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Nokta Metal Detectors

Nokta Metal Detectors

Nokta Metal Detectors has been offering high-end metal detectors for professionals and amateur treasure hunters since 2001. From the beginning of its existence, the Turkish company (then known as Nokta) focused on continuous development and striving to gain a global reputation in the detector industry. To achieve this goal, in 2011 the company started financing research into new, innovative metal detection technologies. Another important step was the merger with the manufacturer of Makro Detectors in December 2014. Currently, Nokta Metal Detectors supplies its products to over 150 countries on 6 continents. The most important motivation and main goal of the manufacturer is to constantly expand the offer with advanced detectors at competitive prices.

Nokta metal detectors - high quality at a reasonable price

How can you get the best results when searching? The most important thing is to choose the right equipment from a proven manufacturer. A good metal detector must be characterized by, among others high operating frequency for easy detection of small objects and a durable, ergonomic design. Nokta detectors available in the Detective Store's offer, such as the proven Simplex + model, meet all these criteria. Their operation is simple and intuitive due to their light weight and legible backlit screen. Therefore, they are perfect for long-term operation in the field. Thanks to a multitude of functions such as the visual pinpoint pinpointing and various modes of operation, your search will not only be easy, but also more effective than ever before. Discover our range of Nokta Metal Detektors and enjoy great results

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