Phone detector Mobifinder 4 for efficient cell phones detection in 3G (UMTS) networks
Phone detector Mobifinder 4 for efficient cell phones detection in 3G (UMTS) networks

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Phone detector Mobifinder 4 for efficient cell phones detection in 3G (UMTS) networks

  • Detecting 3G network
  • Powered by AAA batteries
  • Detection range up to 30 m
  • Operation time up to 120 h
  • LCD display

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3G (UMTS) Phone detector – Mobifinder 4 for effective detection

Phone detector Mobifinder 4 has been designed for detecting devices operating within 3G networks. It’s small-size and handy and easy-to-operate. Well-through-out design enables convenient operation when you hang the device on your belt or a uniform pocket.

  • Video player

    Detection range

    up to 30 m

  • LCD

    LCD screen

  • AAA batteries

    Power supply

    AAA batteries

  • 3G


    3G network

In certain situations, using your mobile phone may pose a danger and result in threat to one’s life or health as the telephones may interrupt measurements taken by electronic equipment and cause their malfunction. Moreover, in many places the use of mobile phones is strictly regulated and subject to restrictions e.g. in prisons, in court or in military units. In order to effectively prevent the undesired use of mobile phones it is necessary to detect their activity.

The phone detector Mobifinder 4 is a specialist detector which enables detection and analysis of signal parameters, notification on new transmissions and taking log records of any kind of activity of devices operating in 3G network. Detection range in an open area is up to 30 m and inside a building with walls and other obstacles the range decreases to 12 m. When an active telephone has been detected the operator is notified by an audible alarm of an adjustable volume level and possibly to switch to discreet vibration. You can also set a 6-digit identification code and assign it to a series of measurements for further analysis and identification.

All settings and parameters can be changed using the simple menu that is displayed on an LCD screen. The phone detector is powered by two AAA type batteries. They provide power for 120 hours of continuous operation, while AAA type NiMH 1450 mAh rechargeable batteries will provide power enough for 60 h of operation. What’s important is that even full battery discharge doesn’t cause loss of data or settings.

Detection level can be adjusted within the range from 12 to 90 dB. The detector analyses the signal structure minimizing this way the risk of false alarm caused by other electronic equipment.

The phone detector Mobifinder 4 3G enables detection of all active devices that use 3G (UMTS) network. To enable detection upon switching the phone to GSM 900 or GSM 1800 and LTE mode, it is recommended to use the device together with mobifinder 5 GSM. Mobifinder 4 is the phone detector that has been designed especially for prison and military units.

Types of activities detected in 3G (UMTS) networks

  • calling / dialling a number
  • change of conversation status
  • setting the standby status (entering PIN code)
  • exiting the standby status
  • logging to another base station
  • periodic updates of the status in standby mode (depending on the network)

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Specification of the Phone detector Mobifinder 4 for efficient cell phones detection in 3G (UMTS) networks
Detectable network3G (UMTS)
Casingdust resistant
  • vibration
  • sound alam
  • light signal
Operation time
  • AAA battery - up to 120 h
  • AAA accumulator - up to 60 h
Power supply2× battery/AAA accumulator
Detection range of the phone detector
  • open space up to 30 m
  • buildings up to 10 m
Dimensions57 × 49 × 19 mm
Weight of the phone detector80 g


  • Phone detector Mobifinder 4 for efficient cell phones detection in 3G (UMTS) networks
  • AAA battery set
  • User manual

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