Portable noise generator Panel P12 Ultra-Mini for wiretaps and microphones jamming

The Portable noise generator Panel P12 Ultra-Mini is designed to protect classified information. The device blocks the operation of microphones in voice recorders, mobile phones, cameras, etc. within a radius of up to 3 m. The model has a compact design and easy remote control operation making it suitable for protecting small spaces such as private offices.

  • Range

    Range of the Portable noise generator

    up to 3 m

  • Work time

    Operation time

    2-3 h

  • Safety norms

    Protection class


  • Control

    Remote control

Protecting sensitive information is a key issue for any businessman. To gain an advantage over a rival, dishonest competitors often use hidden microphones and voice recorders. Fortunately, there is an easy way to protect against this - the Panel P12 Ultra Max ultrasonic microphone and voice recorder jammer. The Portable noise generator produces an ultrasonic signal to disrupt spy devices with built-in or external microphones such as:

  • smartphones, mobile phones
  • digital voice recorders
  • seismic dictaphones, digital, analogue wiretaps
  • wireless microphones
  • camera microphones
  • hidden recorders (e.g. in a power strip)
  • professional micro recorders hidden in credit cards

A range of up to 3 m (depending on the type of jammed device), easy installation in virtually any location and the possibility of remote operation are the most important advantages of this model. The Portable noise generator guarantees privacy during business talks, negotiations and secret meetings taking place in places with small space.

The key features of the Portable noise generator Panel P12 Ultra-Mini

  • Efficient jamming

    Effective microphone jamming

    The digital signal generated by the Portable noise generator P12 Ultra-Mini Panel renders any recording with hidden microphones unintelligible and useless. The resulting interference is impossible to remove even with professional software and de-noising services.

  • Range up to 3 m

    Range up to 3 m

    The P12 panel has a range of up to 3 m. It is therefore suitable for the protection of rooms with limited space.

  • Films and photos

    Remote control

    The Portable noise generator is operated via a miniature radio remote control with a range of approximately 20 m. This provides great convenience in use.

  • Discreet operation

    Quiet, discreet operation

    The device does not emit audible sounds that could disturb conversations.

  • Day and night operation

    Built-in rechargeable battery and mains power supply

    The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 2 h of continuous operation. It is also possible to connect to an external power supply for unlimited operation time.

  • Compact size

    Compact dimensions

    The inconspicuous design and compact size of the device makes it easy to blend in with any environment. It can be placed on a desk or hung on a wall.

  • Water-resistance

    Watertight carrying case

    A waterproof carrying case included in the set enables easy portability and storage.

­Specification of the Portable noise generator Panel P12 Ultra-Mini
Jamming range up to 3 m (depending on the jammed device)
Vertical and horizontal directionality 90°
Frequency 433.92 MHz, ISM bandwidth
Remote control yes
Quiet operation yes
Power supply built-in battery
Operation time up to 2 - 3 h
Charging time up to 5 h
Dimensions 43×33×3,5 cm
Weight 4 kg
The TTS company is a designer and manufacturer of high-tech devices designed to protect confidential information. The company was founded in 1996 in Norway and has been growing steadily ever since, successively conquering the global market. Extensive experience, continuous acquisition of knowledge and excellent knowledge of the industry contribute to the fact that the equipment offered by the company definitely stands out from the competition. TTS products are already trusted not only by individual customers, security agencies, detective companies and private enterprises, but also by the police, military and special services such as the Homeland Security, CBA and CBŚ.
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  • Portable noise generator Panel P12 Ultra-Mini for wiretaps and microphones jamming

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