Night vision goggle - Armasight Spark-G CORE with head mount assembly
Night vision goggle - Armasight Spark-G CORE with head mount assembly

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Night vision goggle - Armasight Spark-G CORE with head mount assembly

  • Night vision goggles utilising CORE technology
  • Variety of possible applications – as a monocular, goggles, or a scope
  • Night vision goggle has convenient head mount assembly
  • High resolution – up to 70 lines/mm
  • High quality and durable housing

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Armasight Spark-G CORE night vision goggle with head mount assembly

Armasight Spark-G is based on CORE™ technology, an excellent combination of features characteristic to Gen 1 and Gen 2 night vision devices. These night vision goggle offer not only impressive image parameters and affordable price, but also high comfort of operation.

Spark-G CORE™ night vision goggle is a durable and handy instrument, guaranteed to maintain operational reliability even in harsh conditions, providing stable image due to utilised CORE™ technology - Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine. This particular solution does not use MCP microchannel plates, while its glass core was replaced by ceramic amplifiers. Alloys used for construction are commonly used for Generation 2 and 3 night vision devices. Application of solutions mentioned above ensures exceptionally high quality of Spark-G CORE night vision goggle, which in turn are able to provide clear and noise-free image in 70 lines/mm resolution.

  • High quality optics


    Spark-G comes with an adjustable 1× magnification lens with 30° viewing angle. Range of focus 25cm to infinity allows to conduct observation with ease. Due to the possibility to attach additional equipment (3× magnification optics), long range observation poses no problems.

  • Hands-free


    Armasight Spark-G CORE's comfortable mounting assembly provides the ability to use the night vision goggles hands free, which might be of vital importance during tactical operations. The construction allows to mount the device on headgear or a helmet, and to tilt it back when not in use.

  • Durable, waterproof housing


    Spark-G CORE night vision goggle was designed to protect internal components from mechanical damage, low temperatures, water, rain, and humiudity.

  • High quality image


    Lens covered with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating allows to produce clear image, faithfully representing the viewed scene.

  • Built-in IR illuminator


    Integrated short range infrared illuminator (Total Darkness system) ensures visibility in about 60 meter range. The night vision goggle is also compatible with additional medium nad long range IR illuminators, installed on a Picatinny rail. Powerful UV LED increases effective illumination range from 300 to 1200 meters (with a teleconverter), depending on conditions.

  • Power supply


    The device is powered with CR123 batteries.

  • Long battery life


    Due to energy-efficient operation, Spark-G goggles can work for up to 40 hours on a single CR123 battery.

Advantages of Armasight Spark-G CORE

  • advanced CORE intensifier
  • comfortable operation – headgear or helmet mount assembly
  • additional accessories – camera and scope
  • possibility to convert optics to 3× magnification
  • integrated Total Darkness IR illuminator
  • compatible with long range illuminators
  • resistant to water, humidity, and mechanical damage
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty
  • Resolution

    Resolution of the night vision goggle

    min. 60-70 linii/mm

  • Resolution


  • Resolution

    Work time

    up to 40 h

  • Waterproof




Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of Armasight Spark-G CORE night vision goggle
Image amplifierCORE generation
Resolution of the night vision goggle60-70 lp/mm
Lens system35 mm, F / 1.7
Range of focus1m to ∞
Diopter adjustment-5 to +5
IR indicator
  • yes
  • LED
Battery life of the night vision goggle
  • with active illuminator - up to 8h
  • with disabled illumination - up to 40h
Power supply of the night vision goggle1 × CR123A 3V
Discharge indicator
  • yes
  • LED
Operating temperature-40°C to +50°C
Storing temperature-50°C to +70°C
  • yes
  • increased resistance to water and fog
Dimension of the night vision goggle176 × 49 × 97 mm
Weight0.40 kg


  • Night vision goggle - Armasight Spark-G CORE with head mount assembly
  • Goggle Kit for Armasight Spark
  • Soft carrying case
  • One battery CR123A
  • User manual
  • Warranty


Reviews (3)

By Elias A.

Comment : I was looking for someting advanced but not too complicated and Armasight Spark-G CORE is worth recommendation
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By Albie L.

Comment : for this price the 1x maginifcation and only 30° viewing angle is not enough. Other than that, it's fine
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By Tobias B.

Comment : You basically buy not one but three devices! A Monocular, scope and googles plus a super comfortable head assembly. The price is quite high but if you divide it by three you pay not much for so versatile gear.
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