Police alcohol breath tester - Dräger Alcotest 7510
Police alcohol breath tester - Dräger Alcotest 7510

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Police alcohol breath tester - Dräger Alcotest 7510

  • Passive mode of samples collection
  • Alcohol breath tester dedicated to the police and companies
  • Cooperation with GPS module
  • Testing units: mg/l
  • Measurement time from 3 up to 10 s

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Alcohol breath tester for the police - Dräger Alcotest 7510

Professional alcohol breath tester Alcotest 7510 is a product of well-known German brand Dräger, which specializes in producing professional equipment for the most demanding users. Model 7510 is dedicated to the police or companies as it is equipped with a large number of additional accessories and functions. Due to application of solid materials and the rubber cover, maximum resistance to atmospheric conditions has been achieved.

  • Resistance class

    Power supply of the police breathalyzer

    4 x AA batteries

    NiMH accumulators

  • Measurements history

    Measurements history

    up to 5000 tests

  • Waiting for the result



    light - Led diodes

  • Waiting for the result

    Operation time of the alcohol breath tester

    up to 1500 tests

The main advantage of the alcohol breath tester for the police is DrägerSensor - authorized sensor, characterized by quick measurement and reliability. The sensor uses optimized gas dynamics, which provides high sensitivity as well as accurate measurement of alcohol in the exhaled air - up to 2,5 mg/L (5,25 ‰).

Intuitive 3-button operation, notifications displayed on LCD screen helps to perform the test in comfortable and intuitive way. Additional advantage of the device is illuminated display, which enables the measurement at night.

Cooperation with wireless printer Dräger Mobile Printer enebles either to print out the test results, or send them through USB for computer. The large number of useful functions and accessories compatible with this model, allow to create a powerful tool for the control.

The main advantages of the police alcohol breath tester Dräger Alcotest 7510

  • Intuitive and reliable use

    Intuitive and reliable use

    The device is operated with three buttons including the major one and two for menu operation. Notifications displayed on LCD screen guide through the measurement process.

  • Sensor

    Precise and quick tests

    Authorized sensor from Dräger – DrägerSensor was designed to detect alcohol waste from the mouth, with function of "substance exclusion" providing precise and reliable tests. In some cases the alcohol breath tester asks you to perform the test again.

  • Mouthpieces

    Mouthpiece type „Slide’n‘click”

    Ergonomic shape of the mouthpiece provides comfort and hygienic operation while collecting the sample.

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    The police alcohol breath tester is powered with either AA batteries, or NiMH accumulators charged through USB joint. Thanks to additional accessories the breathalyzer may be charged in a car.

  • Small and ergonomic housing

    Registration of the tests

    Modelu 7510 is equipped with function of calibration terms registration, vehicle type with registration number, user's surname or the reason for performing the ests - options are enddless. The test results are saved are saved with data and the unique reference number as well as date and time of the test.

  • Passsive operation

    Passive mode test

    Dräger alcohol breath tester 7510 is capable of passively checking for the presence of alcohol. Whether inside the car, or at the mouth of the unconscious, suspect drunken man.

  • Small and ergonomic housing

    LCD screen

    Alcotest 7510 is equipped with illuminated, graphic LCD screen which informs about the number af performed tests and the battery level.

  • Small and ergonomic housing


    Model Alcotest 7510 is compatibile with a large number of accessories and may becomean evidential tool. There is also a possibility of plugging the device GPS module, which analyzes the coordinates of the performed test.

Service and warranty of the evidential alcohol breath tester Dräger Alcotest 7510

The warranty covers a period of 2 years on the electronics and 1 year on sensor of the device. To take advantage of the warranty must be strictly the manufacturer's recommendations about the breathalyzer calibration must be followed. The calibration should be performed after 2500 measurements or at least once a year.

We offer you a variety of services which may be performed after the warranty perioid by our serviceman. Our laboratory is equipped with devices of the highest quality from global brand Guth LAB. Kalibracja Guth Laboratories Certyfikaty


Remember about calibration!
In Detective Store transport and calibration of breathalyzer cost 24 GBP if you choose a prepay option.



Dräger company has been on the market since 1889 under the motto "Technology for Life". From a small family business it has evolved into an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company is in constant development so that it is technologically one step ahead of ots...


Specification of the police alochol breath tester Alcotest 7510
1 depending on temperature 2 depending on the applied batteries 3 with batteries
Measurement range of the police breathalyzer0,00 – 5,25‰
Sensor type
  • elektrochemical
  • DrägerSensor
Measurement preparation timeup to 6 s 1
Measurement timeup to 10 s
Testing units:mg/l
Power supply of the police alcohol breath tester
  • 4 × AA battery
  • NiHMH accumulators
  • network power supply from a car
Operation time with batteriesup to 1500 tests 2
Calibration is required
  • at leas every 12 months
  • up to 2500 tests
  • graphic
  • illuminated LCD
  • LED diodes
  • vibrations
Configuration of the device
  • standard - with the use of menu (PIN code required)
  • additional - with the use of PC software
  • directive 89/336/EC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • norm - EN 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-29
Data interface of the police breathalyzer
  • USB for PC
  • IR connection with Dräger Mobile Printer
Operation time of the alcohol breath tester-5°C up to +50°C
Size183 × 87 × 44 mm
Weight430 g 3


  • Police alcohol breath tester Alcotest 7510
  • 3 mouthpieces slide'n'click
  • Case
  • USB wire
  • Software on the CD


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