Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology
Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology

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Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology

  • Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth
  • Recording of phone conversations
  • From 47 up to 283h of recordings
  • Supports microSD cards
  • Voice-activated recording

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Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology

DVR-188 phone call recorder is a piece of hardware dedicated for people with defined needs, wanting to check the loyalty of a husband or wife, or monitor their business partners.

  • Work time

    Work time of the phone call recorder

    up to 17 h


  • Power supply

    Power supply of the phone call recorder

    Li-Poly battery

    mains power

  • Window

    Compatible with Windows

  • Earphones


Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology combines functions of a standard device for recording sounds in the immediate surroundings, and a bugging system for phone call recording. Voice recorder is a multifunctional audio recording device designed to meet the specific needs of customers looking for an alternative to standard bugging devices. It is also an irreplaceable device in professional security or detective operations.

Advantages of the DVR-188 voice recorder

  • Phone calls


    • Recording cell phone calls (when connected as a headset)
    • Recording phone calls on landlines (when connected by special adapter)
  • Phone calls


    The construction and operation of the phone call recorder is based on Bluetooth® technology, available in almost every mobile phone. The device is detected by your system and establishes a connection with it. From the moment of connection you can conduct and record calls, receive calls, choose the last number through the recorder without carrying a cell and without arousing any suspicion.

  • Discreet


    An external microphone increases the usability of the device, as it allows for discreet live recording of conversations. Hide the voice recorder in your pocket and place the cord with a microphone under your clothing. This allows for easy recording of an important call, or gathering relevant evidence.

  • Great sound quality


    A very good quality of recorded sound, thanks to a 16-bit A/D converter.

  • Great sound quality


    A built-in microphone has a very high sensitivity in a 10 meters range, while an external microphone allows you to record sounds discreetly.

  • Great sound quality


    The ability to secure access to the device with a password.

  • 4 recording modes


    • LP: long-term recording,
    • SP: recording in standard quality
    • HP: recording in high-quality,
    • SHQ: recording in the highest quality.
  • 4 recording modes


    The phone call recorder has a built-in memory of 4 GB, which allows to store from 47 to 283 hours of recordings. If you need to use the device constantly, you might want to use removable microSD cards up to 8 GB, which are supported by the recorder. It allows to lengthen recordings and also to store and archive them in a very simple way. Due to their small size, the cards can be safely hidden.

  • Convenient power


    The voice-activated recording function allows you to save memory card space, because the device records only the important moments when sounds are detected in the vicinity, while irrelevant silence is ignored for your convenience.

  • Recording schedule


    An extremely useful feature, especially when you have a defined time in which the recording should begin.

  • 4 recording modes


    An extremely important feature of DVR-188 is its very effective power management, which allows you to leave the recorder unattended for almost 110 hours.

  • Convenient power


    Depending on the client's expectations, the device can a conveniently powered with lithium polymer batteries (17 hours, or for prolonged recording with the AC adapter.

  • Energy-saving


    Energy-saving voice recorder - 8 class


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Specification of Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology
Built-in memory4 GB
External card supportmicroSD cards up to 8GB
Recording time of the Phone call recorder
  • LP 283 h
  • SP 141 h
  • HQ 70 h
  • SHQ 47 h
Voice activated recording modeyes
Schedule recording modeyes
Recording from external devices
  • phone line (optional adapter)
  • mobile phone (Bluetooth)
  • built-in
  • stereo
  • range up to 10 m
External microphoneoptional (stereo or mono)
Audio format of the Phone call recorderMP3
Data rate32, 64, 128, 192 kbit/s
Power supply
  • Li-Poly battery, 3.7V 380mAh
  • mains power DC 5V / 1A (charger available separately)
Working timeup to 17 h
Player function
  • yes
  • WMA format
  • MP3 format
Built-in speaker
  • yes
  • 300 mW
Headphonesstereo (included)
Interfacemini USB 2.0
Supported operating systemsWindows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Dimensions of the phone call recorder93 × 31 × 14 mm
Weight81 g


  • Phone call recorder - DVR-188 with Bluetooth technology
  • Earphones (stereo)
  • Phone line adapter
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • User manual


Reviews (7)

By Ioan S.

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By Elis S.

Comment : as a journalist I need something that is always ready to be used and this baby is efficient and energy saving - GREAT. Plus password protected so my recordings are save!
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By Cody N.

Comment : Bloetooth is just marvellous! No need for any wires, zero suspicions!
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By Aidan B.

Comment : I love that you can connect it to a smartphone but also landline, this gives more opportunities to use it to the fullest. Sound quality is very good and you can choose between four modes of recording, depending on your current needs.
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By Anna R.

Comment : When my husband found this recorder in my handbag I thought I will be in trouble but he just ask if you could lend it to him for tomorrow’s conference call. I agreed of course and now I need to get another one because he never brought it back
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By Joe L.

Comment : Worth its price. Happy with the performance.
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By Chelsea M.

Comment : I keep it in my desk drawer (away from everybody’s sight) and still record every phone call I get or make. I could not use anything that needs to be directly connected to my phone. I am glad I found this website
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