Talos Ghost - tactical night vision monocular

Talos Ghost is a device that detects, recognizes and identifies objects in total darkness as well as in full sunlight. It is also ideal for use in conditions of dew, fog, rain or even snowfall.

The Talos Ghost night vision monocular detects people, vehicles and sniper scopes from a distance of up to 1,600 meters, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It is used for round-the-clock video surveillance of critical infrastructure, borders and bodies of water, among others.

The Talos Ghost handheld night vision camera is a response to modern challenges of security and battlefield systems. It operates on the basis of the manufacturer's proprietary technological solution - the only such product on the market.

It reveals and identifies people from 600 meters, armored vehicles from 900 meters, and sniper scopes from 1600 meters. It remains effective both day and night, even in such extreme weather conditions as heavy snowfall or dense fog.

Talos Ghost in application

Visibility at nightVisibility at night

Visibility in snowfallVisibility in snowfall

Visibility in severe weather conditions - fog, rain and snowfallVisibility in severe weather conditions - fog, rain and snowfall

Image through darkened and reflective windows or glassImage through darkened and reflective windows or glass

Lighting of darkened surfacesLighting of darkened surfaces

Visibility through tinted windows in carsVisibility through tinted windows in cars

Detection of optics through darkened windowsDetection of optics through darkened windows

Specifications of the Talos Ghost night vision device
Recognition range human - up to 600 m
armed vehicle - up to 900 m
Detection range of optics 24 mm lenses - up to 1300 m
40 mm lenses - up to 1600 m
Field of view 5,5° × 4,1°
Signal output PAL / USB
Interface control RS485 / USB
Battery operating time 4 hours
Dimensions 225 × 145 × 70 mm
Weight 1,75 kg
In box
In box
  • Talos Ghost night vision device
  • Carrying case
  • 2 × battery
  • Charger
  • Power cables
  • User manual

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