Keylogging software USB 16MB for parental control - keygrabber Movie
Keylogging software USB 16MB for parental control - keygrabber

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Keylogging software USB 16MB for parental control - keygrabber

  • Keylogging softtware for parental control compatible with every PC keyboard
  • 16 MB memory – can store up to 4000 text pages
  • Flash FAT file system
  • 128 bit data encryption
  • Invisible to antivirus programs!

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Keylogging software USB 16MB for parental control and PC monitoring

KeyGrabber is a perfect solution for children monitoring. It gives you an access to your child's online chat content, or visited web pages history of your employees. It is useful even when we simply need a backup copy of documents we are working on.

Keylogger USB 16 MB was designed for parental control of the PC. Its integrated Flash FAT 16 MB memory can store up to 8 000 000 key strokes (about 4 000 text pages!). The keylogging USB software turns on automatically and starts to log every key stroke immediately after it is inserted between a computer's USB port and a keyboard cable. It requires no additional software to be installed. After connecting it to the USB port and initial configuration Keylogger stores logs of every keystroke in a special text file which can be easily accessed. Moreover, KeyGrabber recognizes international characters and provides comfortable work environment on every computer system.

Main advantages of the Keylogging software for parental control

  • The smallest and most discreet keylogging software available for purchase – only 35 mm in length
  • Compatible with every USB keyboard
  • In-build Flash FAT 16 MB memory
  • Data protection – 128 bit encryption
  • Very fast USB data transfer rate – up to125 kB/s!
  • Easy-to-use – just connect it to the USB port
  • Support international characters
  • Invisible to antivirus programs
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems
  • Portable USB Keylogger safe browsing environment for children, supports employees monitoring and protects computer systems against unauthorized access
  • Data storage


    memory 16 GB

  • Keylogger for the keyboard

    Keyboard Keylogger

  • Windows

    Compatible with Windows

  • USB

    Usb pendrive

  • Recording


    text files

  • Antivirus

    Undetectable by antivirus software

  • Windows

    Power supply of the USB Keylogging software for parental control

    USB port

  • Quick installation

    Quick installation

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KeeLog is a company which deals with designing modern solutions for complete monitoring of all actions undertaken on the personal computer. The offer contains hardware KeyLoggers which intercept characters inputted by keyboard and save them as text files. The data is archived in...


Specification of Keylogging software USB 16MB
Power supply4.5 V – 5.5 V DC form USB port
Power consumption of the Keylogging USB software65 mA (0,33 W)
Maximum logging speed500 bytes/s
Maximum continuous logging speed of the USB Keylogger100 bytes/s
Memoryin-built 16 MB
Durability of stored dataabout 100 years without any power supply
Data reading rate125 kB/s
Dimensions38 × 20 × 12 mm


  • Keylogging software for parental control USB 16 MB
  • User manual

Reviews (8)

By Elis C.

Comment : o.k.
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By Dominic H.

Comment : do not think twice and be a responsible parent. We definitely do not regret installing these in our childrens' pc keyboards.
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By Aidan C.

Comment : Costs so little that you can always buy it just to try, if not - simply return - hassle free!
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By Abbie A.

Comment : Before reading an article on your blog I wasnt aware that sometihng like keylogger exists. Now I got one and it helped me solve a personal issue that had much iinfluence on my life
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By Caitlin C.

Comment : My boss told us one day that the company uses this to view our Internet history and now nobody plays or shops online :/
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By Shannon H.

Comment : Intuitive operation, my worries vanished once i got the parcel
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By Courtney G.

Comment : good price & fast delivery
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By K. W.

Comment : My daughter spends all days on the net flirting with some hopeless boys. Thanks to this handy tool I have everthing under control :D :D
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