Hand held detector of explosives and drugs - SEEKERe

SEEKERe is a small size, American detector for detecting dangerous compounds: explosives and drugs.

  • Detects explosives and drugs




  • LCD screen

    Screen of the hand held detector of explosives and drugs

    colorful LCD

  • Video player

    Mulitlanguage menu

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection


SEEKERe is a detector designed by well-known American brand DetectaChem, of highest quality for dangerous substances such as: drugs, explosives professional as well as homemade.

The hand held detector has been designed according to the requirements of the US Department of Defense and government agencies worldwide. Flat and handy case provides convenient use of the detector. A wide selection of operating modes, innovative squeezer system, cut edge and completely waterproof housing provide an excellent strength of the device.

The hand held detector of explosives and drugs is equipped with automated colorimetric analysis, which allows for drug detection or explosives by carrying out a single test.

The main features of the detector SEEKERe

  • simple use
  • waterproof, handy and light construction
  • lack of radiation sources and the need to heat the samples
  • detection of loose substances as well as trace elements
  • intelligent and automatic work control
  • minor maintenance requirements
  • work without downtimes
  • Many languages operation
  • made in the USA

In our offer
Three types od detectors are available SEEKERe EDK for detecting explosives, SEEKERe DDK for drug detection and SEEKERe MDK for drug and explosives detection.

Presentation of Seekere models:

  • ­

    Seekere EDK

    Detector of home-made as well as professional explosives. Compact size and low weight allow for convenient operation in the open space.

  • ­

    Seekere MDK

    Drugs and explosives detetor both home-made as well as professional. Small size and lightweight construction allow for operation in th open areas.

  • ­

    Seekere DDK

    Drugs detector Seekere is a professional device designed to provide security. Tiny size and lightweight construction allow for convenient operation.

Presentation of drugs and explosives detectors

­Specification of hand held detector of explosives and drugs - SEEKERe
 Seekere EDKSeekere MDKSeekere DDK
explosives drugs and explosives drugs
trace, as well as volume
aromatic nitro compounds nitrosamines nitroesters homemade explosives inorganic nitrate peroxides, perchlorates, chlorates and their derivatives metaamfetamine, cocaine, THC, opiates, synthetic cannabinoids, ketamine, heroine, nitroaromatics, nitro-amines, nitrate esters, HMS, non-organic nitrates, peroxides, chlorates and derivatives metaamfetamine, cocaine, THC, opiates, synthetic cannabinoids, ketamine, heroine
colorful, LCD
240 × 400 pixels
built-in Li-Ion accumulator
> 1000 tests
< 30
tak - IP66
197 g
67 × 116 × 37 mm
DetectaChem is a U.S.-based company whose main mission is to combat drug and explosives smuggling. The manufacturer has set as its goal the creation of devices accessible to any user who struggles with smuggling, be it drugs or explosives. DetectaChem's products are characterized by intuitive operation, high sensitivity and advanced technology to help detect all kinds of threats from smuggling drugs and explosives, both homemade and professionally produced.
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In box
In box
  • Hand held detector of dangerous substances SEEKERe*
  • Set of cards for sampling (20 cards)
  • USB wire
  • Network charger
  • USB data storage
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • Set of adapters for international charger (optional)
  • Set of test samples (optional)
  • leash (optional)
* Dependent on EDK / MDK version
Video presentation of the product

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