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PD240 modern metal detector - efficient detection of firearms, knives, detonators, etc.

PD240 is a handheld metal detector, which combines advanced detection features with high ergonomics. High sensitivity to all metals, various signal modes and long operating time make it a modern detector for use in places such as courts, jails and prisons.

  • Generation

    Sensitivity adjustment

    3 levels

  • Operating time

    Continuous operation mode

    up to 100 h

  • Charting time


    sound and vibrations

  • Memory cards

    Power supply

    AA 2500 mAh batteries

PD240 handheld modern metal detector Ceia s an ergonomic equipment for fast and efficient detection of dangerous metal objects - knives, firearms, detonators, etc. The detector is distinguished by high sensitivity to magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel objects, as well as resistance to external interference from magnetic and mechanical sources. PD240 allows working close to surfaces containing metal rebar without reducing detection sensitivity. High performance makes the PD240 detector suitable for all applications where advanced security procedures must be implemented.

Modern features go together with superior ergonomics - the offset handle allows for comfortable operation and the rounded edges eliminate the risk of snagging on buttons or fabric folds. The battery lasts up to 200 hours in low consumption mode.

Example of use of PD240

  • prisons
  • airports
  • military facilities
  • correctional facilities
  • detention centres
  • courts

Main features of the PD240 metal detector

  • Even greater efficiency

    Even greater efficiency

    The PD240 is resistant to rebar in the floor or wall that could interfere with performance, such as when checking around feet.

  • Durable battery

    Durable battery

    Two AA batteries provide up to 100 hours of continuous operation. It is also possible to activate a low-consumption mode that will turn the device off during periods of inactivity.

  • Digital design

    Digital design

    The PD240 detector was developed with digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This design ensures the highest degree of reliability and low failure rate.

  • NIJ 0602.02 compliant

    NIJ 0602.02 compliant

    The device complies with NIJ 0602.02 and NIJ 0602.03. which means a high sensitivity to magnetic and non-magnetic objects and stainless steel products. In addition, there is resistance to mechanical and electromagnetic interference.

  • For indoor and outdoor use

    For indoor and outdoor use

    The control panel is made of thick silicone. This guarantees a high degree of protection and suitability for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Various forms of signaling

    Various forms of signaling

    Three signaling modes can be selected: optical alarm constant or proportional to signal intensity, acoustic alarm constant or proportional to object size, and vibration

  • Configurable settings

    Configurable settings

    The user can customize the functions and signaling types by connecting the detector to the USB input. Personalization is done through a convenient graphical interface.

­Ceia PD240 modern metal detector specification
Alarm vibration, acoustic signal
Sensitivity adjustment 3 levels
Frequency from 9 up to 60 kHz
Maximum magnetic field strength << 20 dBìA/m @ 10 m
Moisture resistance up to 98%
Compliant with NIJ 0602.02 and NIJ 0602.03
Operating temperature -40°C up to 70°C
Operating time
  • up to 100 h
  • up to 200 h in sleep mode
Power supply 2× AA battery
  • device - 430×80×40 mm
  • docking station - 175×115×85 mm
  • carrying case - 430×340×105 mm
  • device - 470 g
  • docking station - 755 g
  • carrying case - 1,3 kg
Ceia is an Italian manufacturer of specialized metal detection equipment and electromagnetic inspection instruments. All of the brand's equipment is designed from the ground up by experienced Italian engineers. They also supervise the entire production process, so that Ceia equipment is distinguished by exceptional manufacturing precision. All products are subjected to detailed tests and inspections. The company's mission is to adapt their parameters to the requirements and needs of professionals who use this type of equipment in their daily work.
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In box
In box
  • Ceia PD240 Metal Detector
  • Docking station
  • AC adapter
  • Test accessories
  • User manual
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