Police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST with LCD screen and short measurement time
Police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST with LCD screen and short measurement time
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Police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST with LCD screen and short measurement time

  • Electrochemical sensor
  • 3 measurement modes
  • Testing units: mg/l
  • Measurement range from 0.00 to 2.00 mg/l
  • Police breathalyzer must be calibrated every six months

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Alco-Sensor FST Police breathalyzer with LCD screen and short measurement time for manual and passive testing

Alco-Sensor FST is a professional electrochemical police breathalyzer that has been developed by an American manufacturer Intoximeters USA for the police applications. Testing is possible in any situation due to 3 operation modes, ergonomic design and replaceable batteries.

  • Measurement range

    Measurement range of the police breathalyzer

    0,00 - 2,00 mg/l

  • Type of sensor

    Type of sensor


  • Display



  • Operation time

    Operation time of the police breathalyzer

    5 sec

Alco-Sensor FST is a professional measurement device that has been designed by an American manufacturer Intoximeters USA e.g. for the police applications. The police breathalyzer has been equipped with an electrochemical sensor which simultaneously reacts to primary and secondary alcohols while ignoring side chemicals that may be contained in the exhaled air, e.g. acetone.

3 operating modes of the police breathalyzer

  • automatic mode - is applied when the examined person is conscious and eager to cooperate,
  • manual mode - applied when the examined person refuses to perform the test,
  • passive mode - enables to perform the test when the examined person is unconscious.

A great advantage of the police breathalyzer is its instant readiness to work and short intervals of just 10 - 20 sec between consequent testings. The device is extremely easy to operate and its ergonomic design allows a firm grip and device control with a thumb. The result and the selected operation mode are displayed in the backlit LCD screen. Among the two available models of the device, the FST model is not equipped with the built-in memory, it saves only the last result, while the FST M version stores up to 800 results of the performed tests.

Alco-Sensor FST is powered by 2 AA cells which allow to perform about 1000 tests. The casing has been made of a hypoallergenic and robust plastic that enables using the device in a high humidity conditions and in the temperature range from 0°C to 50°C.

The police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST/FST M is perfect for fieldwork applications and for testing employees entering or leaving the construction site, laboratory or a public transport vehicle.


Calibration of the police breathalyzer is performed on client’s request. The cost of the calibration is 30 GBP.

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Alco-Sensor FST service and warranty terms

The granted covers 1.5 years for electronics and 1 year for the sensor. To be able to use the warranty please strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning calibration of the breathalyser, which should be done every six months.

Detective Store trained specialists provide maintenance services and post-guarantee repairs. Our lab is equipped with devices of the highest quality made by the world-known brand GUTH LAB.

Calibration Guth Laboratories

Company Detective Store is an authorised distributor and importer, therefore we guarantee that you will get a top-quality product directly from the manufacturer.


Remember about calibration!
Detective Store offers transport and calibration at 119 GBP for pre-paid purchases.


Intoximeters Inc.

Intoximeters Inc. Was founded in 1945 as a result of a few years research over methods concerning determining the alcohol concentration in human body. Rich tradition in production and distribution of breathalysers allowed to develop the interest towards constructing testers which...


Specification of police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST with LCD screen and short measurement time
1 FST model 2 FST M model
Range of the police breathalyzer0,00 – 2,00 mg/l
Testing unitsmg/l
Measurement time5 s
Preparation time for measuring20 s
Power supply of the police breathalyzer2 × AA battery
Working timeup to 1000 tests
  • 1 test 1
  • 800 tests 2
Displaybacklit LCD
Operating temperature of the police breathalyzerfrom 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature-15°C to 65°C
Pressure600 to 1400 hPa
Humidityfrom 0% to 100%
Breathalyzer protection
  • RFI - electromagnetic wave detector
  • BAT – power control system/li>
  • protection against operator interference with the device
  • control of exchange the mouthpiece
Dimensions of the police breathalyzer120 × 70 × 44 mm
Weight212 g


  • Police breathalyzer Alco-Sensor FST with LCD screen and short measurement time
  • 25 × disposable mouthpiece
  • 2 × mouthpiece "funnel"
  • 1 × "drink sniffer"
  • Protective case
  • User manual


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