Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro
Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro

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Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro

  • Discreet audio and video transmission
  • Camera camouflaged in a button/screw head
  • Up to 100 meters range
  • High quality image
  • Computer connectivity of the Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission

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Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro

PVK-001 Pro is a high quality wireless communication set, which allows the user to conduct comprehensive audio and video transmissions at long distances.

PVK-001 Pro is dedicated for persons who need a comprehensive solution for send images in high resolution. PVK-001 Pro exam kit is a perfect tool for detective professionals, uniformed services, as well as for individual use – during exams etc.

PVK-001 Pro provides discreet communication of the highest standard and, at the same time, easy to use.

The PVK-001 set consists of 4 devices


The hidden earpiece to send signal up to 100/500 meters. Actual transmission range depends on the signal propagation conditions in the place of usage (strength of the other radio signals, weather conditions, the type and density of buildings).


Specification of the Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro
TopPro micro earpiece
Length7 mm
Diameter3-7 mm
Power supply of the hidden earpiece337 / SR416SW (1.55V) battery
Power supply voltage1.4 V - 1.6 V
Battery lifeup to 5 h
Frequency range300 Hz ~ 4000 kHz
Signallevel93 dB - 104 dB
Noisemax. 2%
Operation systeminductive (passive)
Maximum distance from the inductive loop40 cm
Weight of the PVK-001 Pro0.8 g
Bluetooth® induction loop
Standby timeup to 100 h
Talk timeup to 12 h
Sound volume regulationyes
Remote controlyes (receiving, disconnecting)
Player remote controlyes
Safe, encrypted Bluetooth® connectionyes
Rangeup to 10 m
Bluetooth4.0 low energy
Dimensions37 × 36 × 14 mm
Induction loop wire length80 cm
BU18 wireless mini camera
1 without lens
ConverterInterline 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD CCD
Resolution550 TV lines
Sensitivity0.2lx / 30 IRE @ F2.0
Lens of the hidden earpiece4.3 mm
Angle of view80°
S/N (signal/noise) ratio48 db
AGC - Automatic Gain Controlyes
Automatic white balanceyes
Backlight compensationautomatic
Shutter speed1/50 - 1/120 s
Connectorminijack 2.5mm (4 pin)
Power supply of the hidden earpiece5V - 12V
Current draw220 mA
Work temperature-10°C ~ +60°C
Camera size 125 × 25 × 12 mm
Weight22 g
Produced inJapan
TXRX-2455 receiving-transmitting set
1 to choose from 2 with camera powering
Band2.4 GHz
Channels8 1
Power supply5V
Batterybuil-in 1800 mAh
Work timeup to 3 h 2
High-density housing rangeup to 100 m
Open area rangeup to 300 m
Transmitter size71 × 66 × 14 mm
Receiver power supply111 × 69 × 21 mm
Antennae length116 mm
Weight of receiver/transmitter65 g
EasyCap adapter
InterfaceUSB 2.0
CapturingPAL and NTSC systems
Video input
  • composite video RCA (cinch)
  • S-Video
Inputaudio stereo 2 × RCA (cinch)
Power supplyUSB port
Full resolution adjustment
  • NTSC 720×480 @ 30 fps
  • PAL 720×576 @ 25 fps
Smooth image parameters regulation
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • color
  • saturation
Size88 × 28 × 18 mm


  • Micro-earphone with Bluetooth inductive loop
  • CCD BU18 minicamera with accessories
  • TXRX-2455 receiving-transmission set
  • EasyCap adapter
  • User's manual in English
  • Warranty for the Hidden earpiece for audio-video transmission - PVK-001 Pro – 12 months


Reviews (4)

By Cai H.

Comment : Unique set of the highest quality. I spent a lot but I am positive it will pay for itself.
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By Aiden M.

Comment : All is needed for effective transamission. Microspeaker with inductive loop equipped with bluetooth, mini videorecorder, receiving--transmission set and adapter. Better to invest in the whole set than buy each part separately.
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By Lucy P.

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By Robert B.

Comment : Soo discreet - cam hidden in a button! Plus good quality of image and sound.
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