Pocket alcohol breathalyzer AL-7000
Pocket alcohol breathalyzer AL-7000

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Pocket alcohol breathalyzer AL-7000

  • Range: 0.00 ‰ - 4.00 ‰
  • Accuracy: 0.1 ‰
  • Sensitive semiconductor sensor
  • Displays last results
  • Testing units:  ‰

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Pocket breathalyzer AL-7000 for breath alcohol tests

The AL-7000 alcohol breathalyser is a product recommended by Detective Store - a great device based on a semiconductor sensor, and an affordable one at that. A wide measurement range (0.00 ‰ - 4.00 ‰) and high alcohol detection accuracy (0.01 ‰) allow the user to precisely determine the alcohol level in the breath sample.

Alcohol breathalyzer Sentech-al-7000

A LED indicator system makes the usage of the pocket device simple and intuitive. You do not have to worry about the condition of your alcohol breathalyser - self-monitoring feature allows you to quickly verify the proper operation of the device. It indicates whether the device is calibrated properly and cleaned out of alcohol vapours from the previous measurement. You can be sure that the results are reliable and you can safely drive a car. If you forget the value which appeared on the screen during the test, you can check it in memory of recent results.

An aesthetic, solid and modern pocket design does not only make it a pleasure to use breathalyser, but also ensures its durability. A number of quality certificates, including German TUV and the U.S. Department of Transportation, confirm the best quality of our product that is pocket-sized and can be taken anywhere with you.

  • The measuring range

    Measurement range

    0.00 - 4.00 ‰

  • Accuracy


    0.01 ‰

  • Sensor Type

    Sensor Type


  • Power supply

    Power supply

    2 × AA battery

  • LCD display

    LCD display

  • Measurement_time

    Measuring time

    3-5 s

  • Sound signaling

    Acoustic signals

  • Signaling discharge battery

    Battery discharge indicator

Other advantages of AL-7000

  • Low battery indicator
  • Measure readiness indicator (buzzer and LED)
  • Start/stop measurement signal (buzzer and LED)
  • Automatic power off
  • Aesthetic and functional case
  • Easily fits in a pocket

The product is available in two colors: BLACK and GREY. After the purchase, please let us know (by phone or by sending an e -mail) which colour do you prefer. Otherwise the product colour will be chosen randomly.

Service and Warranty of the alcohol breathalyzer

The warranty covers a period of 2 years on electronics parts and one year on the sensor. To take advantage of the warranty you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer recommendations for calibration, that need to be done maximum every 200 measurements and no less frequently than every six months. We offer you the opportunity to use service and warranty repairs conducted by trained service technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment of global brand GUTH Lab.

FREE initial calibration

In order to use the first free calibration, please keep the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) and warranty. Please contact Detective Store service representative after maximum 200 measurements or no longer than 6 months from the date of equipment purchase. The calibration will be done for free!

Quality guarantee

Quality assurance

Detective Store Company is an authorized distributor and importer to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we ensure that you receive genuine products directly from the manufacturer, who guarantees the authenticity and high quality of their merchandise.
This device complies with RoHS environmental directive, has the CE certification and is certified to ISO 9001.

Quality guarantee



Sentech Korea Corp . was founded in 1998 as Korean company which used knowledge and experience of a reputed research institute. Basing on technologies of semiconductor sensors , Sentech designs modern and elegant breathalysers and professional gas detectors . Sentech's...


Specification of AL-7000 alcohol breathalyzer
Measurement range0.00 ‰ - 4.00 ‰
Measurement accuracy± 0.01 ‰
Measurement time3-5 s
Testing units: ‰
Warm-up time20 s
Recovery time20 s
Power supply2 × AA battery
Operating temperature-10°C ~ 40°C
Dimensions105 × 50 × 18 mm
Weight98 g


  • AL-7000 pocket breathalyser
  • 4x reusable mouthpieces
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Cover
  • Car adapter
  • User manual
  • Warranty:
    • electronic components - 24 months
    • sensor - 12 months (with calibration carried out in accordance with the recommendations)


Reviews (12)

By Ben B.

Comment : Look at the nice price and what's more you also get first calbiration for free - - that's what I call a BARGAIN .
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By Charlie C.

Comment : You do not only purchase the de4vice itself but also: : four mouthpieces, batteries, cover and even a car adapter. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I opened the box from the store…
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By Michael W.

Comment : practical and convienet price
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By Cay T.

Comment : Everything you need is provided with this model - batteries, extra mouthpieces,, cover , manual and even car adapter!
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By Jason .

Comment : its pocket size is great, fits eveywhere
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By Ryan M.

Comment : reliable and precise high quality product that everybody can afford.
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By Mike H.

Comment : It is very durable and efficient in use, good size & fits well in hand
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By Anna E.

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By Jasmine H.

Comment : was looking for sth cheap yet not Chinese God knows what that you cannot trust and found this one, turned out to be really nice
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By Oliver J.

Comment : for this price we were afraid it could be rubbish but once again we found out that the store offers only best quality gear :
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By Amelia H.

Comment : due to its pocket size it is perfect for my lady purse
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By Will M.

Comment : Wanted to use it at my company but turned out it is not suitable for multiple alcohol tests. I returned this model and bought a different, electrochemical one.
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