Mini IP camera camera with a WiFi module - V99 for home monitoring
Mini IP camera camera with a WiFi module - V99 for home monitoring

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Mini IP camera camera with a WiFi module - V99 for home monitoring

  • CMOS matrix resolusion 5Mpix
  • Lens diameter 1 mm
  • OS platforms of the mini IP camera Android and iOS
  • Camera angle of view 90°
  • 25 frames per second

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Mini IP camera camera - V99 for home monitoring

This mini IP camera with a Wi-Fi module offers a unique opportunity for a discreet home monitoring in case you are worried about your kids, you are often away from home or somehow you can sense out that your partner might be not loyal to you.

Wi-Fi V99 mini IP camera is an irreplaceable device when it comes to secret home monitoring, office or garage via a smart phone from any place on the globe. Lens diameter is only 1 mm, while the total diameter of an objective amounts to round 4 mm. The device is connected to the 4000 mAh accumulator and the collected materials are recorded on the exchangeable TF memory cards of capacity up to 32 GB. If you are a private investigator, a mindful and loving (and a bit worried) parent or someone in charge, who suspects his/her employees of dishonesty, you'll find this mini IP camera an ideal solution, which lets you sleep like a baby.

Main advantages of WiFi V99 micro camera for home surveillance

  • Matrix of high quality

    High quality matrix

    The core of a device is a 5 Mpix CMOS matrix , which produces a very high quality image.

  • Efficient battery 4000mAh

    Efficient power supply

    The mini IP camera kit comes with an efficient 4000mAh, accumulator, which allows for a continuous recording for over 8 hours. The device is able to record also during battery charging.

  • Free application

    Free software

    In order to take full advantage of the device functionalities a free "BVCAM" application available on smart phones with Android/iOS is needed.

  • Photos or films

    Photos or clips

    The mini IP camera makes it possible to monitor the home and collect the materials both by taking photos and recording clips. Microphone range is round 5m².

  • Operation while charging

    Recording upon detection of motion

    Recording triggered upon a detection of motion is a very useful functionality. This mode can not only save more memory but it also spares time, as when there is no activity in the surroundings the device doesn't work.

  • Resolution qualiy


    The mini IP camera offers 3 resolutions to be chosen: 1080p, 720p or 480p. All the changes can be carried out remotely via a free software available on smart phones.

  • TF cards data storage

    Exchangeable TF memory cards

    All collected materials are recorded on the exchangeable TF memory cards up to 32GB. They can be exchanged any time a user finds appropriate, looked properly through and cared in the comfort of privacy afterwards.


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Specification of the Mini IP camera V99 for home surveillance
MatrixCMOS 5Mpx
Angle of view80°
Frames per second25
Minimum illumination1Lux
Microphone range5m²
White balanceauto
Photo formatJPG
Video formatAVI (MJPG) with sound
Video resolution of the mini IP camera
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
Remote SMS configurationno
Motion detector rangeup to 6 m
Data storageremovable TF cards up to 32GB
Power supply of the Mini IP cameraaccumulator 4000mAh
Operation timein constant recording mode 8h
GSM moduleno
Operation temperature-10°C ~ +60°C
Storage temperature-20°C ~ +80°C
Admissible humidity5% - 85%
Operational systems
  • Android
  • iOS
Size of the Mini IP camera
  • accumulator 85×30×7 mm, cable 190mm
  • Wifi module 100×30×7 mm, wire with a camera 110mm
  • wired antena 180 mm


  • Mini IP camera camera with a WiFi module - V99
  • Accumulator 400mAh
  • Software CD
  • USB cable
  • User manual


Reviews (7)

By Patrick W.

Comment : unbelievable how small sized equipment is available on the market now…
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By Bryan J.

Comment : Matrix is of good resolution. Works on Android,. Wide viewing angle. Have nothing to complain really.
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By Carlos G.

Comment : due to its minature size it's fully discreet - its diamateter's only 1 mm!
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By Juan R.

Comment : provides you with everything that's needed for effective discreet surveillance
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By Jamie L.

Comment : good image quality, good contact with the store
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By Martin J.

Comment : I was looking for something extremely small and discreet and this cam fulfilled my needs :D
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By Kieran M.

Comment : needed to install one in my office in the warehouse and found out it was actualy the cleaning lady that was stealing from me not a co-worker! This gear saved me a lot of strees and not nice consequences of acusing my work mate of being a thief.
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