Laser infrared illuminator LA980-50 PRO II
Laser infrared illuminator LA980-50 PRO II
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Laser infrared illuminator LA980-50 PRO II

  • Laser IR illuminator
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Wavelength 980nm
  • Supports digital night visions
  • Power supply 1× CR123A battery

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Laser LA980-50 PRO II infrared illuminator

IR LA980-50 PRO II laser illuminator for digital night vision devices. The LA980-50 PRO II laser illuminator collaborates only on digital night vision devices. As it operates at the infrared 980nm wavelength the beam produced is totally invisible.

  • Power


    50mW CW

  • Solid housing


    anodized aluminum

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply

    1 x CR123A battery

  • Infrared beam wavelength

    Infrared beam wavelength


The LA980-50 PRO II laser illuminator supports only digital night vision devices of construction based on the CCD matrix. This matrix produces a very good image, however it has a disadvantage - the light enhancement is very weak, so illuminators are necessary to spotlight a view. The LA980-50 PRO II model is characterized by an operation bandwidth of 980nm and thus it is absolutely safe and invisible to the human eye. There is no phenomenon of "glowing red point" as in case of devices operating within lower bandwidth, so the illuminator does not reveal location of an operator who often happens to be camouflaged. The device has the ability to adjust the illumination angle from 1.5° to 15°, so that the range of lighting can be adapted to individual needs. The illuminator is powered by a single, easy to exchange, CR123A battery. The device is dedicated to all users who need maximum discretion during tactical operations.


Manufacturer's warranty
The manufacturer guarantees 10 000 hours of lifetime for its infrared illuminator and confirms this providing the 3-year warranty.

Dedicated night visions



Laserluchs is a German manufacturer of IR illuminators for night vision devices of all generations. The manufacturer pays a special attention to a choice of the appropriate components and elegant design. Therefore, the products from Laserluchs are characterized by an excellent...


Laser IR illuminator LA980-50 PRO II specification
Power50 mW, CW
Voltage150mA / 3,0–3,6V DC
Laser class1
Compatible night vision generationdigital
Radius adjustment1,5° to 15°
Deivce lifetime10 000 hours
Working temperatureod -20 °C do +50 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C to +80 °C
Power Supply1× CR123A 3V lithium battery
Dimensions30×143 mm


  • Laser IR illuminator LA980-50 PRO II
  • 2× lithium CR123 battery
  • User manual


Reviews (3)

By Jonathan G.

Comment : Only one battery is required and you get two in the set
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By Tyler H.

Comment : long warranty - you have three years of carefree use
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By Ryan T.

Comment : Perfect when you do not want to reveal your position as this device doesn't produce any light visible to human eye and no glowing red point. Discretion of use is guaranteed,
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