Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass for multi purposes Movie
Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass for multi purposes

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Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass for multi purposes

  • XD optics made of pure fluorite glass
  • Waterproof magnesium corpus filled with nitrogen
  • Replacable 25-60× eyepieces
  • Easy integration with cameras and smartphones
  • 10 year warranty

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­Day and night observation


Uncompromising image quality

Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass for multi purposes

Kowa TSN-883 (angled) and TSN-883 (straight) series are flagship telescopes from the Japanese producer made with the use of best technological, material and design solutions. Lenses, made of pure fluorite crystal, ensure the lowest possible chromatic aberration level, which allows to obtain perfect-quality image.

TSN-88x telescopes series from a Japanese brand Kowa is definitely a top-class equipment. The Kowa telescopes' construction ensures JIS7 water resistance (a Japanese industrial standard - protection from temporary water immersion), whereas hermetic nitrogen-filled inside prevents lenses from steaming up. An extraordinary light gathering capacity helps to successfully proceed with observation in difficult lighting conditions at dusk and after dark.


Kowa SYSTEM - a set of multipurpose accessories which extend the range of use in different fields. Simple concept based on a mounting ring, integrated with the scope's corpus enables to connect various adapters that expand the ways of use of Kowa "PROMINAR" optics. The Kowa telescopes can be used as tools for observation, video recording, as well as taking photos with the help of cameras and smartphones.

"PROMINAR" optics

One of the main causes of the poorer image quality in the optical circuits are chromatic aberrations which blur the image. They result from different light wavelengths dispersion and their focusing in different points. Purple and red blurs appear around the image. An optimal material used for lenses production, which reduces this effect, is pure fluorite glass. Fluorite single crystal used to produce the optical elements is artificially grown in a complicated technological process used by the Kowa company.

Fluorite glass with a very low dispersion level is used to make lenses for TSN-883 and TSN-884 PROMINAR models. Convex lenses, made of XD glass with special dispersion characteristics instead of standard optical glass, in connection with fluorite lenses, reduce the chromatic aberration level by the next row. Combination of the fluorite crystal and XD glass lenses in the TSN-88x series virtually eliminates the chromatic aberration effect and defines quality and purity standards anew.

­Two focuses

Application possibilities of the Kowa telescopes

  • making manual observations
  • fast conversion to connect DSLR camera and compact cameras
  • connecting a smartphone as a screen / video recording or picture taking device
  • extender to observe the details at long distances
  • replaceable eyepieces
  • eyepieces' adapters used in astronomy

Technology used in the Kowa telescopes is a result of many years of experience in producing optical systems which outclass competitors. The system enables to use long-diameter lenses, which provide more light and a very high contrast in comparison to other conventional scopes. Moreover, the materials used for optics' production are safe for the environment - they do not contain mercury nor other harmful substances.

The most important features of Kowa telescopes

  • Dual focus mechanism

    Double focus mechanism (fast and accurate)

    A reliable focus adjustment system used by Kowa was upgraded to a new double adjustment system. Fast change in the focus with the help of the bigger ring allows for the adjustment from 5 m to infinity with only 2 turns. The smaller knob allows to make accurate and precise adjustments, which is especially important with big magnifications and while recording a video with the connected camera. Construction and the adjustment system reduce the image moving when compared to other adjustment systems.

  • Eyepiece blockade

    Eyepiece blocking mechanism

    A standard bayonet eyepiece mount with the blocking mechanism which protects the lens from accidental detachment from the scope's corpus was used.


    Corpus made of magnesium alloys

    Corpus is made of magnesium alloys in the process of semi-solid metal casting, which guarantees resistance and simultaneously reduces the weight. Solid construction will withstand very difficult conditions.


    Compact dimensions

    Construction based on 4 groups of 5 lenses allowed to shorten the scope while retaining a long lens diameter without deteriorating optical parameters. Additionally, the inner focus adjustment mechanism is lighter and smaller than classic systems used in other scopes. Thanks to the top-class optics, the compact-size scope guarantees obtaining unbelievably clear images of the highest quality.

Additional accessories

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Kowas is a well-known Japanse company, which specializes in high quality surveillance devices.


Specification of the Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass
343 mm329 mm
Fluorine glass
5 m
88 mm
1520 g


  • Kowa telescopes TSN-88x with pure fluorite glass


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