Outdoor spectrum analyzer - Spectran XFR V5 Pro

Outdoor spectrum analyzer Spectran XFR V5 Pro is a powerful tool for counter surveillance. Extended verision of Pro was equipped with Intel® i7 processor, 8GB RAM memory, additional Full HD display and built in GPS module.

  • Bandwidth scanning 20 GHz/mS


    20 GHz then 20 mS

  • Electricity cosumption

    Electricity consumption of the outdoor spectrum analyzer

    < 90 W

  • 8 GB of RAM memory

    RAM memory

    8 GB

  • Screen


    15,6” Full HD

Outdoor spectrum analyzer Spectran XFR V5 Pro, the product of Aaronia, is a mobile, professional Detector of wiretaps, designed as a powerful tool for prevention of evesdropping. Model Pro as the first of this type of detectors wiretaps, was equipped with a processor Intel i7, 8GB of RAM and built-in GPS, and is characterized by extremely low noise of -170dBm . Its great advantage is unlimited recording time 4 GB/min, panoramic, readable in sunlight screen Full HD 15.6 "Multitouch function".

The main application of the professional outdoor spectrum analyzer

  • technological means to frotect from being ovesdropped (TSCM – Technical Survelillance Countermeasures)
  • safety inspections to detect listening devices s
  • Searching for iterferences
  • radio frequencies monitoring
  • VIP monitoring
  • conference monitoring
  • Tests of compatibility and electromagnetic interferences
  • Searchnig for low signals which are masked by the stronger ones
  • detection of rare and short events
  • capturing signals from the sequential change of frequency
  • reaserch in case of overusing the radio frequencies

Other features of the mobile spectrum analyzer Spectran XFR V5 Pro

  • Temperature control

    Control of temperature

    System of temperature control provides compatibility with military norms. At the same time XFR V5 PRO offers the highest quality in its class, thanks to Intel® i7 processor.

  • Turbo Boost function

    Turbo Boost

    Turbo Boost function dynamically increases the clock speed of active cores to 3.33 GHz, allowing you to achieve productivity gains and rapid response to significant measurement results.

  • RTSA Suite Software

    RTSA Suite software

    An intuitive interface combined with useful display option allow you to effective identification, interception, tracking and demodulation of signals in the band of 20 GHz.

Possibility of expansion of the wiretap detector (with an extra charge)

  • Option 001: Extension of hard drive capacity from 500 GB (standard) up to 8 TB, using ultra fast and shock resistant SSD technology.
  • Option 002: Time base OCXO 5ppb (0.005ppm). The highly precise TCXO timebase, developed specifically for SPECTRAN, allows for a significant reduction of phase noise (tremor signal phase). This in turn permits the use of a much narrower filters, causing an increase in sensitivity. This option is underestimated if you wish to use the maximum sensitivity of the device! In addition, OCXO timebase allows for far more accurate frequency measurement and display.
  • Option 004: Utra-low phase noise
  • Option 007: Tracking generator 6 GHz / IQ DDS
  • Option 160: Real-time bandwidth increases from 80 MHz to 160 MHz
  • Option 320: Real-time bandwidth of 80 MHz to 320 MHz

Additional accessories (on order)

  • Bag


    High-quality carrying bag for XFR PRO V5 and all accessories.

  • High quality matrix

    Additional accumulator (Hot Swap)

    Additional accumulator with capacity of 8700 mAh. It allows for extension of time analyzer. It is installed as a supplement to the standard battery.

  • Charger

    Car charger

    Car charger 11-16V, 22-32 V allows for continuous operation while being in a car.

  • Car charger

    Antennas HyperLOG (380MHz – 35GHz)

    Directional, ultra-wideband with an extremely wide frequency range, from 380 MHz up to 35 GHz. Stable, high gain 5 dBi, optional laser, GPS, compass and preamplifier.

  • External preamplifier

    External preamplifier of the outdoor spectrum analyzer

    External, battery powered preamplifier, with a range from 1 Hz up to 35 GHz and gain up to 40 dB. It allows for acquiring extremely high sensitivity of -170dBm/Hz.

  • External preamplifier

    Set of short-range probes

    Set of active or passive probes near-field PBS1 or PBS2. It includes 5 probes (4 probes of magnetic field, 1 electric field probe), 40 dB preamplifier (only set PBS2). It is a great tool for testing short-range electromagnetic compatibility

  • MDF antennas

    MDF antennas

    Magnetic tracking antenas, adjusted to the low frequency range (9 kHz to 400 MHz). Active and passive antennas with high sensitivity.

  • Omnilog

    OmniLOG 30800 (300 Mhz – 8 GHz)

    The wideband omnidirectional antenna with extremely high frequency range from 300 MHz to 8 GHz. Compact and light.

  • SMA wire 1m/5m/10m

    SMA wire 1m/5m/10m

    High-quality special SMA cable, allows to connect antennas HyperLOG or MDF to the spectrum analyzer. Available in lengths of 1, 5 and 10 meters. All variants: SMA (male) / SMA (male).

  • MDF antennas

    Voltage blocker DC (SMA)

    Prevents the damage of the RF input of Spectran devices through the DC voltage which may be found on the lines of DSL / ISDN.

  • Supressor 20 dB (DC -18 GHz)

    Supressor 20 dB (DC -18 GHz)

    Expands the measurement range up to +40 dBm

Specyfication of outdoor spectrum analyzer Spectran XFR V5 Pro
1for a 100% probability of interception 2 on. internal preamplifier 3 +40 dBm optionally available 4 off. internal preamplifier 5 decreases sensitivity of up to 20 dBm 6 non-condensing
Frequency range of the outdoor spectrum analyzer (min) 1 Hz
Frequency range (max) 20 GHz
Real time bandwidth 80 MHz (optionally 160 or 320 MHz)
Minimum duration of the event 1 < 1µS
Maximum level for RF input (50 Ohm) +20dBm 2
Medium noise level 3 typically -150dBm/Hz
Medium noise level 4 max. -170dBm/Hz
Amplitude accuracy of the outdoor spectrum analyzer +/- 1dB
RF input 50 Ohm (N joint)
Accuracy of the reference frequency 0,5 ppm (with option 002 - 5 ppb)
RBW / VBW 1Hz up to 40MHz
Demodulator of the spectrum analyzer AM, FM
Measuring units dBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m², dBµV/m, W/cm²
Detector min, max, AVG, peak, QPeak, specially
Attenuation range 45dB (pace 0,5dB, advanced preamplifier)
Tracking ACT, AVG, MAX, MIN
Reference interval -200dBm up to 100dBm
Measurement modes of the outdoor spectrum analyzer I/Q, power/frequency
Display modes spectrum, spectrum glow, spectogram/waterfall chart, histogram
Triggering cursor, measurement, density
Video RAM memory 64 MB
SDRAM memory 256 MB
ADC 500MSPS 14Bit
GPS built-in GPS
DSP 600 MHz
Spectran XFR V5 PRO
Processor Intel Haswell i7-4600M
RAM memory 8 GB
Hard drive 500 GB, 7200 RPM (optional hard drive SSD 8 TB)
Operating system of the outdoor spectrum analyzer Windows 7
    15,6”, Full HD 1080p, with multitouch support, visible in the daylight (Quadra-Clear 800 nitów)
Graphic card nVidia Geforce GT 745M DDR3
Accumulator intelligent accumulator Lithium-ion with capacity of 8700 mAh (hot-swap accumulator optionally available )
Keyboard Membrane keyboard with integrated block of numeric buttons and LED illumination
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II
  • 1x ExpressCard/54
  • 1x Smart Card Reader I/O interface
  • 2x serial port (9-pin, D -Sub)
  • 1x external VGA port (15-pin, D -Sub)
  • 1x microphone input
  • 1x audio input (mini-jack)
  • 1x power supply input
  • 2x joint USB 3.0
  • 2x joint USB 2.0
  • 1x joint kombo USB 2.0 / eSATA
  • 2x joint LAN (RJ45)
  • 1x joint HDMI
  • 1x coding joint (80 - pin)
Interface of the professional spectrum analyzer
  • 0/100/1000 BASE -T Ethernet Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • module GPS + Tri - Passtrough
  • Intel vPro Technology
  • TPM1.2
  • fingerprint reader
  • smart card reader
  • Kensington Lock Blockade
  • MIL -STD- 810G
  • IP65
  • MIL -STD- 461F
  • Housing made of magnesium alloy
  • shockproof removable hard drive
Operation temperature -20°C up to +60°C
Storage temperature -40°C up to +71°C
Size (mm) 410×315×120
Weight 8,5 kg
Admissible humidity 95% 3
Power supply
  • input AC: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • output DC: 19V, max. 4,74A
Electricity consumption < 90 W
Country of origin Germany
Recommeded calibration every 2 years
Aaronia AG
Aaronia AG is a new German company that has been in operation for 12 years. The company primarily manufactures spectral analyzers based on a patented technique for spectral analysis of signals. In 2008, Aaronia developed the latest generation of spectral analyzers - the SPECTRAN V4 series, the first signal analyzers to break the world record for sensitivity in its class, -170 dBm DANL. As of today, the company is constantly expanding and developing newer and improved measuring devices in the high and low frequency range. Today, the company's goal is to develop, manufacture and sell measurement equipment, technologies and methods for measuring low and high frequencies as well as shielding electric fields and RF radiation.
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In box
In box
  • SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO outdoor spectrum analazyer is equipped in option 020 (internal preamplifier 20dB)
  • Omnidirectional antena OmniLOG 90200 (700 MHz up to 2.5 GHz)
  • Installed software RTSA Suite and MCS
  • Accumulator with capacity 8700 mAh 1
  • Power Supply of the spectrum analyzer/powerpack 2
  • User manual

1 optional accumulator of hot-swap type
2 optional car charger

Expansion of the outdoor spectrum analyzer (on order)

  • Option 001: Memory extension of up to. 8TB
  • Option 002: Time OCXO 5ppb (0.005ppm)
  • Option 004: Ultralow band interference
  • Option 007: Tracing generator 6 GHz / IQ DDS
  • Option 160: Real time bandwidth operation up to 160 MHz
  • Option 320: Real time bandwith up to 320 MHz

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