Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module
Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module

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Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module

  • 3 PIR motion sensors
  • IR lighting 940nm
  • Remote Setup via SMS
  • Storing on up to 32 GB memory cards
  • The Photo trap is equipped with Footage marking function

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Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module

The photo trap LTL TV-5210MG is another excellent recorder made by LTL Acorn. The camera is equipped with a built-in GSM module which allows wireless communication with the device.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured camera enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:
    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697
  • Work time

    Operation time of the photo trap

    up to 6 months

  • MMS sending via e-mail

    Sending photos



  • Sensors range


    IP 54

  • Motion sensor PIR

    PIR motion sensor

    yes - 20 m

The phot trap LTL 5210MG has been designed for watching wild nature during the day and at night. The photo trap is equipped with the IR lighting which generates a 940nm light beam, so that it is imperceptible for human eye and does not disturb the night life rhythm in the forests. Trail camera has 2 PIR motion sensors on its sides and one main sensor. Range of vision of the main sensor is 35° and of side sensors 100°. The photo trap is dedicated for watching game, forests or property.

Key features of the photo trap LTL TV-5210MG

  • High recordings quality

    CMOS matrix

    The heart of the photo trap is the CMOS matrix with the resolution of 12 MPx and 5 MPx, which key advantage is the high quality image it generates. The image features excellent quality free from noises.

  • GSM module for wireless communication

    Wireless transmission

    The LTL TV-5210MG photo trap has a built-in GSM module which enables remote management of the camera settings and the saved images, which can be sent via MMS and by e-mail.

  • Videos and photos

    Video and photo footage

    The photo trap can record video material in 640×480 or 320×240 resolution with the frame rate 20 fps. Photos can be taken at a higher resolution, even 2560×1920, so the recorded material is free from noises and discolouration.

  • Invisible IR illuminator

    IR lighting

    Due to the wavelength of 940 nm the IR lighting of the forest camera is imperceptible. The IR lighting is emitted by 24 diodes located in the middle part of the trail camera.

  • Motion sensors

    PIR motion sensor

    The device is equipped with 3 motion sensors (two side-sensors and one main sensor) which operate within the range of 20 metres. The view angle of the sensors is 35° for the main sensor and 50° for the side-sensors. The recorder detects motion within 20 m range.

  • Operation modes

    Selection of operation modes

    Featuring a selection of operation modes the camera with motions sensor will meet the requirements of any user. The recorder can operate in one of the following 3 modes:

    • photo – activation of PIR sensors takes from 1 to 10 shoots one by one,
    • video – activation of video recording of the length of 5 – 60 seconds,
    • time lapse mode – photos are taken with the pre-set frequency from 0 seconds to 60 minutes.
  • Protection with password

    Password -PIN

    The photo trap is secured by a 4-digit PIN code. The password protects the collected footage from being deleted directly in the device.

  • Efficient charging

    High power efficiency

    The trail camera is powered by 8 batteries AA, which allow for about 6 months of operation in the stand-by mode. We recommend using high quality batteries e.g. Eneloop accumulative batteries.

  • Replacable SD cards

    Removable memory – SD cards

    The LTL TV-5210MG camera does not have a built-in memory. Collected footage is stored on SD memory cards with the maximum supported capacity up to 32 GB..

  • Marking of the recordings

    Material Marking

    The recorded footage recorded by the hunting camera can be marked with the device identification number, exact date and time of the event, ambient temperature and moon phases.

  • Colourful LCD screen

    LCD colour screen

    The camera has been equipped with a built-in LCD screen, which not only helps during configuration but also enables a quick look through the collected footage with no need to eject the card.

  • Convenient montage

    Convenient Installation

    There are fastening holders at the back of the LTL TV-5210MG hunting camera which enable convenient mounting of the device to a pole, a fence, a tree and etc.


LTL Acorn

Little Acorn Outdoors Company was set up in 2009 in focusing on the sale of products for hunting and archery in the initial phase. Customer satisfaction, very good quality of products, reliability, and the growing interest of additional devices made Little Acorn gradually expanded the...


Specification of the Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module
MatrixCMOS 12 Mpx
Lens of the photo trapF=3,1
The angle of view52°
Focusing distance3m to infinity
Exposure timeauto
White Balanceauto
Picture Resolution of the photo trap
  • 12 MPx 4000×3000
  • 5 MPx 2560×1920
Photo formatJPG
Video resolution, frame rate
  • QVGA 320×240, 20 fps
  • VGA 640×480, 20 fps
Video formatAVI
Sound recordingyes
Remote SMS configurationyes
Display of the photo trap
  • LCD 2" TFT
  • 16.7 million colors
Data in the recording
  • device ID
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • moon phase
  • PIN
  • 4 characters
Built-in IR lamp
  • invisible light
  • 24 diods
  • 940nm
  • intensity control
Flash range25/13 m
Automatic light controlyes
The motion sensors of the photo trap
  • yes
  • the main sensor, 2 sensors side
  • sensitivity adjustment
  • angle of view of 100°
Range of sensorsup to 25 m
Programmable sleep time of sensors0 s - 60 min
Activation time when motion is detected< 1s
Data recordingremovable SD card up to 32GB
Power supply of the photo trap12 × AA battery
Operating timeup to 6 months (for AA batteries)
Low voltage alarm (SMS)yes
  • USB
  • TV output
GSM module
  • 4 band
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Sending photos
  • VGA 640×480
  • by MMS on the fixed numbers (1-3)
  • by e-mail at fixed addresses (1-3)
  • send: 1 images per minute
Programmable limit of sent photos1-99 a day or without restrictions
Supported SIM card
  • subscription
  • pre-paid
Operating temperature-30°C ~ +70°C
Operating humidity5% - 95%
Dimensions14 × 8,9 × 7,6


  • Photo trap LTL TV-5210MG for wildlife monitoring with a GSM module
  • Belts assembly
  • Antenna
  • User manual

To take full advantage of the device order a package of AA power cells Eneloop and a memory card up to 32 GB..


Reviews (4)

By Ayden R.

Comment : Solid gear that I know I can trust
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By Jared M.

Comment : need to buy one more for my apriary but I'm waiting for the store to sell it with a substantial discount ;)
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By Omar B.

Comment : I like the LCD screen as I can view the gathered footqage straight away + installation is easy thanks to durable fastening holders included in the set
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By Marcus G.

Comment : Well thought equipment: three PIR sensors work effectively, IR lightning is powerful, ability to set it up rwemotely comes in handy, IP54 class of waterproofness means I do not have to worry about rain and wet condidtions.
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