Office monitoring system from Selcom Security - ST-052

ST-052 multi-zone remote radiomonitoring system is designed to detect sources of electromagnetic radiation coming from devices used to gain unauthorized access to information.

The ST-052 system of detection of radio signals sources enables the detection and notification about devices which may be used for illegal obtaining of information such as:

  • Illegal GSM and DECT phones
  • Illegal radio stations, wireless phones, phones with wireless wiretap modules
  • radio wiretaps
  • radio seismic and stethoscope wiretaps
  • radio transmitters on telephone lines
  • hidden micro-cameras transmitting the video via radio signal
  • Frequency range

    Frequency range

    scanner: 70–1200 MHz

    detector: 900–6000 MHz

  • Charging time

    Power supply of the office monitoring system from Selcom Security

    Li-Ion 3.6 V accumulator

    mains power

  • Range

    Module range of ST-052 from Selcom Security


  • Transmission range

    Configuration settings

The office monitoring system from Selcom Security contains wireless modules which are placed in places in risk of surveillance or in places where having and using the mobile phones is illegal (e.g. penal institutions). Each module consists of a fast radio scanner which operates within 70-1200MHz band and a wideband detector operating in 900-6000MHz band. The data from the module is sent wirelessly to the central unit which is connected to the PC with specialist analysis software installed.

Most important features of the office monitoring system from Selcom Security

  • Exchange – module communication range – up to 100 meters in a building, up to 1000 meters outside the building
  • Simultaneous service of 32 modules.
    • Software controlling the system's operation and presenting the information gained by the system:
    • alarm
    • signal level
    • type of connection (GSM, DECT, Bluethooth, WLAN)
    • spectrogram within 70-1200MHz band
  • Creating and saving logs for further analysis
  • Easy configuration of the office monitoring system allows to adjust to work in a given localization.
Specification of office monitoring system ST-052
Scanner frequency range of the office monitoring system 70–1200 MHz
Electromagnetic field detector frequency range of ST-052 900-6000 MHz
Sensitivity on input
  • 70–1.200 MHz < 0.1 mV
  • 900–6.000 MHz < 3 mV
Power supply of the office monitoring system
  • Li-Ion 3.6 V accumulator
  • mains power: 220 V
Current draw
  • In standby mode - 0.1 mA
  • operation mode - 30 mA
Size of the office monitoring system from Selcom Security 85 × 53 × 21 mm
Base station
Receiver sensitivity –113 dBm
Radio modem frequency range of the office security system 433 / 868 / 915 MHz
Bit rate 19.6 bps
Maximum output power of ST-052 12 dBm
Size 120 × 80 × 32 mm
In box
In box
  • Base station of the office monitoring system
  • CD disc with software installer for system data analysis
  • Base station connection cable
  • Receiving antenna of the base station
  • 1-32 wireless modules from Selcom Security
  • 1-32 receiving-transmitting antennae*
  • 1-32 electromagnetic field detector's antennae*
  • 1-32 frequency range scanner's antennae*
  • 1-32 power packs*
  • User's manual in English

*Depending on system configuration


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