Monitoring and protection of the building

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Special building security

Buildings protection on the highest level

Nowadays many places require special security. Buildings, in particular should be paid an extra attention. They ought to meet with all of the security standards, especially in case of federal buildings as well as public buildings such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, concert halls, sport facilities and stadiums and many other. In such buildings there is a...  More

Expert advice - Monitoring and protection of the building

At Detective Store, professional equipment includes solutions designed to monitor and protect your building. Whether you want to protect private or corporate property, in this section you will undoubtedly find products worth your attention. Most of them can be found in places such as courts, airports or prisons, where security is a top priority. These include X-ray scanners for parcel and baggage inspection, with modern imaging and detection algorithms and simple, intuitive operation. Effective and efficient equipment will serve for many years together with a high-quality metal detection gate.

The multi-zone detection gate is a product that will also prove its worth on many occasions, such as at a mass event such as a concert or match, and in various facilities. In addition to courts and penitentiaries, they can be found in workplaces, railway stations, sports facilities and even renowned universities. In addition to gates for personal control, hand-held metal detectors can be very helpful in locating dangerous items such as knives or weapons. In places with a higher risk of terrorism, it is also advisable to check packages carefully. For this purpose, a scanner with an excellent performance of up to 10,000 letters / 1 hour is necessary. The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is the easy and safe operation and immediate verification.