Home electrochemical breathalyzer PRO X-5+ / BACtrack Trace
Home electrochemical breathalyzer PRO X-5+ / BACtrack Trace

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Home electrochemical breathalyzer PRO X-5+ / BACtrack Trace

  • Range: 0.00‰ - 5.00‰
  • Precision: 0.1‰
  • Testing units: ‰ >
  • Calibration – every 500 measurements or once a year
  • 5 years warranty!

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Home breathalyser with electrochemical sensor - AlcoFind PRO X-5+ - BACtrack Trace

AlcoFind PRO X-5+ (known also as BACtrack Trace) is a professional product that can be kept at home for testing alcohol levels in breath, or in a car to have it always ready. It does not require any advanced knowledge nor training, and will always give accurate measurements.

Breathalyser AlcoFind Pro X-5+

The construction is based on the advanced PRO X electrochemical sensor which allows to perform tests within the range of 0 to 5‰, with precision of 0.1‰. Using the advanced sensor, the home breathalyzer ignores the presence of other substances which may influence the result of the test (such as cigarette smoking). Reliable results, reflecting the real alcohol content in the breath sample, guarantee safety in every situation, be at home or already on the road.

Assets of the PRO X-5+ breathalyser

  • Measurements counter


    It allows the user to control the number of performed tests and allows to check the number of measurements left to another calibration (maximally every 500 measurements or once a year). This option ensures the appliance'd proper operation.

  • Calibration


    The breathalyser indicates the need of calibration. Regular calibration ensures proper functioning of the device, and is also required to maintain the warranty.



    Te sensor has a function of auto-control which allows to check for the presence of contamination affecting the measurement result. If there are remains of the previous test in the system (e.g. alcohol vapours), the home breathalyser will clean itself automatically and will be ready for the next examination.



    Using the advanced components allows to perform a reliable test with 0.1‰ precision, up to 5‰. The electrochemical sensor is resistant to the influence of any other factors present during a breathalyser test.

  • Sounds


    Sound notifications facilitate the testing. The sounds indicate that the appliance is ready for another measurement, or that it has finished taking a breath sample.

  • Measurements recording


    The breathalyser records 10 previous test results, so that we can control the alcohol level changing over time.

The professional PRO X-5+ home breathalyser is a perfect solution for those looking for a reliable appliance, with high measurement sensitivity and correct functioning regardless of external conditions. Recommended for individual clients to use it at home and institutions for employee testing.

Service and Warranty of the breathalyser

  • Service and warranty

    The warranty covers a period of 5 years on electronics parts and 2 years on the sensor. To take advantage of the warranty you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for calibration, that it needs to be done maximum every 500 measurements and at least once a year.

We offer you the opportunity to use service and warranty repairs conducted by trained service technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment of the global brand GUTH Lab.

FREE initial calibration

To use the program of the first calibration free of charge, please keep the proof of purchase of the breathalyser (receipt, invoice) and warranty certificate. After maximally 500 measurements and no longer than after one year after the date of purchase please contact Detective Store's service, and the calibration will be performed free of charge!

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The Detective Store company is an authorized distributor and importer to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we ensure that you receive genuine products directly from the manufacturer, who guarantees the authenticity and high quality of their merchandise.
The device complies with RoHS environmental directive, has an CE-certification and is certified to ISO 9001, CE, FDA and NF.

AlcoFind is a new brand previously known as AlcoScent.



The AlcoFind company is a newest incarnation of the former DA Tech Co., Ltd (AlcoScent) corporation. The company was founded in South Korea in 2002 and since then it has become a world leader in producing a wide range of various types of breathalyzers . AlcoFind products are...


Specification of AlcoFind PRO X-5+ (BACtrack Trace) electrochemical breathalyser
1 conditions: 1‰ concentration, 25°C temperature 2 depending on used batteries
Measurement range0.00‰ – 5.00‰
Accuracy+/- 0.01‰ 1
Sensor typeelectrochemical PRO-X generation
Testing units: ‰
Warm-up time12s
Measurement timeabout 5-10s
Power supply2 × AAA battery
Battery work timeup to 500 tests 2
Required calibration
  • at least once every 12 months
  • maximally every 500 measurements
  • LCD back-lit
  • 4 digits
Work temperature5°C to 40°C
Size47 × 108 × 17 mm
Weight85 g


  • AlcoFind PRO X-5+ home breathalyser
  • 2x reusable mouthpieces
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Cover
  • User's manual in English
  • Warranty:
    • Electronics: 5 years
    • sensor – 12 months (if calibrated according to recommendations)


Reviews (13)

By Alexandra B.

Comment : It alllows for recording up to ten previous results so you can check how your alcohol level , changes over time
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By Amelia B.

Comment : 4 stars is an accurate grade here
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By Callum C.

Comment : as ma ny as six mouthpeices included and you can always buy more separarely
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By Cameron C.

Comment : usually i"m apprehensive towards cheap products as often they cannot be trusted. /what convinced me here were various certificationsthat it has received
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By Charlie C.

Comment : my previous breathalyzer required calibration every six month what wass quite pesky and I was looking for something less demanding - with bactrack calibration is need only once a year so one responsibility less
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By Ms. Chloe S.

Comment : before i had a cheaper and older model for my staff. This one is much better in every aspect, I sincerely reccommned!
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By Sam W.

Comment : only two batteries are required, small - fits in every bag or anywhere in a car
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By Henry L.

Comment : I was looking for something more advanced but had no problems whatsover with returning this model and byuing a different one, recommnded by the Store expert - thanks!
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By Daniel P. J.

Comment : no minuses,, good price
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By M. T.

Comment : I find it handy and functional.It works ok and pretty fast. It should be mandatory for every driver . …
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By Adam A.

Comment : excellent for basic test have it in my car for some time and now I can always check if i'm good to go or need to call a cab
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By Alexandra A.

Comment : alcofind has good and proffesional customer service, they have NEVER let me down
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By Imogen A.

Comment : plus for so long warranty
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