Minature audio-video camcorder - Esonic CAM-U7 Movie
Minature audio-video camcorder - Esonic CAM-U7

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Minature audio-video camcorder - Esonic CAM-U7

  • Advanced CMOS image sensor
  • MicroSD/SDHC support
  • Motion detection
  • Work time of the Minature audio-video camcorder up to 10 hours in standby mode
  • Date and time stamp

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Esonic CAM-U7 miniature audio-video camcorder with long battery life

The CAM-U7 miniature camcorder is an effective audio-video recording device remarkable for its exceptional quality, top class components, long battery life and very good technical parameters. The device looks like a regular USB flash drive.

  • Work time

    Working time

    2 h to 10 h

  • AVI

    Video format of the miniature recoder


  • Earphones

    External memory

    SD/SDHC to 128 GB

  • Motion

    Motion detection

Files recorded by the Esonic CAM-U7 can be accessed by a card reader or directly after connecting it to the USB port of a PC. All files are saved in AVI format and can be played by any regular multimedia player.

Advantages of CAM-U7 miniature camcorder

  • Miniature lens

    Miniature lens

    Miniature camera lens is mounted on a swivel head in order to be able to record in both horizontal and vertical position (90? rotation). Accessory clip enables easy attaching to a variety of objects, such as jacket's pocket.

  • Display

    Top quality CMOS image sensor

    CAM-U7 audio-video camcorder is equipped with an advanced CMOS image sensor, praised by its users for low level of noise and high quality HD 720p video files (1280?720, 30fps).

  • Voice activated recording

    Motion detection

    Miniature camcorder Esonic CAM-U7 can record in motion detection mode, which makes it possible to save memory and prolong its working time.

  • Motion activated recording

    Two operating modes

    In continuous recording the device records video material until it is turned off, battery runs down or there is no free memory left. New file is saved every 10 minutes. In motion activated recording mode the device works for 10 minutes once activated.

  • Built-in memory

    Time and date stamp

    Additionally, Esonic CAM-U7 can stamp each file with a current date and time, which greatly facilitates subsequent analysis of the recording and makes it more reliable as evidence.

  • Intuitive to use

    Intuitive to use

    The audio-video camcorder is simple and intuitive to use. By pressing just one button the device can be set to work in either continuous recording mode or motion detection mode. Esonic CAM-U7 camcorder uses LED indicators to signalise its current mode and battery status.

  • MicroSD/SDHC

    SD/SDHC support

    All data is saved on removable microSD/SDHC memory cards. The device supports cards up to 128 GB, which makes it possible to record up to 16 h of material (data compression: 8 GB / 1h).

  • Power supply

    Convenient power supply

    Esonic CAM-U7 camcorder can be powered by a variety of different methods, depending on the actual needs and environmental factors. These are:

    • efficient built-in Li-Poly 320 mAh rechargeable battery which lasts for 2 h in continuous recording mode and up to 4 h in motion activated recording mode (device activation and file saving proportionally shortens battery life).
    • 3 x AAA battery pack can prolong battery life for up to 5 h in recording mode or 10 h in standby mode.
    • connecting the device to an external power source (in motion detection mode) make it possible to record for prolonged periods of time (about 16 h when using a 128 GB memory card). The miniature camcorder can be connected to either PC's USB port or power adapter.
  • Microphone

    Built-in microphone

    The microphone of Esonic CAM-U7 is very sensitive, and thus enables sound recording in the camcorder's vicinity. When in a room the device can intercept any conversation in a 5-7 m range.

Esonic CAM-U7 miniature camcorder

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Esonic is a leader in producing camouflaged devices for recording sounds from surrounding. The flagship products are voice recorders hidden in various devices (USB memory devices, pens, MP3 players) and recorders recording mobile phone conversations. Functionality , simplicity...


Specification of miniature audio-video camcorder Esonic CAM-U7
1 built-in rechargeable battery / power pack
Image sensor1.3 Mpix CMOS
Video resolution1280 × 720 (HD 720p)
Frame rateof the Minature audio-video camcorder30 fps
Image resolutionnone
Angle of view61°
Minimum illumination1 lx
Video formatAVI
Video compressionMJPG
Video data rate16.4 Mbps
Audio codecPCM
Audio data rate128 Kbps
Sampling frequency8 kHz
Image formatnone
Data storagemicroSD/SDHC up to 128 GB
Data compression8 GB / 1h
Power supply of the miniature camcorder
  • DC 5V USB
  • built-in rechargeable battery 320 mAh
  • external power pack: 3 × AAA battery
Working time 1
  • continuous recording: up to 2h / 5h
  • motion activated recording: up to 4h / 10h
  • after connecting to the power network: unlimited
Charging timeup to 2h
Supported operating systems
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
InterfaceUSB 2.0 High Speed
Dimensions82 × 26 × 13.5 mm
Weight22 g


  • Esonic CAM-U7 miniature audio-video camcorder
  • Battery pack – AAA batteries
  • Clip
  • 16 GB memory card
  • English user manual


Reviews (6)

By Miguel F.

Comment : microphone installed in this equipment is super sensitive. I recorded a whisper from the other side of our living room.
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By Chase H.

Comment : I am very satisfied with power supply of this gear as you can use powerful rechargeable battery , AAA batteries, or external power source for continuous working time. This is super convenient and gives various opportunities of using thw camcorder .
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By Hayden P.

Comment : the image sensor provides high quality & considerably low noise level. Motion detection function works with no reservations,
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By Woody A.

Comment : it’s easy to use and has eveyrthing I need
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By Allen K.

Comment : quick delivery and good price
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By Mitchell P.

Comment : I keep it in my laptop all day long and nobody knows what it really is. Already used recordings as proofs of my employees’ inappropriate behaviour.
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