Infrared goggles for field work - TIG-7
Infrared goggles for field work - TIG-7
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Infrared goggles for field work - TIG-7

  • Infrared goggles are powered with AA batteries
  • Grant full visibility at night
  • Operation time of TIG-7 up to 7 hours
  • Lightweight just 450 g
  • 7-year manufacturer's warranty

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Infrared goggles for field work - TIG-7

The TIG-7 Infrared goggles are yet another product of GSCI, a Canadian manufacturer known for excellent quality, simplicity and comfortable operation of their devices. The TIG-7-series make a perfect choice for professional operators such as police officers, members of the military, or special forces operatives.

  • Magnification


    digital, optical

  • Targeting reticle

    Targeting reticle


  • Operation time

    Operation time of the Infrared goggles

    up to 7 h

  • Power supply

    Power supply of the Infrared goggles

    AA batteries

Infrared thermography is a phenomenon used in many fields and industries worldwide from buildings heat audits to military applications. The main advantage of infrared is that it works independent of the prevailing conditions if it's big smoke, dust, or even insufficient lighting, because every object whose temperature is above absolute zero emits electromagnetic radiation in the infrared range. The spectral analysis of this phenomenon allows to process the image on the visual image to a human without using partial lighting. Thanks to it human can be detected of 900 meters and the vehicle of about 3 km.

The device is powered with replaceable AA batteries, which provide about 7 hours of continuous operation. Its versatile construction allows to mount the goggles on helmets, with use of a dedicated mounting assembly.

The TIG-7 thermal imaging device is available in 6 variants, offering different resolutions, sensitivity levels, detection range, refresh rates, and additional accessories, which grants the users freedom to pick a solution best suited to their purposes and budget.

Years upon years of experience allowed GSCI to create TIG-7 - night vision goggles remarkable for their manufacturing quality, durable construction, and high quality internal components, which is further confirmed by the manufacturer's 7-year warranty.


TIG-7-series specifications
Detailed information on particular models is available in the Specification tab.

Key features of TIG-7 Infrared goggles:

  • automatic or manual sensitivity adjustment
  • refresh rates: 25, 30, 50, 60 Hz
  • digital zoom: 2×, 4×, optical magnification: 1×
  • replaceable optics
  • auto-shutdown
  • adjustable image amplification
  • lightweight, waterproof construction
  • powered with easily replaceable AA batteries
  • operation time up to 7 hours
  • remote-controllable
  • performance unaltered by smoke, dust or fog
  • image colours: black-hot, white-hot
  • head- and helmet-mountable
  • silent operation
  • energy-efficient
  • built-in targeting reticle

Dedicated external display OLED HMD-800


GSCI (General Starlight Company International)

GSC (General Starlight Company International), it operates since 1992 a Canadian company dedicated to modern optoelectronics. It is one of the leading western manufacturers of night vision and thermal imaging devices as well as of military, civil and hunting equipment. GSCI offers...


Specification of the Infrared goggles for field work - TIG-7
Matrix resolution640×480
Refresh rate50 Hz
Zoom of the infrared gogglescyfrowe 2×, 4×
Lens25 mm, F/1,0
Lens diameter25 mm
Bandwidth response8-12μm
Type of lens materialGerman
Field of view24,5°×18,5°
Diopter adjustmentfrom -6 up to +2
Human detectionfrom a distance of 830 m
Vehicle detectionfrom a distance of 1130 m
  • 800×600
Automatic shutdownyes
Video outputyes
Power supply4 × AA battery - up to 10 h
Operation temperature-40°C up to +50°C
Dimensions of the infrared goggles112×138×55 mm
Weight0,45 kg


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