Highly accurate certified breathalyzer Sentech ALP-1
Highly accurate certified breathalyzer Sentech ALP-1

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Highly accurate certified breathalyzer Sentech ALP-1

  • Measurement range of the certified breathalyzer: 0.00‰ - 4.00‰
  • Test accuracy +/-0.03‰
  • Professional electrochemical fuel cell sensor
  • Two modes of operation: with and without a mouthpiece
  • Testing units: mg/l, ‰

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Sentech ALP-1 highly accurate cerified

Sentech's ALP-1 model is a high quality digital evidential alcohol tester. It was designed for public services, law enforcement, protection of mass events, hospital, workplaces, and any other areas requiring precise measurements of alcohol content in a breath sample.

breathalyzer Sentech ALP-1

Sentech ALP-1 highly accurate breathalyser utilises a professional electrochemical fuel cell sensor designed specifically for this model. It is characterised by high quality, accuracy, alcohol selectivity and reproducibility of results, as well as remarkable durability. It is recommended to perform calibration every 12 months after conducting 1500 tests, which allows to significantly lower the device's operation costs.

  • Available versions
  • ALP-1 Standard
  • ALP-1 Kit – thermal printer included

Main assets of Sentech ALP-1 certified breathalyzer

  • Pre-recording


    The air flow sensor determines whether a collected sample is sufficient to perform analysis, and whether a measurement was taken correctly.

  • Recording activation


    Measurement counter and notifications about required calibration, together with automatic monitoring of sensor operation ensure reliable results.

  • Thermometer


    Built-in thermometer allows to appropriately adjust the ALP-1 measurement parameters. The firmware of the certified breath tester supervises the measurement process and controls its accuracy. The breathalyser has a measurement range from 0 to 4‰ and accuracy of 0.03% (results are presented with 0.01‰ accuracy).

  • Operation modes

    4 operation modes

    • Automatic, disposable mouthpiece – recognizes exhaled air, requires insufflation of at least 1.2 litres of air (adjustable tested air volume parameter), precise result presented in digits.
    • Manual, disposable mouthpiece – sample is collected by the certified breathalyser once switched on by the operator; this mode is useful when an inspected person cannot (unconscious or weakened, not able to insufflate required amount of air) or will not take the test.
    • Passive automatic, certified – recognizes exhaled air, requires collecting a sample for at least 2 seconds; result is presented in form of text information – PASS if no alcohol vapours were detected, or FAIL if alcohol was present in the sample.
    • Passive manual, contact-free – sample is collected by the breathalyser once switched on by the operator, allows for initial check of a person unable or not willing to take the test, as well as to inspect liquids for alcohol content.
  • LCD display


    The operation of Sentech ALP-1 certified breathalyzer is simple and intuitive due to a menu displayed on the LCD screen. Backlight allows for night time operation.

  • Memory card support


    The results are saved on a memory card, with the possibility to export them to an MS Excel file.

Sentech ALP-1 highly accurate certified breathalyzer features a number of functionalities facilitating the operation of the device. It can be connected to a printer – with a cable for standard printers.

ALP-1 is a professional certified breathalyser, offering a wide array of advanced technological solutions, a high quality electrochemical fuel cell sensor, and several modes of operation, while the ability to conduct screenings without using disposable mouthpieces and inspect liquids for alcohol content grant it a broad range of possible applications.

We also have in our offer a variant of the breathalyser displaying the measurement results in mg/l.

Certified top quality

The ALP-1 breathalyzer has CE, D.O.T., ISO certifications. The certified device is attested as compatible with EN-PN 15964:2011 norm.




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Specifications of Sentech ALP-1 highly accurate certified breathalyzer
1 without batteries
Measurement range of the certified breathalyzer
  • 0.00 – 4.00‰
  • 0.000 - 2.000 mg/l
  • +/-0.03‰ at 1.0‰
  • +/-0.025 mg/l at 0.50 mg/l
Sensorelectrochemical fuel cell
Warm-up time10 s
Testing units:mg/l, ‰
Measurement timeadjusted automatically
Operation modes of the highly accurate breath tester
  • mouthpiece – automatic and manual
  • mouthpiece-free passive – automatic and manual
Power supply2 × AA battery
Battery lifeup to 5000 tests
Calibration required
  • no less often than every 12 months
  • recommended after every 1500 tests
Display of the highly accurate breathalyzer
  • back-lit
  • LCD
Operating temperature0°C - 55°C
Dimensions130 × 65 × 34 mm
Weight155 g 1


  • Sentech ALP-1 highly accurate certified breathalyzer
  • Case
  • 5x mouthpiece
  • Open mouthpiece
  • 2x AA batteries
  • USB cable
  • CD with software
  • Pouch
  • User's manual
  • Warranty - 24 months


Reviews (6)

By Evan M.

Comment : not many breathalyzers support memory cards and this one does so you can transfer the data on your computer and open in Excel.
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By Amber B.

Comment : Detective Store has in offer a few different versions of this product, make sure to check these out
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By Bethany C.

Comment : FOUR operation modes allow you to use regardless the current dituation and / or conditions ; with or without a mouthpiece; manual and automatic; even contact free . Great that there are so many different otpions . available.
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By Rick S.

Comment : proffesional breathalyzer for pros
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By Martin K.

Comment : highly versatile with four modes of operation: automatic and manual (with mouthpiece) ; passive automatic and manual - no mouthpiece needed
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By J. Caitlin C.

Comment : My Humble Advice --- do not hesitate and go for it
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