iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence
iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence
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iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence

  • Recording conversations and ambient sounds
  • Monitoring of Skype, Facebook and Viber conversations
  • Listening in on conversations and ambient sounds in real time
  • The iPhone tracker allows for SMS, e-mail, and MMS inspection
  • GPS tracking


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SpyPhone iOS Extreme - iPhone tracker for monitoring and locating of your iPhone with an annual licence


  • Please Note!
  • The device is compatible with iOS 6.x - 9.3.3 systems.
  • The SpyPhone has to be installed in the target phone, the one you want to "spy". You need to have a physical access the target mobile phone in order to install the software. Remote installation is not possible.
  • Before the software installation the mobile phone must be jailbreaked and the cydia must be installed. GSM stations provide these kinds of services.
  • Free delivery - The product is a software and the access is sent via e-mail
  • You can also buy SpyPhone Android Extreme supporting cell phones with Android system
  • You can also buy any iPhone or iPad with a SpyPhone software already installed.
  • If you have questions, please contact contact@detective-store.com

The iPhone tracker SpyPhone iOS Extreme software was created to monitor all activity on iOS based devices. It records the sound of anything happening in the phone's vicinity, and it allows for live tapping into phone calls, so that you can eavesdrop on a conversation in real-time during a call. A GPS tracking feature also allows you to track an employee’s phone.

Ensuring the safety of loved ones – children in particular, protection against business fraud, abuse or cheating in people’s private or professional lives - these are all very significant problems encountered in today's world. The incredible popularity of mobile phones means that, apart from being a great communications tool, they can also be used for nefarious purposes. A mobile phone can provide a sense of anonymity and impunity, so it’s well-worth protecting yourself against the possibility of abuse.

The iPhone tracker SpyPhone iOS Extreme software is a comprehensive monitoring and tracking solution designed for iPhones and Apple tablets, giving you enough time to respond to emerging signs of danger, such as, people in your child’s environment having a bad influence on them, or theft of company data and providing it to the competition.

  • Spyphone


    In order to obtain the activation code and user manual please contact us by phone (+44 020 3290 1199) or email (contact@detective-store.com)

The iPhone tracker SpyPhone iOS Extreme is not just an 'app', it is a professional software that runs in the background and remains invisible to the user of the phone. It enables real-time tapping into phone calls and surveillance of the phone’s environment via a supervisory number, recording of ambient sounds, downloading copies of SMS messages, e-mails, online chat history, GPS tracking and much more. The collected data are uploaded to a server, which the client can access via a control panel on the website.

What are the possible applications for the SpyPhone software?

  • Child protection – safety and mail control,
  • Employees' monitoring – protection from leaks of important and confidential information,
  • Phone tracking – localising lost or stolen phone
  • Localising a kidnapped person – allows to provide aid immediately.

Main advantages of the iPhone tracker iOS Extreme SpyPhone

  • Detects only dangerous objects


    Real-time interception of phone calls through the iPhone. During a conversation, simply make a call from the surveillance number to be automatically connected to the current conversation and be able to listen in.

  • Detects only dangerous objects


    The iOS Extreme SpyPhone software can record ambient sounds – this option is available on request. The function is activated via the control panel after logging into your account.



    The iPhone tracker allows for live monitoring of ambient sounds and conversations near the phone. Just call from the surveillance number at any time to comparable to an accidental the phone built-in microphone (the audibility is the same with a typical phone call, and it depends on the phone’s hardware). The connection is discreet, not indicated or recorded on the iPhone.

  • Detects only dangerous objects


    At the start of every call (incoming or outgoing) an SMS is automatically sent to the supervisory number to notify you about the conversation. The SpyPhone iOS software sends the message discreetly - information is not stored on the phone. Call filtering can be enabled to reduce the number of call notifications.



    The iPhone tracker software sends a complete call history to the server.



    The SpyPhone iOS Extreme creates a copy of the contacts stored on the surveiled phone.

  • Digital signal processing

    SMS and MMS

    Monitors all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. Copies of the messages are automatically sent to the server.



    Monitoring of messages sent and received by the following instant messaging apps:

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Hangouts
    • Hike Messenger
    • Instagram (Direct Message)
    • KIK Messenger
    • LINE
    • QQ Messenger
    • Skype
    • SnapChat
    • Telegram
    • Tinder
    • Viber
    • WeChat
    • WhatsApp
    • Yahoo Messenger
  • E-MAIL


    The iPhone tracker software intercepts emails that are sent and received by the default mail client and forwards them (without attachments) to the server.



    The SpyPhone iOS Extreme informs you about the location of your phone, based on data from the GPS receiver (accurate to 5m). It automatically tracks your iPhone’s location at a set frequency, and also lets you find the current location on request (using an SMS command or via the web control panel).

  • Internet


    A history of visited websites and bookmarked favourites (default browser).



    The iPhone tracker monitors multimedia files on the phone and uploads them to the server. For example, photos, videos, or sounds captured by the iPhone’s voice recording function.



    The ability to send SMS messages to any phone number from the SpyPhone. The messages are not stored or listed in the phone as having ever been sent.



    Copying notes, calendar entries, and providing a list of installed apps, and more.

After installing the iPhone tracker SpyPhone iOS Extreme, all of the phone monitoring is done remotely without requiring direct access to the handset. Using a phone number that you set for the service, simply call the SpyPhone handset to carry out live, stealth wiretapping on the phone. All of the information that is collected – recorded conversations, intercepted messages, multimedia and GPS location data – are sent via your SpyPhone’s internet connection to the server, which you can access by logging onto the website. Using the control panel, you can customise how the SpyPhone iOS Extreme works, and issue various commands to control the iPhone remotely.

The iPhone tracker SpyPhone iOS Extreme software runs in the background and does not affect the day-to-day running of the phone. It offers maximum discretion and is not visible in the phone. Furthermore, it is possible to remove the Cydia icon (Cydia is required to install the SpyPhone software).

Licensing conditions and installation of the SpyPhone iOS Extreme

The licence is granted for a period of one year from the date of purchase and can be activated on a compatible phone. When the licence period has expired, it may be renewed upon payment for another year.

Due to the specific nature of the iOS system, it is essential to do a root unlock (jailbreak) before installation.

The installation process is very simple, done through the Cydia app store (available after jailbreaking) and is the same as in case of installing other applications. Internet connection (cellular network or WiFi) is required during the installation. In addition, our sales experts can share their knowledge and experience, and will happily explain all of the features of the software to ensure that none of them cause any difficulty.

A detailed manufacturer information about the latest available version, compatibility and supported versions of third party applications.

Handsets compatible with SpyPhone iOS Extreme

  • iOS 6.x - 9.3.3

After updating the phone’s OS to a newer version, the SpyPhone software may stop working (and jailbreaking may not work for a certain period of time after a new version of iOS is published).

Why it’s worth buying software with Detective Store? The Detective Store is a legally registered business that has been operating since 2007. We’re available to help our clients both online and at our sales outlets. We can assure high quality of service and technical support in case of any problems while using our products. We cooperate closely with software developers, who constantly test and update the software to make sure that it works safely and reliably, before adding it to our product range.

  • Important!
  • Independently of the software, after tapping into a conversation, the phone of the third party may display a notifications about a conference connection, or the conversation may be interrupted for a while. These complications appear on some of phone models and depend on the mobile network provider.
  • Sending reports to the user-defined e-mail is possible only with an active Internet connection, either via mobile network or Wi-Fi. Be advised that the data transfer is in charged according to the price list of the mobile network provider.
  • The SMS messages notifying about ongoing phone conversations are charged according to the price list of the mobile network provider.
  • The software was designed to ensure the highest discretion of use. However, iPhone’s operating system prevents the possibility of deleting all the data concerning installed applications. On the other hand, it allows to hide the performed Jailbreak and all other additional icons.
  • Updating software to a newer iOS version may cause the SpyPhone software to stop working. It is a result of blocking the Jailbreak performance for some time after releasing the new version of the system.
  • iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with the licence for 12 months
  • User’s manual in English


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  • iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with the licence for 12 months
  • User’s manual in English

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iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence

Comment : Costs quite a few pounds but problems in my business would cost more ,definitely
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iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence

Comment : fnally something for iOS!
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iPhone tracker - SpyPhone iOS Extreme for locating and monitoring of your iPhone with a 1 year licence

Comment : Due to the fact that it enables monitoring of whatsapp and facebook messages I discovered my child was having a weird relationship with an older man!
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