Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi Premium 2GB PS/2
Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi Premium 2GB PS/2

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Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi Premium 2GB PS/2

  • Hardware keylogger for pc monitoring
  • Logs every key stroke
  • Takes screenshots
  • Invisible to antivirus programs
  • Sends data directly to mailbox!

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Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi Premium PS/2

KeyGrabber PS/2 is a perfect solution for children monitoring. The hardware keylogger gives you an access to your child online chat content, visited web pages history of your employees or your spouse's instant messaging. WiFi KeyGrabber is useful even when we simply need a backup copy of documents we are working on.

The integrated 2 GB memory of the hardware keylogger can store up to 1 000 000 text pages! It is simplyamazing that this tiny and inconspicuous-looking device can store such an immense amount of data! Moreover, it is possible to send all the data at the predefined email address. KeyGrabber connects to wifi network and generates reports automatically. The hardware keylogger can be also remotely controlled via the TCP/IP protocol. All settings are saved in the file located in the device's memory and can be easily changed. Each setting and predefined email address should be set before turning on the power. The device turns on automatically and starts to log every key stroke immediately after it is inserted into PS/2 keyboard port. KeyGrabber requires no additional software to be installed.

  • Remote administration

    Remote administration

  • Recording


    memory 2 GB

  • Windows

    Power supply of the hardware keylogger

    USB port

  • range


    building up to 50 m

    terrain up to 150 m

  • Keyboard Keylogger

    Keyboard Keylogger

  • antivirus

    WiFi KeyGrabber is indetectable for antivirus

  • Reports


    on e-mail

  • Windows

    Quick installation

After connecting it to the PS/2 port and initial configuration KeyGrabber stores logs of everykeystroke in special text file which can be easily accessed. Moreover, KeyGrabber recognizes international characters and provides comfortable work environment on every computer system. The hardware keylogger was specially designed to be totally invisible to antivirus programs and very safe to use.

KeyGrabber WiFi Premium PS/2 is the best model available for purchase and was specially designed to log every key stroke.

Main advantages of KeyGrabber

  • In-build Flash FAT 2GB memory
  • Data protection – 128bit encryption
  • Can connect to the WiFi network
  • Generated reports are sent directly at the predefined email address
  • TCP/IP protocol and special software enable remote access
  • Compatible with WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 encryption
  • Integrated Real-time clock equipped with backup battery (up to 7 years of work!)
  • Compatible with every PS/2 keyboard
  • Very fast USB data transfer rate – up to 125 kB/s!
  • Easy-to-use – just connect it to the PS/2 port
  • Support international characters
  • Invisible to antivirus programs
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems
  • Provides safe browsing environment for children, supports employees monitoring and protects computer systems against unauthorized access.

KeyGrabber is conventionally black in colour.
Grey and purple models are available upon request.



KeeLog is a company which deals with designing modern solutions for complete monitoring of all actions undertaken on the personal computer. The offer contains hardware KeyLoggers which intercept characters inputted by keyboard and save them as text files. The data is archived in...


Specification of hardware keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi 2GB PS/2
Power supply of the hardware keylogger4.5 V – 5.5 V DC form USB port
Power consumption220 mA (1,1 W)
Maximum logging speed500 bytes/s
Maximum continuous logging speed100 bytes/s
Memory of the WiFi KeyGrabber2 GB
Durability of stored dataabout 100 years without any power supply
Data reading rate125 kB/s
WLAN encodingWEP64, WEP128, WPA, WPA-2
  • in the open terrain: up to 150 m
  • indoors: up to 50 m
Dimensions48 × 15 × 15 mm


  • Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber WiFi Premium PS/2
  • USB accelerator
  • User manual

Reviews (7)

By Iestyn F.

Comment : All good so I give it 5 starss
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By Hari R.

Comment : At last something for macOS, not only Windows :D !
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By Eli F.

Comment : As a nice treat you can choose different colour than plain black: purple and green. Just ask the store's staff
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By Cody F.

Comment : It doesnt require anysoftware to be additionally installed on the pc what lowers the possibility of getting caught red-handed
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By Joseph R.

Comment : For me spy loggers are better than key grabbers but it’s just my opinion, this one suits its purpose too
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By Samuel W.

Comment : 2gb of internal memory is more than enough
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By H. L.

Comment : Product compliant with description , I would recommend
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