Comanche-40ER 3AL1 overlay

Exceptional clarity and reliability

Night vision overlay Comanche-40ER 3AL1

Comanche-40ER night vision cap will give your spotting scope a new meaning! It will provide you with excellent vision in the dark at a radius of more than 900 meters! Its operation and mounting on the Weaver/Picatinny rail are very simple.

  • New technology

    New technology

    clip-on system

  • Field of view

    Field of view

  • Focus range

    Focus range

    10 m to ∞

  • Battery


    up to 60 hours of operation

Visibility in complete darkness

The Comanche-40ER system is a night vision overlay for a spotting scope or sight. It uses the latest Night Vision Clip-On (NVCO) technology and guarantees excellent visibility in the dark. The illumination range is over 900 meters!

As the manufacturer of the device points out, “The AGM Comanche-40ER provides exceptional clarity, reliability and versatility, offering the most significant functionality at the lowest possible price.”

Very simple installation

Observation with the Sidewinder monocular is extremely precise. AGM has used advanced image processing in its equipment. It's digital detail enhancement, noise reduction and NLM algorithm ensure that your eyes won't miss anything.

Resistant housing

Equipping a day scope with the Comanche-40ER system is very simple. You will mount it on any standard Weaver or Picatinny type rail. All you have to do is place the instrument right in front of the sight. It does not represent any major burden - it weighs only 910 grams.

However, you must remember that this model can be used with scopes with a maximum magnification of up to 10x. The diameter of its output lens is 40 mm.

Fast and convenient operation

The Comanche-40ER is equipped with a quick-connect coupler and allows remote control via remote control. This definitely speeds up the process of installing and setting up the device. You don't even have to take it off the rail to do calibration.

Eliminates excessively bright light

Featuring NVCO, the system allows you to manually adjust the gain. In addition, it effectively cuts off excessively bright light to minimize the risk of glare during operation.

As many as 60 hours of operation

The AGM COMANCGE-40ER night vision cap is powered by a single 1.5V AA or 3V CR123A alkaline lithium battery. The second variant allows 60 hours of continuous operation at an optimal temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

Specifications of the AGM Comanche-40ER
NW1 NL1 3AW1 3APW 3AL1
Gen 2+ "White Phosphor Level 1" Gen 2+ "Level 1" Gen 3 Auto-Gated "White Phosphor Level 1" Gen 3 Auto-Gated "White Phosphor 3APW" Gen 3 Auto-Gated "Level 1"
51-64 lp/mm 51-64 lp/mm 64-72 lp/mm 64-72 lp/mm 64-72 lp/mm
1 x
108 mm; F/1.54
10 m to infinity
40 mm
  • low battery
  • excessive light
one pcs. CR123A (3 V) or AA (1.5 V)
Up to 60 hours (3 V) at 20°C
-40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)
-50°C to +50°C (-58°F to +122°F)
0.91 kg (2.0 lbs)
230 × 87 × 97 mm (9,1 × 3,4 × 3,8 inches)
AGM Global Vision
Based in Springerville, Arizona, USA, AGM Global Vision designs, develops and distributes a wide range of professional nocto- and thermal-imaging scopes, Clip-on systems for scopes, binoculars, goggles, multispectral lasers, as well as infrared lighting. AGM has opened up to the European market by creating skilled jobs there. AGM Global Vision is a growing leader in night vision and thermal imaging technology, recognized and respected by professionals and enthusiasts alike. With more than 65 years of experience, the AGM Global Vision team has contributed to the development of leading companies in the industry. Products are designed using state-of-the-art technology and durable materials, making them meet the needs and often exceed the expectations of users. AGM Global Vision strives for excellence and wants to be the only company you think of when you think of optics. AGM Global Vision offers a wide range of scopes, riflescopes, clips, binoculars, night vision scopes, goggles, lasers, infrared illuminators and other electro-optical systems for the most demanding gun, hunting, law enforcement or military users.
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In box
In box
  • Clip-On Night Vision
  • Lens hood
  • Quick Connect
  • Battery adapter
  • CR123A battery
  • Light suppressor
  • Remote control
  • User manual
  • Cover

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