Infrared scope for weapons - Armasight Spear Generation 2+
Infrared scope for weapons - Armasight Spear Generation 2+

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Infrared scope for weapons - Armasight Spear Generation 2+

  • Generation 2+ night vision scope
  • Digital optics with 4× magnification
  • Convenient Quick Release mount
  • XLR-IR850 illuminator included
  • The infrared scope has wireless remote control

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Armasight Spear Generation 2+ - infrared scope for weapons

Armasight Spear is a solid and durable generation 2+ infrared scope. It is characterised by high efficiency and effectiveness, this digital scope allows to conduct operations even in extremely low residual light conditions, such as moonless nights and clouded sky.

Armasight Spear's casing is made with rubberised aircraft aluminium. Rubber coating provides additional protection from weather and mechanical damage. Armasight Spear infrared scope can operate in extreme temperatures and is resistant to rain and fog. A compact construction, it can be quickly mounted on standard Picatinny / Weaver rails with  QuickRelease system (two clips allowing for immediate and tool-free attachment and detachment of the scope).

Spear infrared scope is equipped with automatic brightness control system, capable of adjusting it to current lighting conditions and ensuring optimal image brightness. The ocular is diopter adjustable, allowing any user to set it to fit their own eyesight.



    Excellent image quality is possible to achieve due to the image intensifier utilising a MCP microchannel plate – every electron emitted by the photocathode is multiplied by numerous collisions with the surface of the plate, situated in an electric field with a high potential difference. The stream of electrons directed at the luminescent screen is thus amplified, resulting in luminance gain as high as 50000.

  • Two versions available


    Generation 2+ digital night vision scopes, widely recognized for their cost-effectiveness, are frequently used by professionals. Spear infrared scope is available in both standard and increased resolution version.

  • XLR850 long range illuminator


    Armasight Spear infrared scope comes with an XLR850 illuminator. Additional mounting rails allow to attach an IR illuminator or a laser pointer, increasing its already impressive tactical efficiency.

  • Impact protection


    Armasight Spear optics are designed to withstand impacts and recoil. The scope can be used with weapons utilising ammunition with muzzle energy up to 3600J (e.g. .308 Winchester cartridges).

  • Clear image


    Armasight Spear infrared scope comes with a high quality optic system with 4× magnification, optimal for observation and short to medium distance shooting. The lenses are covered with multi-layered anti-reflective coating, ensuring projection of a clear and undistorted image.

  • Wireless remote control


    Included wireless remote can be attached to a weapon (Picatinny adapter), allowing for convenient switching the infrared scope on and off.

  • Bright light cut-off


    Automatic bright light cut-off system protects the intensifier from damage in case of pointing the scope at an extremely bright light source.

  • Convenient power supply


    The infrared scope is powered with a CR123 battery, providing convenient and easily replaceable power supply.

  • Long work time


    Due to efficient power management, the scope can work for up to 60 hours.

Spear generation 2+ infrared scope main features

  • Generation 2+ image intensifier - increased resolution in different variants.
  • Durable glass optics – with multi-layered anti-reflective coating and 4× magnification.
  • Adjustable reticle – with illumination.
  • Convenient Quick Release mounting - Picatinny / Weaver rails.
  • Waterproof – resistant to weather and water.
  • Wireless remote – convenient operation.
  • Low weight – light and compact construction.
  • IR illuminator – XLR-850 IR illuminator included.
  • Manufacturer's warranty – 2 years.

Armasight Spear infrared scope is a perfect choice for night time shooting, designed for people seeking a simple and reliable high quality digital scope. Generation 2+ image intensifier and top notch optics provide bright and clear target image. Adjustable, illuminated reticle ensures excellent visibility and allows to make precise shots. Quick Release mounting system allows to easily replace the night vision scope with a standard day time scope. Due to sturdy, durable construction and weather resistance, the scope can be used in any, even adverse, conditions.



Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of Armasight Spear infrared scope dedicated to weapons
1 windage and elevation 2 e.g. .308 Winchester cartridge
Image intensifier
  • generation 2+
  • versions: SD, ID
Resolution (lines / mm) of the infrared scope
  • SD: 45-51
  • ID: 47-54
Lens108mm, F/1.5>
Range of focus25m to ∞
Coatingmulti-layer, anti-reflective
Ocular diopter adjustment-6 to +2
Scope adjustment rang 11.2”
Total Darkness IR system
  • yes
  • XLR850 illuminator included
IR indicatorno
Power supply of the infrared scope1 x CR123A, 3V battery
Working timeup to 60h
Discharge indicator
  • yes
  • within FOV
Automatic brightness control (ABC)yes
Bright light cut-offyes
Automatic power shut-offyes
Maximum muzzle energyup to 3600J 2
Operating temperature of the infrared scope-40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-50°C to +70°C
  • yes
  • very high weather and water resistance
Dimensions295 × 100 × 100 mm
Weight of the infrared scope1.5 kg


  • XLR-IR850 Dovetail to Weaver Transfer Piece #21 – long range illuminator, power adapter and battery included
  • Armasight Spear generation 2+ digital night vision scope
  • Lens tissue
  • One CR123 battery
  • Case
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty – 24 months

Additional accessories

  • IR850W Dovetail to Weaver Transfer Piece #21 – compact long range illuminator with wide-ranged beam angle adjustment
  • XLR-IR A-Focal Doubler – 2x teleconverter for XLR-IR850 illuminators, increasing the illuminator's range
  • Extended Rail Adapter #85 – Dovetail Weaver Picatinny rail adapter (7.5 " to 11.5")
  • Hard Shipping/Storage Case (F200) #102 – shipping case for rifle scopes and night vision/thermal imaging attachments


Reviews (3)

By Elis M.

Comment : let me tell you this - night huntings are my new hobby thanks to this gadget
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By Dominic H.

Comment : I fancy the fact that the Store lets its customers choose between two version - they care about us and their customer service is of very good quality. The store expert answered all my questions concerning this product and believe me I had many …
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By Alfred O.

Comment : I use this model at my work and I am satisfied withh its perfromance. The minus may be rather hiigh price but my employer paid, not me though ! ;)
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