulation
  • High quality of sound
  • Global reach of the GSM bug thanks to SIM card

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Spy bug hidden in a surge protector with a GSM module and unlimited operation time

GSM bug is a listening device discreetly concealed in a surge protector, which may also be used for its standard purposes. Nowadays we face many situations in which audio surveillance is an absolute must. Whether it's a business meeting, child's monitoring or just checking fidelity of your spouse complete discretion is of utmost importance.

  • Work time

    Work time of the GSM bug


    3h when charged

  • Work time

    Microphone range

    up to 6 meters

  • Global range

    Global range

  • Frequency_range

    Power supply of the GSM bug

    mains power

Fortunately, we are offered with technology which may guarantee desired level of discretion. Many tests have been carried out on devices with built-in GSM technology and they all prove effectiveness and reliability of the sound material. The crystal clear sound quality is provided thanks to the use of GSM network. How does it work? As mentioned above GSM technology takes a great advantage of the GSM network. The audio bug is often installed in the extension plug. The bug is miniaturized and eliminates just one socket in the extension plug. It is completely invisible by the naked eye. Therefore, the extension plug looks like as if there was no additional device. Two very sensitive microphones with range of 5-6 meters guarantee perfect quality. It can be installed in medium-sized rooms and offices. A tiny GSM card is installed in one of the sockets so the device does not arouse any suspicions.

Whenever you want to hear what is happening in the room or at the office, all you have to do is just to call a number which is dedicated to the card installed in the extension plug and immediately you are provided with audio transmission of the highest quality. When you want to stop the transmission you just need to ring off. The GSM bug does not produce any sounds while being turned on or off. Please note that one of the sockets might be sometimes blanked off due to size of GSM bug. The rest of the sockets remains fully functional. It is available in two colours either black or white what make it a perfect 'listening' power supply for an office or a house. If your mobile phone is equipped with special application or recording function you can easily record the sound from the room and use it as an evidence in a court or in any other circumstances.

Additional advantage of the device is a possibility of monitoring the room from any place in the world thanks to the power of GSM global reach! All you need to have is a mobile phone. Morover the sound is amplified by audio regulation. The power supply is extremely efficient as while being plugged the device does not require any additional charging. If the extension plug is disconnected. The GSM bug may operate for three hours.

Don't worry about your spouse, child, babysitter or your older loved ones. Provide audio surveillance of the highest quality without any distance and energy limits.


Spy Shop

Spy Shop is a company created for the needs of providing high class spy devices constructed for monitoring and protecting the property, protecting confidential information, anti-spy activities, supervision and many others. The target group of Spy Shop are as well individual...


Specification of GSM bug with a global range hidden in the surge protector
1 depends on GSM network signal quality
GSM bands of the GSM bug850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
SimLock freeSIM card cannot be locked with PIN code
Power supply
  • Li-Ion 380 mAh 3.7 V battery
  • charger USB 5V DC 500 mA (optional)
Working time 1
  • active mode (phone tap): up to 2-3 h
  • stand-by mode: up to 120-160 h
  • unlimited working time when connected to charger
Weight of the GSM bug30 g
Dimensions43.2 × 32 × 13.6 mm

Reviews (4)

By Iestyn S.

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By Arlo G.

Comment : Very good product for the British market. Thanks to the gsm module it can be used regardless where you are, the only thing you need is a mobile phone that everybody has almost all the time.
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By Daniel H.

Comment : Superb that you can choose colours: black or white. I think quality is high as microphone is sensitive..
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By George J.

Comment : what I needed!
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