Ultimate fibrescope set for professionals
Ultimate fibrescope set for professionals
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Ultimate fibrescope set for professionals

  • Inspection fiber optic Ø6mm fiberscope for professionals
  • 170000 elements bundle
  • 2 or 4 direction ending articulation
  • Two lengths of wire to choose from
  • Light and tight construction

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Ultimate Fiberscope set for professionals

Ultimate inspection Fiberscope was designed for professionals – public order services, rescue services, military.

It was constructed to provide a possibility of inspection of places which are difficult to reach, in every conditions and in presence of dangerous chemical substances. The device is constructed from the fiber optic wire of only 6 mm diameter. The bundle of the professional inspection set consists of 170000 elements and a source of light (electroluminescence diode and accumulator provide 3 hours of operation), furthermore, with a grip in shape of a pistol. The shape allows to manipulate and operate with the device easily, it also provides a good fiberscope image preview or plugging additional accessories, e.g. a camera.

The most important features if Inspection fibrescope set for professionals

  • High sensitivity of the image thanks to 170000 fiber optic elements.
  • Fiber optic wire of 6 mm diameter, of 1m, 1.5m or 2m length (non-standard lengths up to 12m, on request).
    • Ending articulation:
    • two-way, in 120° range
    • four-way, in 140° and 180° range.
    • Two types of wires to choose from:
    • non-conducting (protecting the operator against electrostatic charges, intended for dangerous environments, e.g. in presence of explosives; it is very flexible).
    • in wolfram plait (enforced, more resilient to mechanical damage, e.g. crushing).
  • Resistant to chemical substances, can be used safely in gasoline, petroleum and other flammable substances.
  • Long working time on accumulator – 3 hours without charging.
  • Light, tight and ergonomic construction.
  • Camera support.
  • Easy to repair even in field conditions.
  • Sas R&D Services Inc. brand equipment, available on request.


SAS R&D Services INC.

SAS R&D Security Inc. is a company specializing in production of equipment for smuggling detection. The devices from SAS R&B help to detect drugs, weapons.


Specification of inspection fibrescope set for professionals
Wire diameter6 mm
Wire typepatented, composite, fiber optic wire
Standard wire lengths1 / 1.5 / 2 m (on request at placing the order)
Ending articulation
  • two way (120° range on one plane)
  • four way (140° or 180° range, correspondingly in the first and second plane)
View angle70°
Depth of focus5-100 mm
Color temperature6000 K – shift to blue for better clearness of the obtained image
  • B type
  • diopter regulation
  • can make photos
  • does not require type C fixing
Weight680 g


Standard Set

  • Ultimate inspection Fiberscope
  • Fiber optic wire – non-conducting or wolfram
  • Rubber eyepiece cover
  • Adapter for fuel tanks
  • Windows/upholstery wedge
  • Spare accumulator with grounding
  • Battery charger
  • Car battery charger
  • User's manual
  • DVD disc
  • Reinforced transport case

Master Set

  • All the elements from the Standard Set
  • 2 mm microborescope with angular adapter
  • 8.89 mm elastic borescope with angular adapter
    • Choice between
    • wireless Tigereye screen with recorder
    • digital video camera with a built-in and external screen
  • Repair kit with two wires
  • Reinforced transport case with regulated grip and wheels

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