Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B with 3 motion sensors and IR illuminator with 30 m range
Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B with 3 motion sensors and IR illuminator with 30 m range

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Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B with 3 motion sensors and IR illuminator with 30 m range

  • Illumination distance IR: 30 m
  • 3 PIR motion sensors
  • Operation time: up to 10 months
  • Start-up time: 0,8 s
  • Powered by: AA batteries

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Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B with 3 motion sensors and a long-range IR illuminator

Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B features imperceptible IR illuminator with easily lights up the distance of 30 m. Thanks to an instant triggering in as little as 0.8 s and 3 PIR motion sensors the device is able to capture motion on the sides as well as in front of the camera at the distance of up to 20 m; besides, high-performance rechargeable batteries make the device energy-efficient and allow for up to 10 months of operation with no need to change the batteries.

  • Work time

    Operation time

    up to 10 months

  • Energy source

    Power supply of the outdoor wildlife camera

    AA batteries

  • Range of the sensors

    Sensors detection range

    up to 20 m

  • Night illuminator

    IR illumination distance:

    up to 30 m

Ereagle E1B outdoor wildlife camera is a basic type of a forest camera which is a must-have for anyone who needs to protect their property, premises or to watch wild life. The device is able to work up to 10 months on one set of batteries and therefore it does not require constant control. Motion sensors and the night infrared illuminator guarantee continuous operation 24/7.

Applications of Ereagle E1B outdoor wildlife camera

  • protection of premises
  • monitoring of car parks
  • observation of fish ponds
  • wild life video recording
  • detection of poachers

Advantages of Ereagle E1B outdoor wildlife camera with a long-range night-time illuminator


    CMOS Matrix

    Despite low resolution, the 5 MPix CMOS Matrix enables to take clear and noise-free photos in high definition regardless of the time of the day.


    Long-range night time illuminator

    Advanced infrared illuminator with 940 nm wavelength provide imperceptible lighting which makes it possible for the device to operate both during the daytime and at night, as well as in the fog with the illumination range up to 30 m.


    PIR motion sensor

    The outdoor wildlife camera has been equipped with 3 PIR sensors - two side sensors and one mail sensor with 50° viewing angle. Such a distribution of the sensors gives a wide viewing angle of 140 °, therefore, the first sensor is responsible for catching movement.



    Wide configuration range is a perfect solution when you need flexibility in video recording or taking photos. External camera Ereagle E1B is capable of taking:

    • photo – activation of PIR sensors triggers photo-taking in as little as 0.8 s,
    • video – activation starts video-recording with the length of up to 120 s.


    Recordings are saved on removable memory cards with the maximum capacity of up to 64 GB.



    Due to low energy consumption, the forest camera is able to work up to 10 months in the standby mode and with the use of 12 batteries type AA. We recommend using the best rechargeable batteries Eneloop.



    An invaluable advantage of the device is the instant camera trigger time in just 0.8 seconds.


    LCD preview screen

    The camera has been equipped with 2" LCD screen which facilitates quick configuration and preview of the collected footage.


    Photos and videoPhotos and video

    The outdoor wildlife camera can both take photos and video recordings. Maximum photos resolution is 4608×2592 and maximum video resolution is 1920×1080 with 30 fps.


    Safety class (IP68)

    The camera housing has been made in accordance with the IP68 protection classification, which means that the main components of the device are protected against water and variable atmospheric factors.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697
    E-mail: contact@detective-store.com



Ereagle Technology is a well-known Chinese company, which specializes in high quality wildlife cameras.


Specification of the outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B
MatrixCMOS 5 Mpx
Angle of view50°
Photos resolution 1
  • 12Mpx (4608×2592)
  • 8Mpx (3624×2448)
  • 5Mpx (2560×1920)
  • 3Mpx (2048×1536)
  • 2Mpx (1920×1080)
  • 1Mpx (1280×720)
Photo formatJPG
Video resolution and recordig speed
  • 1920×1080 / 30 fps
  • 1280×720 / 60 fps
  • 1280×720 / 30 fps
  • 720×480 / 30 fps
Video formatAVI (MJPG)
Video lengthmax 120 s
  • colourful
  • LCD 2"
IR illuminator
  • built-in
  • range up to 30 m
  • 940nm
PIR sensor
  • range up to 20 m
  • the sum of 3 sensors angles 140°
  • 3 sensors (main, 2 side)
Operation modes
  • photo
  • films
  • schedule
Programmable time of the sensors stand-by mode1 s - 60 min
Response time after motion detectionup to 0,8 s
Protected withpassword
Data storageremovable SD cards up to 64 GB
Power supply
  • 4, 8, 12 × AA batteries
  • solar charger
  • network power supply
Operation time of the outdoor wildlife camerastand-by: up to 10 months
Interfacemini USB
Recordings markers
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • Moon phase
GSM moduleno
Menu language
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japan
  • Czech
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
Safety classIP68
Operation temperature of the outdoor wildlife camera-40°C ~ +85°C
Admissible humidity5% - 95%
Weight377 g
Dimensions145 × 91 × 78,5 mm


  • Outdoor wildlife camera Ereagle E1B
  • Strap/grip
  • USB cable
  • User manual


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