Orion 2.4 HX - Non linear junction evaluator

Contemporary listening devices, miniature recorders and surveillance cameras are designed to be as difficult to detect as possible. They utilise advanced methods of data transmission via packets or in short-timed pulses, which makes it problematic and highly ineffective to detect and locate them with use of ordinary instruments. The Orion 2.4 HX – an improved version of a well-known and well-acclaimed device of an American manufacturer REI – offers a solution for that.

The redesigned Orion 2.4 HX features a compact construction, low weight, and simplicity of use due to an advanced touchscreen displaying measurement results in form of bars or a histogram (time scale from 10 sec. to 1 min.), and an intuitive configuration menu.

The device emits a digitally modulated 2.4 GHz radio signal, which stimulates non-linear semiconductor junctions – basic elements present in every electronic device. In response to probing, junctions emit electromagnetic waves harmonic waves. The Orion 2.4 HX measures and digitally processes signals of frequency two and three times higher than the probing signal. Artificial semiconductor junctions produce strong response in 2nd harmonic frequency, while for naturally occurring junctions, present e.g. in rust, response in 3rd harmonic is stronger, which makes it possible to unambiguously determine the presence of electronics in the area. This method is effective with electronic devices of any kind, regardless of their construction and operation principles. It allows to detect even unpowered components, since the detection process utilises a fundamental and invariable physical phenomenon.

The Orion 2.4 HX's construction was optimised for ergonomics and functionality. Configuration of the device is simple and intuitive – all settings can be modified using the touch screen menu. Cutting-edge technology, excellent working parameters, low weight, compact construction, and telescoping assembly make the Orion stand out among other similar devices.

Key features of the non linear junction evaluator Orion 2.4 HX

  • Detecting surveillance devices

    Orion 2.4 HX detects surveillance devices of any kind

    Orion 2.4 HX was designed for sweeping secured areas and places such as penal facility cells, offices and conference rooms for unwanted electronic devices, such as:

    • RF transmitters
    • recorders
    • listening devices
    • cameras
    • mobile phones
    • chip cards
  • Detection of miniature listening devices

    Detection of miniature listening devices

    Orion 2.4 HX is a professional non-linear junction detector, capable of locating miniature electronic elements, even switched off and unproved ones.

  • Pinpoint location

    Pinpoint listening device location

    Detection and location of any sort of electronic devices – listening devices, cameras, mobile phones, chip cards, and more; including devices concealed in structural elements and installations of buildings.

  • Able to locate even SIM cards

    Able to locate even SIM cards!

    The device ensures precision and very high detection sensitivity - 2.4GHz work frequency allows to detect components as small as a single SIM card.

  • Digital modulation of probing signal

    Digital modulation of probbing signal

    Digitally modulated signal correlated with second and third harmonic response ensures high efficiency.

  • Automatic frequency adjustmenT

    Automatic frequency adjustment

    The transmitter operates in 2.404 – 2.472GHz frequency range. The band is chosen either automatically, depending on operating conditions – the device scans and selects an optimal one – or manually by the operator (1 of 60 presets).

  • Circularly polarized transmit and receive antenna

    Circularly polarized transmit and receive antenna

    Circularly polarized antennas ensure effective operation, regardless of antenna position in relation to detected electronic devices.

  • High detection sensitivity

    High detection sensitivity

    The Orion 2.4 HX is characterized with high detection sensitivity, due to using a wide 1.25MHz bandwidth.

  • Adjustable output power

    Adjustable output power

    Probing signal power can be adjusted either automatically, or manually by the operator. Maximum output power is 3.3 W.

  • Long range detection

    Long range detection

    High maximum output power (3.3 W) ensures long range of detection.

  • Receiver system

    Receiver system of the non linear junction evaluator

    Receive antennas of very high sensitivity (-140 dBm) pick up 2nd and 3rd harmonic signals simultaneously. A compact transmit-receive antenna, with a signal level indicator in the operator's line of sight, is mounted on a telescoping pole (up to 147 cm) which allows to reach small spaces.

  • Vibrations or acoustic alarm

    Vibrations or acoustic alarm

    The operator is notified about potential presence of electronic devices with either acoustic signal or vibration. The device allows to set a threshold, upon exceeding of which alarm will be triggered, which greatly facilitates the use of the detector.

  • Colour display

    Colour display

    A display integrated with the antenna, placed in the operator's line of sight. A touchscreen showing measurement results (either bar display or a histogram), and a configuration menu. Allows the user to quickly analyse received results.

  • Vibrations or acoustic alarm

    Telescoping pole

    Integrated telescoping assembly, requiring no additional tools or mounting.

  • Mobile construction

    Mobile construction

    Low weight, compact construction and telescoping pole ensure ergonomic operation of the detector.

  • Mobile construction

    Firmware updates of Orion 2.4 HX

    Use the USB port to connect the device to a computer and update the firmware.

Specification of Orion 2.4 HX - Non linear junction evaluator
Frequency bands of the non linear junction evaluator 2.404GHz - 2.472GHz
Digital transmit modulation 1.25 MHz BW
Transmit power 3.3 W
Power control
  • automatic
  • manual
Transmit channels
  • manual
  • automatic
  • 60 available presets
Changing the polarity of transmitting antenna cyclic
2nd and 3rd harmonic reception simultaneous
Range for 2nd harmonic 4.808GHz – 4.944GHz
Range for 2rd harmonic 7.212GHz - 7.416GHz
Sensitivity of Orion 2.4 HX -140 dBm for both harmonics
Correlation digital
Changing the polarity of transmitting antenna cyclic
Graphical touch screen display on the handle unit
  • configuration menu
  • bar display or a histogram
  • device status information (operation mode, low battery, volume, DSP gain, etc.)
LED display integrated antenna module
Bar graph
  • 2nd, 3rd harmonic level
  • line of sight
Power supply
Battery of the non linear junction evaluator
  • Li-Ion 10.8V
  • 2x battery in set
Battery life up to 4 h
Power supply of Orion 2.4 HX 100-240V AC, 56-60Hz
Charging time 2.5 h
1 with battery
Orion 2.4 Dim 57 × 9 × 7.5 cm
Extension lengths 40.6 - 129.5 cm
Maximum length 147 cm
Collapsed length 59.7 cm / 94 cm
Maximum length 198 cm / 381 cm
Case 47 × 37.8 × 15.9 cm
Device weight 1 1.4 kg
Set weight 5.4 kg
Research Electronics International (REI)
Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee USA. REI's customers include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, security companies and professionals involved in surveillance security and protection of confidential information. REI engineers are focused on designing compact products with superior performance and usability. New products are based on the experience of professional teams. The wide range of devices includes equipment such as surveillance device detectors, jammers, high-end cameras and electromagnetic spectrum analyzers.
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In box
  • Orion 2.4 HX - Non linear junction evaluator
  • User manual
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