Infrared binoculars 3 GEN - PVS-31C with waterproof construction
Infrared binoculars 3 GEN - PVS-31C with waterproof construction

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Infrared binoculars 3 GEN - PVS-31C with waterproof construction

  • Generation 3 infrared binoculars
  • Dust and water resistance - IP67
  • Bi-ocular convenient construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 7-year warranty!

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3 GEN - PVS-31C infrared binoculars with high sensitivity and waterproof construction

The PVS-31C infrared binoculars is a Canadian product for the most demanding of users. It is a generation 3 device, providing brighter and clearer image than generation 2+ night vision devices.

Generation 3 devices utilise microchannel plates (MCP) specially coated in order to increase the intensifier's lifespan. Electrons ejected from the photocathode become multiplied upon passing the MCS system, which directs much stronger electron stream on the screen, resulting in clear, high quality night vision image.

The PVS-31C infrared binoculars come with a built-in short range illuminator, an automatic brightness adjustment and bright light shut off functions.

The device complies with the IP67 standard, which ensures enhanced water and dust resistance. Aluminium housing and rubber coating ensure comfort of operation in any conditions.

  • Water resistant construction

    Lightweight, water resistant construction

    Light and compact casing was made with composites of highest quality, which ensures enhanced durability and low weight of the infrared binoculars - just 650g. The device is compliant with IP67, which means it is water and dust-resistant.

  • Excellent image

    Excellent image

    The infrared binoculars allow to manually adjust the signal amplification, and control the image brightness in order to match the user's preferences (and lighting conditions). Besides, the device comes with a built-in short ranged IR illuminator, and allows to adjust diopter regulation manually.

  • Automatic switch-off

    Automatic switch-off

    The SSF (Stow Safety Feature) function allows to save energy during helmet-mounted operation. Tilting the device up on the mounting assembly switches it off, while lowering it back to the eye level switches it on again.

  • Auito-gating

    AG - Auto-gating

    Certain variants of the device have been equipped with AG auto-gating technology, responsible for swift adjustment of light intensity to specific situations. It grants the user protection against being blinded by sudden exposure to a source of light, e.g. an electric torch.

  • FOM


    FOM is the basic parameter defining the quality of image in poor lighting conditions.

  • Generation 3

    Generation 3

    Generation 3 night vision devices utilise photocathodes made from gallium arsenide for enhanced senstitivity. Additionally, their MCPs (microchannel plates) are coated with ionic barriers to increase their lifespan.

  • Convenient power supply

    Convenient power supply

    The PVS-14C night vision monocular is powered by either CR123 or AA batteries.

  • Long operation time

    Long operation time

    Due to application of efficient power sources, infrared binoculars PVS-14C can work as long as 50 hours on a single CR123 battery, or up to 30 on AA batteries!


The manufacturer issues a 7-year warranty for the device.

Key features of PVS-31C infrared binoculars

  • lightweight, aluminium construction
  • high water- and weather resistance
  • head- or helmet-mountable
  • intuitive operation
  • built-in short range illuminator
  • Made in Canada

PVS-31C infrared binoculars are available in four variants.


GSCI (General Starlight Company International)

GSC (General Starlight Company International), it operates since 1992 a Canadian company dedicated to modern optoelectronics. It is one of the leading western manufacturers of night vision and thermal imaging devices as well as of military, civil and hunting equipment. GSCI offers...


Specification of the infrared binoculars PVS-31C
* depending on the version
Image amplifier
  • 3rd generation
  • versions MA-1, MA-1AG, GA-1, GA-3AG
Visual range (FOM)below in the table*
PhotocathodeMulti-Alkali coated with gallium arsenide
Zoom of the infrared binoculars
Lens27mm, F/1.2
Angle of the view40°
Depth of field25 m up to ∞
Diopter adjustment-6 up to +2
Built-in IR illuminatoryes
Power supply of the infrared binoculars
  • 1 × CR123A battery
  • 1 × AA battery
Operation time
  • CR123 battery - up to 50 hours
  • AA battery - up to 30 hours
Discharge indicator
  • yes
  • In sight
Gain controlmanual - MGC
Protection from blinding lightyes - SSF
Automatic power supply shutdownyes- SSF
Operation temperature of the infrared binoculars-40°C up to +50°C
  • yes
  • meets the norm IP67
Size105 × 125 × 65 mm
Weight of the infrared binoculars0,65 kg


1 Demist cover Shield - prevents the steam condensation on the lens 2 Sacrificial Windows - Lens protection from the mechanical damage and dirt
+ included, - unavailable, o - optional


Reviews (2)

By Benjamin L.

Comment : The only minus is its price! The quaklity is excellent, product as described, delivered quickly, professional customer support and seven years of warranty
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By Alexander A.

Comment : powerful gear with many accessories and the set can be extended with additional products. I recommend the Sacfiricial Windows - made my binoculars practically indestructible.
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