Multi drug test – SwabTek - Marijuana, hashish, CBC
Multi drug test – SwabTek - Marijuana, hashish, CBC

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Multi drug test – SwabTek - Marijuana, hashish, CBC

  • Substances: marijuana, hashish, CBC
  • High sensitivity
  • Result in 20 seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Paper test

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­Quick narcotic tests


Marijuana detection

Multi drug test – SwabTek - Marijuana, hashish, CBC

The SwabTek diagnostic Multi drug test is an innovative method for the detection of prohibited substances such as cannabis, cannabinoids and hashish in liquids, food and on various surfaces. The test is easy to perform and extremely fast - you will receive a result in just 20 seconds. The test can be used in workplaces, hospitals, schools, universities and at home.Our KIT includes 5 disposable tests

  • marijuana
  • 9-THC
  • CBC
  • cannabinoids
  • hashish

Easy method, high efficiency

The kit does not contain any liquid reagents in bottles, fragile ampoules or aerosol cans, which could easily be damaged in transport or use. The Multi drug test contains only a strip with a test zone and dry reagent applied to its surface, and a swab for taking a sample from the suspect surface, liquid or object. Unlike competitive solutions, all components of the test are 100% recyclable, completely safe for health and do not require any special neutralisers or disposal procedures.

The diagnostic Multi drug test is the ideal choice for routine inspections in facilities such as hospitals, correctional facilities, schools, universities, as well as domestic spaces. Remember, however, that a diagnostic test does not give a 100% reliable result. This can be obtained only after laboratory expertise.

Our offer also includes versions of tests which detect other prohibited substances: cocaine, heroin and amphetamine. cocaine, heroin and amphetamine.

  • Testing procedure
  • Take a cotton swab from the sachet and place it perpendicularly to the substance tested.
  • Start rubbing the surface of the substance for about 15 seconds in an even way applying enough pressure to deposit the sample on the end of the swab.
  • Remove the test cassette from the package and place it on a clean and level surface. Then press the end of the swab soaked in the test sample onto the test area with the dry reagent and hold for approximately 2-3 seconds. The test result should appear within 20 seconds.

Analysis and interpretation of results

Depending on the nature of the sample and the substance to be detected, a colour change may occur on the swab, the strip or on both surfaces. It is therefore essential to observe both the swab and the test strip. Colour intensity may vary depending on the purity of the sample taken. To verify the test, refer to the supplied calibration sheet or instructions and compare the result obtained.

Disposal of test samples

After testing, the test items may be disposed of or sealed separately in dry, airtight containers for evidential purposes.


Incorrect test results can be caused by failure to follow test procedures, leaking test item packaging or expired test items, taking insufficient samples, conducting the test under inappropriate conditions (rain, smoke, extreme temperatures), using very viscous or thick test samples (e.g. candle wax, silicone oil, technical grease, etc.) and using samples with a high colouring identical to the colours used in the tests (wet or dry paints, dyes, tea leaves). If the test result is incorrect, or you are unsure of the results obtained, please contact your local distributor.

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  • 5 pieces of the Multi drug test from SwabTek



SwabTek is the manufacturer of revolutionary, patented single-use diagnostic tests.


  • 5 pieces of the Multi drug test from SwabTek

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