Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+
Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+

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Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+

  • Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+ is able to eavesdrop through walls and window glass
  • The most advanced laser microphone
  • Portable laser microphone with a range of 400 m
  • Fast microphone installation and adjustment
  • Digital sound recorder

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Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+

Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+ is the most advanced laser microphone on the market. The M+ version of a laser microphone makes it possible to eavesdrop on a conversation from a distance (up to 400 m) without entering the monitored room and ignoring obstacles, such as walls or window glass. An invisible laser beam plays the role of a sound-carrying medium.

The device's precision is so high that it is able to reconstruct a conversation on the basis of window glass vibration caused by the sound waves. The laser beam is partially reflected by the window glass and modulated by its microvibrations which makes it a source of information for subsequent conversation reconstruction.

Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+ was designed with law enforcement personnel, surveillance professionals, army and special forces in mind. Unlike many educational and amateur projects, this device is characterized by its reliability, precision, easy installation and high efficiency. It is a key feature in many tactical situations, when the speed of acquiring information in a critical situation is of concern.

Cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions simply pushes this device close to the limits of physical laws. Compact and modular design makes it very portable and easy-to-install in any place in a few minutes. It is also fully adjustable which greatly facilitates aiming it at the right window or a point on a building's wall.

Main advantages of Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+:

  • ability to eavesdrop on a conversation through the window glass without entering the monitored room.
  • 400m range
  • uses an invisible infrared laser beam
  • separate transmitter and receiver module make it possible to eavesdrop even when the perpendicular orientation is not achievable
  • portable and very compact design
  • double signal output (original and converted signal)
  • multi-band equalizer with digital sound processing
  • multi-band tonal signal in a 50Hz – 20kHz range
  • innovatory beam modulation technology makes it undetectable for other devices
  • integrated digital recorder automatically stores all intercepted information
  • optical aiming system facilitates the process of aiming laser at the target
  • micrometrical regulation in three dimensions for the ultimate precision
  • encrypted radio link makes it impossible to intercept the device's internal communications
  • double power feeding mode (battery power or DC power adapter)


Specification of Laser listening device - Spectra Laser Microphone M+
  • ­


    No equalization, light preamplifier gain, transmitter and receiver positioned perpendicularly, 20 mm thermopane.

  • ­


    Optimal equalization and preamplifier gain, system aligned angularly (V array) , two glass panes 2mm thick with air in between

  • ­


    No equalization or preamplifier gain, system perfectly aligned, 20mm thermopane glass

  • ­


    Recording in passive mode through the wall of a very large (150m2) roo


  • Laser transmitting system
  • Laser receiving system
  • Portable control panel for laser transmitter
  • Encryption/recording unit
  • Digital sound recorder of Spectra Laser Microphone M+
  • Mounting with a 3-axis micrometrical regulation
  • Portable radio receiver
  • Optical aiming system
  • Efficient charger of the Laser listening device
  • Two adjustable tripods
  • Two MIL-STD cases
  • Digital infrared viewer for faster alignment (Advanced version only)
  • Protective goggles for full user safety (Advanced version only)

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