KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB 4GB for employee's computer surveillance
KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB 4GB for employee's computer surveillance

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KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB 4GB for employee's computer surveillance

  • Works with any USB keyboard
  • Built-in 4 GB flash memory
  • 128 bit data encryption
  • Wi-Fi module - reports to e-mail
  • Invisible to antivirus software!

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KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB 4GB for employee's computer surveillance

KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB is a product recommended to anyone seeking high quality equipment for discreet monitoring of an employee's – or a child's - computer.

  • Remote administration

    Remote administration

    min. 60-70 lines/mm

  • Range in area


    area up to 150 m

    building up to 50 m

  • Antivirus undetectable

    Antivirus undetectable

  • Email box

    Reports on e-mail

Built-in 4GB memory allows to store up to 1 000 000 pages of text consisting of captured key strokes. To commence operation, KeyGrabber Premium needs simply to be connected between a USB port and a keyboard. It is undetectable by the operating system, and does not indicate its operation in any way, making detection of the keygrabber virtually impossible.

Collected data is formed into text files accessible directly from the device, or remotely. In the former case, connect KeyGrabber Premium to a computer and switch it to read mode using a specific key combination. A configuration file stored in the device's memory allows e.g. to define an e-mail address to which the files should be sent, making it possible to access collected data remotely, eliminating the necessity to tamper with the computer. WiFi module enables wireless Internet connection. It is also possible to remotely access gathered information and control the KeyGrabber Premium USB via TCP/IP protocol. These features make using the device utterly safe, ensuring the operator's anonymity and eliminating the necessity to access the supervised employee's or child's computer directly.

Choosing language and character system to be used by the device is simple, while the configuration file allows to adjust settings to the user's requirements, e.g. keyboard shortcuts, triggering keystroke capturing on or off, WLAN configuration, e-mail, and more. The user manual contains all the necessary information. Due to its numerous functionalities, ease of configuration, and remote control and access to gathered information, KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB is a perfect tool for maintaining a child's security on the Internet, monitoring an employee's computer, or creating a backup copies of documents.

  • 4 GB memory

    4 GB memory

    Keygrabber WiFi Premium USB has a built-in 4 GB memory with Flash FAT system.

  • Protection


    If you don't want to keep our data leaked into the wrong hands keygrabber has hard to break data security - 128 bit encryption. It also supports WEP, WPA and WPA-2.

  • Wifi connectivity

    Wifi connectivity

    The device has Wifi module, that allows to connect to any WiFi network, allowing for remote administration device.

  • Reports


    The Keygrabber has a function to generate reports and automatically send them to given before the e-mail address.

  • TCP/IP Protocol

    TCP/IP Protocol

    TCP / IP and specialized software allow to access on demand.

  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

    Keygrabber Premium is trivial to use - just fasten up between the computer and the keyboard. It works with any USB keyboard.

  • Work time


    Integrated RTC clock has a battery support - up to 7 years of work!

  • Invisible in system

    Invisible in system

    The company KeeLog designed its devices in such a way as to make it invisible to the system and undetectable by anti-spyware scanners.


Colour versions
Spyshop offers Keygrabber in black. You can also order in white version.



KeeLog is a company which deals with designing modern solutions for complete monitoring of all actions undertaken on the personal computer. The offer contains hardware KeyLoggers which intercept characters inputted by keyboard and save them as text files. The data is archived in...


Specification of KeyGrabber WiFi Premium
Power supply4.5 V – 5.5 V DC from USB port
  • outdoors – up to 150 m
  • indoors – up to 50 m
Power consumption220 mA (1.1 W)
Maximum logging speed500 bytes/s
Continuous logging speedmax. 100 bytes/s
Durability of stored dataabout 100 years without power supply
Data reading rate125 kB/s
Dimension53 × 20 × 12 mm


  • KeyGrabber WiFi Premium USB 4GB
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Harri F.

Comment : Noo coomplaints!
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By Alfred P.

Comment : Huge memory, Wi-fi module, extra long working time, everything described
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By Albie H.

Comment : time is money so make sure that your employees do not waste it while working on their work computers and that they actually do what are supposed to
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By Mr. Callum T.

Comment : after inserting it in USB slot I was surprised myself that it is 100% invisible in the system
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By Wood .

Comment : Im going through a nasty divorce now and my attorney advised me to install this tool on my soon-to-be-ex wife’s computer. Now I have some solid proofs of her infidelity!
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