JS-2013 telephone voice modulator
JS-2013 telephone voice modulator

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JS-2013 telephone voice modulator

  • Modifies the voice during telephone conversation
  • Compatible with cell phones
  • Works with landline phones
  • Adjustable modulation level
  • Male or female voice to choose from

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JS-2013 voice modulator for landline and cell phones

The JS-2013 voice modulator designed for changing the voice during telephone conversation – for landline and cell phones.

The appliance allows to modulate the voice of the caller, so that it becomes unrecognizable for the other participant of the conversation. The user may choose either female or male voice with modulation within a very wide scope. The JS-2013 allows to retain anonymity as well as ensures very high audibility during the conversation.

The operation of the voice modulator is very easy. The speaker of the appliance should be attached to the phone, while the user speaks to the microphone, integrated with the voice modulator. Battery powering, handy and lightweight construction allow to use the modulator portably, in any situation.


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Specification of JS-2013 telephone voice modulator
1 without battery
Power supply9V battery
Size15 × 7 × 3 cm
Weight203 g 1


  • JS-2013 modulator
  • Wire speaker with regulation
  • Transport case
  • User's manual in English

Reviews (6)

By Martin C.

Comment : easy to use, light, portable, makes my voice unrecognisable
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By Derek W.

Comment : i am a big fan of this kind of gadgets and this one provides me with much fun. Truly recommend, even if just for the fun of playing with it :D
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By Jeffrey A.

Comment : works swell and you have the ability to adjust the level of modulation or even change gender of your voice
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By Andres S.

Comment : My opinion is favourable. Not cheap but otherwise all you can do is change your voice on your own to sound silly and we all know that this method is not effective. So if you are in a real need to do it - do it like a professsional with this telephone voice modulator !
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By Abigail W.

Comment : No problems: good customer service, fast delivery, product as described.
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By Mourice W.

Comment : great that you can actually choose between male and female voice
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