Lornet 36 - Long range detector of non linear junction

The Lornet-36 long range non-linear junction detector is a professional tool able to detect concealed electronics. It is indispensable during operations conducted by uniformed services, security guards, or information security officers in organisations or companies.

The Lornet-36 allows to detect and locate any type of electronic devices, regardless of its purpose, construction, or principle of operation. The detector’s very high precision and effectiveness allows it to efficiently seek out potential threats, even among numerous other electronic devices in the scanned area. Even very small objects can be detected, such as SIM cards (detectable from a distance of up to 1 metre), devices hidden in walls, inside building installations, suspended ceilings or crevices.

The Lornet-36 long range detector of non linear junction is able to find:

  • analogue and digital radio bugs (e.g.: GSM)
  • wireless microphones
  • mini cameras, both wireless and hard wired
  • microwave transmitters
  • remotely controlled recording devices, transmitters and receivers
  • analogue and digital voice recorders
  • explosives detonators
  • mobile phones
  • SIM cards
  • GPS locators
  • many other types of devices that contain electronic components.

The principle of operation of the Lornet-36 is based on a phenomenon that is typical for all non-linear semiconductor junctions, which are basic parts of all electronic devices. Excitation of a semiconductor junction with an electromagnetic wave at a given frequency causes harmonic frequencies to be produced in response. The Lornet-36 produces excitation waves (in 3580 – 3620MHz range, so it does not interfere with mobile networks or Wi-Fi) and analyses the radiation power for the 2nd and 3rd harmonics. This allows to detect, locate, and verify whether it has found electronic equipment or naturally occurring junctions, e.g in rust (artificial semiconductor junctions emit a strong 2nd harmonic, whereas natural junctions emit a strong 3rd harmonic).

The biggest advantage of the Long range detector of non linear junction is its ability to detect all kinds of electronics, regardless of whether the devices are switched on or off.

The Lornet-36’s construction is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to work with. The signal is presented in form of bars, which represent power of analysed harmonics. The device is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, wireless headphones make the detection work easier by notifying the operator of potential threats with acoustic signals. Automatic frequency control allows the detector to work in a diverse electromagnetic environment. The hand-held Lornet-36 electronics detector analyses radiation and selects the optimum operating parameters.

Key features of the Lornet-36 long range non-linear junction detector

  • Uses ultra high frequencies, which allows small devices such as SIM cards, to be detected.
  • An antenna with a very narrow directivity pattern, together with a laser pointer allow precise targeting of potential electronic devices.
  • A long detection range, high selectivity and sensitivity all ensure efficient operation of the device.
  • Manual or automatic adjustment of the signal’s duty cycle.
  • Good ergonomics and ease-of-use.
  • Minimal electromagnetic interference to other devices (e.g. mobile phones, WiFi networks).
  • Efficient battery power of the long range detector allows for up to 3 hours of operation.
  • The set includes wireless headphones.
Specification of Lornet 36 - Long range detector of non linear junction
1 excluding antenna gain
Type of probing signal pulse
Capacity of Lornet 36 20W
Probing signal frequency 3580-3620 MHz
Receiver frequency at 2nd harmonics 7160-7240 MHz
Receiver frequency at 3rd harmonics 10740-10860 MHz
Antenna gain for 1st harmonic 20 dB
Antenna gain factor at 2nd harmonics 24 dB
Sensitivity at 2nd and 3rd harmonics 1 -110 dBm
Dynamic range of the long range detector of non linear junction > 40 dB
Angle of antenna directivity diagram (at 1st//2nd//3rd harmonics) 16°/8°/4°
Indicator laser pointer for easy targeting of devices
Working time on a fully charged battery 4 h
Dimensions of Lornet 36
    • in working conditions: 47.7 × 30.3 × 22.7cm
    • transportable conditionsŁ - 30.3 × 30.3 × 23cm
Weight of the longe range detector of non linear junction 1.4 kg
Selcom Security
Selcom Security is an exporter of Russian products designed to detect surveillance and conduct audio and video surveillance. The company offers a wide range of professional products such as eavesdropping bugs, frequency scanners, camera detectors, noise generators and voice recorders. The devices are distributed for both individual protection, as well as in professional and military applications. The products are characterized by compact size, ease of application, high performance and usability.
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In box
In box
  • Lornet 36 - Long range detector of non linear junction
  • 110-240V AC adapter
  • Wireless earphones with charger
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
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